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{} 2.27.10

As I wrote that title I sooo just had Billy Joel’s “The Longest time” get in to my head. Haha, I won’t stop singing it now until I fall asleep!


Anyway, this is a somewhat belated post. I went to a photographers ‘talk’ not too long ago, or rather… what felt like not too long ago, and it was hosted by Ben and Laura Harrison. I seriously have fallen super in love with their work. You should shoot on over to their website and take a look too!


Here is a link >^^<



Enjoy your week – I’ll have a newborn sneak on Wednesday!

{reflections} 2.26.11

Two years ago today I experienced the biggest horror and grief of my life. My mother was a huge inspiration in my life, well, she was a huge inspiration in lots of lives. I wish she was able to see what I’ve become and what I will become. It’s weird to think what was happening just two years ago and how extremely different things are now. If you get a chance to today, tell your loved ones how much you appreciate and care for them as cliche as that sounds. My friends today actually get to say that in front of all of their family and friends and I can’t wait to witness it myself. The photo below is of me and my mom when I got my first serious camera. I look pretty awful because I had been working on cleaning crew that day, but it literally is one of the last few photos I actually had taken with the two of us together.

So, I guess I really don’t know how to end such a sad post. I just hope you all have a good day and reflect on who you have in your lives. :)