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{warm&beautiful} 3.30.13

Not only was the weather warm and beautiful this afternoon, we had a fantastic couple that was as well! It seemed like we were family the first moment we started shooting all the way until the end of the night – and that always makes for some of the BEST weddings ever. We were able to get some GREAT shots both inside and outside of the Radisson downtown Kalamazoo, MI. Also I love all their non-traditional flair … bride walking down the aisle to white stripes? Yes please! Black wedding dress? Sweet! So fun and creative… I only wish I could have gotten more!

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{} 3.23.13

Had a shoot today in my two most favorite places to shoot. Downtown Grand Rapids (off the beaten path of regular photography haunts!) and in a park by GVSU. We fought the cold and got some really adorable shots (I couldn’t stop calling them so cute!) Wait… isn’t it supposed to be spring now? :) They were up for anything I threw at them and that always makes for the BEST shots. Wish I could totally show you all of them in their sneak! But alas… then you’d be looking at my blog for the rest of the night. Anyway! Time for pictures!

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