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{jennica&matthew} eloped! – 10.15.11

It’s certainly been an eventful day. Earlier I volunteered to speak at basically a ‘career’ talk at Eastern CRC with many young people and now I’m finishing up a (very well anticipated) blog post!

I met Jennica about two weeks before she decided to elope with her fiance Matt. She had all sorts of fun plans for her wedding which was supposed to happen earlier that year, but the date had to change for a couple of different reasons. Unfortunately the photographer she had booked was no longer available to shoot for them which makes me happy because otherwise I would have never met these two wonderful people! Right as we split from our first meeting there was mention that there may be a wedding quicker than anticipated (which of course if I’m available on that day is totally fine with me!) And sure enough three days later I get an email with details for an elopement! I was pretty much beyond excited because I had NEVER shot or have been to any sort of elopement. I was probably almost just as excited as these two (but of course not as excited, nobody can be that excited if they’re not the ones getting married!) driving down to Caledonia Lakeside Park on a very beautiful yet very blustery fall day. Fortunately the wind had died down from that morning not disturbing the ceremony too much. 

Of course, a few friends couldn’t resist fishing first!

The place they decided in this park was really pretty. It was almost hard to find because it had one small pathway to a larger clearing with a beautiful Maple tree that overlooked the lake and their closest friends and their families who attended either stood or brought lawn chairs. What was interesting about shooting an elopement was I had to capture the details in the people more than the details of the surrounding. Since there were very little distractions it made for a very beautiful and very intimate ceremony :D

As soon as we all saw Jennica walk down the ‘aisle’ you could feel their love in the air. You could just tell without the music, without the flowers, without the church that something very special was about to happen.

She had her fathers image on her bouquet for his memory. I thought this was really sweet, and I really wished I had thought of this for my own wedding. It’s such a beautiful homage.

So as people were packing up we got a few formals of Matt and Jennica with their family before they dissipated. And thankfully I was able to snag them for a good 30-45 minutes for some gorgeous photos of just the two of them. It was super hard to get them to put on serious faces! But that’s okay – Huge excited smiles are always better anyway :D

And that last picture is the reason I never put my camera’s away till I get to my car. Looooove it!

Although it was cold, it was extremely fun! I’m so happy for the two of them, and I’m really looking forward to shooting their reception this coming July! Congrats you two!

And in case if you were wondering – James from Bradley Productions was also there shooting their wedding video!  You can view the hilite video on their blog here :)

{kate} just because – 10.12.11

Hey there everyone! It seems spring has returned to us… I just hope all this cold weather won’t kill all those plants that decided to grow a little early! I for one don’t mind the slightly cooler weather for now :)


Anyway, I’m going to transport you now back to October. Amazing fall weather. Warm gold and red leaves filling the skyline. I had just gotten my new camera (which will soon hopefully be returned to me, but that’s a whole other story) And I needed a subject to shoot some more playful, less portrait-y photos. My beautiful friend Kate was of course super willing to get a few shots at my favorite time of day – many of you have probably heard me refer to the ‘golden hour’ and this shoot was during that. It’s that one or two hours around sunset/just a little bit after the sun goes down. So sit back, and enjoy just some fun pictures!We had lots of fun playing with the millkweed… if you couldn’t tell :D

And what’s a shoot with Kate that doesn’t involve SOOOME sort of fun posing? Haha… makes me laugh every time

And also… Cows!


It was super fun to get out and shoot without having to worry about too much going on in the shoot. I hope you all enjoy!

{second.shooting} 3.17.12

Two posts… one day? Why not! I second shot in Illinois this past weekend (Happy late St. Patty’s day!) with a friend from all they way back when I went to Calvin. I don’t usually do full posts when I second shoot, and with permission from Luke I can show you a few favorites from the day! And trust me, it was hard to wittle it down to these 20…


So without further adieu, enjoy some of my most recent work!


Anyway it was tons of fun, and a nice change of pace for my off season!


{marcy&jose} engaged! – 10.10.11

It’s such a beautiful evening tonight (wish I was shooting an engagement session right now actually!) but it is time for another blog post! Halfway through October!


