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{reflections} 12.29.11

So it’s been getting super close to the end of the year, and I’ve been trying to decide to do this post or not. Finally I decided I’d take the time to do a quick version!

I also decided since I did it this way last year as well – I was only going to post wedding highlights. If I posted every session I did, this post would be too long! (well, is there really such a thing?)

So anyway, enjoy!



So there you have it! So many wonderful couples this year, thank you all for being so fun and creative! Have a happy new year :D

{karen&scott} married! – 8.13.11

Two posts, one day!


My life has been thrown a little out of sync these past few weeks, so I apologize for promising a post – then never giving! Oh, and I know this is late, but Merry Christmas! Anyway, I really can’t wait to show you this post, and I’m not going to lie… it was EXTREMELY hard to choose pictures to show you. Karen and Scott really were great at knowing my vision and style!


So, you may remember these two from their engagement session last February. If I remember right – it was so cold, and we were wishing for an awesome warm summery day for their wedding! If you don’t remember my last post of Kelly and Trent, these two had booked me for the same day (another disclaimer if you didn’t catch it – I don’t book double days unless both parties are okay with it!) It had been thunder-storming all morning and finally as we left our first wedding the sun was peeking its rays out and I was so ecstatic. Finally I was going to get some beautiful natural light to shoot in! Unfortunatly the weather had other plans… but you’ll see how awesome it was in a few photos down the line :D

Ominous sky already above – but just wait! It gets WAY way WAAY better. Oh, and below – I’ve recently been experimenting with GIF images, and I realized while putting together this post that this series was absolutely perfect to do one with. So enjoy my first wedding GIF image!

Anyway – I literally caught the storm rolling in. I know it’s not a usual photo of a church for a wedding, but boy… Favorite church picture of the year. It makes me almost scared just looking at it! But yea, after we saw that so quickly coming in we retired to the inside of the church to get some formals!

Deets! Oh I love wedding details.

Time for the ceremony to begin! I loved their church so much because of the large windows that let in such pretty natural light. The clouds had gone away just before the ceremony which made, well everyone, extremely happy. :D

Side window in the sanctuary for the win! (above) Hidden from every guests view, catch incredible facial expressions on the happy couple!


Oh, and did I mention yet they drove away in an orange vette? Oh yea. It was awesome.

So while guests were arriving at their reception location, we broke off to take a few more relaxed portraits in Holland. The sun was out, the temperature perfect, the mood set. I love to get some time alone with a couple on their wedding day to capture their love and the spirit of their day!

So. Incredibly. Pretty. Now you can see why I was having such a hard time choosing!

So, after some incredible times outdoors – it was totally time to get some detailed shots of the reception. I. Love. This. Hall. It was so incredible and open! Sometimes with reception halls they can feel a little congested with tables and people – but there was so much room to breath. Like I said, awesome!

And another fun shoe game!

And another sweet treat table. Yum. Yum. Oh, and YUM!

And who can forget the cake and the first dance? :D

We ended the evening tired and happy we didn’t get super exhausted from two weddings in one day! It was interesting to see how different the two styles of weddings were for one day, and it was really kind of fun playing with the different kinds of weather.


Karen and Scott – We’re wishing you two the best in your marriage! It was an honor photographing it for you.


Oh, and everyone – feel free to comment and click on any photo you’d like to see a little more detail on. :D Have a fantastic evening!

{we.need.snow!} 12.27.11

So, two posts for tonight – one sneak peek, and one full wedding post! (to come much later than this :P) But anyway!


I had the honor of shooting my cousin’s engagement session tonight – it wasn’t as sunny out as it was yesterday, but at least there was… sooome… kind of snow. Right? :D I may have sat in a bunch of it to get this shot – WORRRTH it!


I mean, come on how stinking cute is that? >^^<

{kelly&trent} married! – 8.13.11

Ahhh  – time to get the ole typin’ fingers out again! *stretch!*

Anyway! As I pick away at these blog posts, its incredibly fun to re-live all these memories and photographs. I’ve discovered that the favorites I have while editing are so completely different than the favorites I have a few months later. Okay, not COMPLETELY different – but I love rediscovering old gems!

So! Kelly and Trent! You may remember their sweet beautiful engagement session from last April. The sun was shining, the afternoon relaxing, and the creative photo juices were flowing! However, they didn’t get such luck on their wedding day! Their entire day was in the morning instead of the evening, and I remember distinctly driving to Holland and enjoying, yet freaking out at, the huge storm clouds rolling in. Fortunately the rain only ‘spit’ a little bit over the morning, and by the reception the sky was clear!

So anyway, this was the earliest I’ve ever shot a first look! It was actually really great because it felt very secluded and romantic. Well, Kelly and Trent just ooze romance which you can see in their faces whenever they look at each other, but there was totally extra!

