{aubrey} senior 2015 – 9.27.14 – portage senior photograph

Hello all!

Wow it’s been an interesting few weeks. Without going too much into detail, I’m back to 98% health and doing fine :) Not everyone has as crazy of a ride getting wisdom teeth pulled – that’s for sure! Anyway! Onto the REAL fun :D


Tonight I got to hang out with Aubrey and her mother Melissa taking some ever fabulous senior photos :D We hopped around portage similar to her brother’s senior shots so we already had almost everything down to a T by the time we began even shooting! So you know what was also extra fabulous about Aubrey? She’s totally a dancer and she was able to do that awesome move where you stand on your tip-toes. I’m not even going to pretend to know exactly what it was called again (someone may TOTALLY correct me) and it was one of the coolest things ever. Like. Seriously. Also what was also so incredibly awesome? Getting to witness that INSANE sunset. Wow. Just …. Wow. I haven’t seen one like that in such an incredibly long time – what a perfect ending to the perfect evening of shooting!

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