Marcy and Jose are a photographers dream couple. They laughed so adorable at all the right times, followed all my direction well, and was able to inspire me for some fantastic shots! We met up at Holland, MI Centennial Park (which I’ve shot a wedding or two at now as well!) after much scheduling and rescheduling. I was thrilled that the weather cooperated as sometimes it’s sooo touchy in the fall!

It was that perfect time where the leaves finally were falling, blanketing the ground with their yellows and reds, but there was still a bunch in the trees themselves so each frame was just full of color!

See what I mean about adorable? Yea.  AH-dorable.

She changed in to her adorable boots for some shots on the park bench. Oh, and how did I forget to mention her other adorable heels from earlier? It’s a good thing I don’t wear heels… because I think If I did, I would have a major shoe problem!

The black and whites looked soo pretty for this session. Their love and their romance totally translated well into my editing style!

So after Centennial Park downtown Holland, We drove on over to Holland State Park on the beach to get some fun shots with the lake and the beautiful dune grass and sand!

I love pretty shore line photos! Especially with an exquisite golden sunset… Did I mention that I totally love color? I don’t think I’ve said it enough yet! Remember for all my future couples – Schedule your shoot one or two hours before the sun sets (or when it’s about to rise), and we’ll get some fantastic pictures!

Running after the gulls, of course!


Marcy and Jose – It was such a pleasure shooting your engagement session! You two were so much fun then, and for your wedding! (which you all will be seeing on the blog in a few weeks!)


Want to see the picture with a little more detail, or just on it’s own – just click on it! Also – feel free to comment as always!

{erica&todd} engaged! – 10.9.11

Hello again on this bright and warm evening! I think this weather has been a surprise and a blessing for us all in these past few days :D Although… I DO enjoy more colder spring weather too… It’s nice to get a little taste of summer first! I just can’t wait to see green leaves on those trees again.


And speaking of leaves, I have another fall session to share with you today. The leaves were bright and beautiful for a long time this fall (thankfully they lasted all the way up to my last engagement session in November, but that’s a blog post for later!) and I’m so glad that I was able to capture the spirit of fall for these two!


Erica actually was a bridesmaid in a wedding I had shot, oh my goodness… two Octobers ago! She was in a wedding party that was fantastic to work with, so I was super excited to shoot Erica and Todd’s engagement session because she knew my style and how crazy I shot already! We decided to meet up at the dam in Downtown Rockford because it had some great features to work with :D. It was warm, it was beautiful… and although I may have had a small camera accident – it ended up being super fun!

Thankfully they were willing to try out a lot of fun different looks :D

So we crossed the bridge over the river to get where we saw some people fishing, and I was also able to capture some BEAUTIFUL light! (can you tell by now how much I love a low, setting sun? Lens flair!)

Oh, and of course more leaf fun!

We hopped back then across the street to get some of that beautiful dam in the background, and of course some photos on the path surrounding it! I also, apparently couldn’t help myself on tons of detail shots :D I mean… it was such a beautiful day… have I mentioned that yet? :P

So as they were changing into their last outfits, I found this crazy beautiful plant (does anyone know what it is?) And I will definitely admit these are my most favorite of the day. Hands down. I just wish it had been in a more open setting so I could have used it more! It’s super hard to believe that if I just had moved slightly you would have seen people, or buildings. It’s great to find a spot like this in an urban setting!

So as we waited for the sun to set down a little further, we all decided it was a really good time for ice cream… I mean, when is it NOT a good time for ice cream?

Oh, and that it was a fun time for some stone skipping!


It was so much fun you two! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this summer – which by the looks of it, is going to be a warm one!


Feel free to comment or click on any image to see just the image in detail by itself!




{gif.gif.gif} 3.13.12

I’ve been in a gif sort of mood these past few days… first of all… from my last engagement session – hilarious!




And from all the rain yesterday… I felt inspired with the water




Enjoy your spring and sun filled day! I might just go take a ride on my bike >^^<

{alyssa&ben} married! – 10.8.11

Why, hello again!