So then it was time for some touch-ups – and them some amazing formals! Ahh, my favorite part of the day :D

So Kelly is a girl after my own heart – She loves the color red! The wonderful red details popped so well with the feel of the rainy day. Oh, and did I mention that I really wanted to steal her shoes!? Well, not sttteal, but somehow acquire a pair as well. :D

Also – love love love their wedding party! So much fun!

I usually don’t show the individual portraits I shoot, but I thought this was so stinking adorable.

Then of course a little bit of hangin’ out after the rain started up again. :P

(somehow I got them all to behave…)

And this is why Paul = amazing. He does such fantastic father and bride portraits!

Thankfully the sky was clearing up a wee bit more so everyone could gather outside and cheer them on to their limo!

So their reception was at Baker Lofts. I. Love. Shooting. Here. It was amazing! The large windows let so much beautiful natural light onto all of their guests! And for a Saturday morning brunch reception? To. Die. For! Also! They had a personal cake at each table, which I thought was a great idea! It gave each table such personality.

So did I mention it was brunch? TASTY brunch!? Also – there was a sweets table. Yum! Yum yum yum! (So I may be a little hungry tonight while blogging… )

And this is why I LOVE natural light for dancing… These first dance pictures are pretty much my favorite of the season. Ahhh! Love!

Unfortunately we had to pack up and whisk ourselves away … to another wedding! Don’t worry everyone – I will never double book your day unless there are special circumstances like these two brides had! It was an amazing fun and long day, but I loved every second of it! So soon you’ll get to see the second half of the double – Karen and Scott! But for now – Thank you Kelly and Trent for inviting me and Paul to photograph such an important event to you, it was amazing!

If you wish to see any pictures slightly bigger, don’t hesitate to click on any of them! Also – don’t be afraid to leave a comment, they are always welcome!

{harmony&eli} Married! – 8.11.11

Blogging again! Blogging again! Blogging again!

If you haven’t heard, I’m blogging again. I’ve finally slowed down on editing and I get the chance now to finish up albums, other edits, and you guessed it blogs! I have nearly 20 blogs to get through, so I’m planning on about 2 or 3 blog posts per week until I’ve finished them all! Next year I think I’ll have a better system/workflow so I don’t end up as behind as I am on them. But enough about me, and more about Harmony and Eli!

You may remember these two from their sweet and spicy engagement session in Grand Haven last May. I could already tell how creative and awesome these two were. I remember driving up to Wildwood Family Farms and being in awe of the large red barn they had prominent. Also, looking back at these pictures, the weather was fabulous. We all wish we could still get days like this right now, don’t we. :D

Harmony dressed in the smaller building right next to the barn, it had such beautiful wood details, but unfortunately no space for me to prop stuff up on, so I improvised :D I loved all the small vintage details in her jewelry, her bridesmaids and the reception hall and the over all main vintage theme she had. It was really inspiring!

They opted for a first look before their ceremony (which I always LOVE because you get such private adorable pictures, and you have time for touch-ups before the ceremony in case you cry!) We found a private area next to the house where nobody could just jump out and ruin the moment. When the groom walks up, I can feel the moment always last forever for them. The small twirl to see the dress, the passionate kiss, and the sweet hug. It’s always such an honor to photograph this moment >^^<

So if my memory serves me well, I believe they made the flowers with flowers all found on the Wildwood Family Farms property. Absolutely gorge. Did I mention I was in love with the details?

Cage veils? Love! This wedding party? Love!

So we finished up some formals and started to begin a wonderful ceremony. In a few pictures up actually, when they are standing in the window in the barn (their reception location) their ceremony site was viewable. It was the perfect separation between the two, giving their guests one location to worry about that almost felt like two!

First kiss as a married couple!

So remember what I said about how detail crazy I was? Yea, I was there for a little over 4 hours, but ohmigoodness, I swear I walked away from shooting with 40% detail pictures! You’ll see why in a moment.

Every table was different. Every DISH was different! Littered with mementos of their past, their present, and their future. Photographs, books, decorative flowers, and other curiosity’s. See what I mean now? Yea. Photographer heaven. Just wait till I show you the dessert table. Oh yea. It was phenom.

And whats a fantastic wedding, without fantastic food? Pizza! Oh, and did I forget to mention the creamy root beer keg? Heavenly!

(p.s. my most favorite wedding picture sofar this season above. well, at least hilarity wise. Can you see why? :P)

Soooo to the dessert table. Yep. A whole table of tasty delicious home made desserts. So many I couldn’t  fit them all on my next collage! Re-editing these, I’m still drooling! Mmmmmm…..

Oh, and there were cake pops :D

What a perfect sunset ending to such a perfect day. Harmony and Eli, It was so much fun shooting your wedding! Thank you so much for inviting me to :D


Also, I haven’t had to say this in a while, but if you wish to view any image slightly bigger – feel free to click on any image to make it larger!


Next post in a day or so! Can’t wait!