So, plugging away still at October posts… and loving every second! It’s so much fun to relive all of these past experiences of weddings and other shoots that I had this past year.  And I really can’t believe that it’s March already… where did the year go?

Anyway! Alyssa and Ben were actually one of my oldest bookings! I think they booked me almost… 1.5ish, maybe a little closer to 2 years out? I went through all my older posts the other day and It was amazing to see how much I’ve grown in my shooting and editing! We shot their engagement session about one year out from their date and the weather was SO incredibly different for their wedding… but it was for the better! I was super excited to pull up to their church to see all the beautiful leaves in a bright beautiful warm sun! They both got ready at their ceremony location at Grand Rapids First in Wyoming, MI.

Little guy learning how to shave on the morning of his uncles wedding… how cute! Paul did a fantastic job (as usual!) at this wedding! And no worries… No blades in his razor ;P

So as I mentioned before, they had their ceremony at one of Grand Rapids First chapels. I loved the fall details Alyssa incorporated with the colors of the orange umbrellas and flowers.

Alyssa actually tried sneaking in a kiss with Ben as they walked up to the alter together… sneaky sneaky! She was promptly told she would have to wait :)

Married! Also… hilarious shot below… what a little stinker :P

So after the ceremony we drove over to Spring Grove park for a few fun and BEAUTIFUL formals!

So after some fun times with wedding party portraits, we headed on to their reception at the Knights of Columbus in Wyoming for some fun times!

And of course… They love hockey – their Mistress of ceremony’s was able to get Griff from the Griffens to make an appearance! How fun is that!

That was a lot of pictures! I hope you all enjoy them – Alyssa and Ben – It was so much fun shooting your wedding last October, wishing you many years of happiness!

Feel free to comment or pin to Pinterest as you please!

{} 3.10.12

Had a lovely, and may I say absolutely gorgeous, shoot this afternoon in South Haven. My first time there! Can’t wait to shoot this wedding!

{trains&snow} 3.4.12

I wasn’t expecting snow today… but I’m glad we got some because I got some fantastic photos today! Definitely an unforgettable shoot ;P

{emily&brandon} engaged! – 10.2.11

Hello again! I’ve been a blogging queen lately! SOOOO many things happening with my life and business lately – but thankfully it’s all just coming together quite right! I’m SO happy I’m catching up on these because every single one of my clients deserves to have their photos on display somewhere!


Emily and Brandon met me a LONG time ago all the way up near Alpine St. … I think it might have been the day before that whole crazy guy getting chased throughout town… I remember this only because I was super happy we met the day BEFORE that because I had to use some of the same expressway he went insane on! But ANYWAY – back to Emily and Brandon! I knew instantly from Emily’s style that we were going to have a great time shooting together. She was full of fantastic ideas for shots and knew exactly what she wanted – which is never a bad thing :D. We met up a few weeks later for this engagement session which was crazy times to schedule because of my amazingly busy October! I’m so glad we did reschedule for this day though, as it was beautiful weather out for both city shots AND apple orchard shots! Anyway, enough of me typing – picha time! We met up downtown G.R. at the historic Sixth Street Bridge for some fun urban shots first!

And there Paul is… Rockin it out as second shooter again :D…. Anyway, we crossed back over the bridge and got a few more in a small clearing across the park that I always love to shoot in. Jumping and dip kissing – my favorites!


So about halfway through we traveled to a friends apple orchard for the remainder of the pictures. Anyone that wants to bring me to an apple orchard again is very much welcome too! Ahh, those apples were DELICIOUS. We also snuck a few family shots in with their son Roark for a little bit – before he got a little fussy! :D

Mmmmm tasty apples! If I remember right… everyone was a little hungry at this point! We were all glad to get a little apple break ;P

I debated for a little while whether or not to post this next one… lol. I mean… It’s an outhouse shot… but it’s also funny! I decided too because I think it was one of the funnest points of the session. We all had a great big laugh and I might as well bring the personality of the session to you!


So there you have it! Emily and Brandon – It was SUPER fun shooting this session with you! It was also a really good time shooting your wedding this past January… I can’t wait to get that up on the blog for you two in the coming weeks!