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{kaitlyn&brian} engaged! – 10.26.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

What a perfect weekend for shooting! Those darn leaves all left the trees to early this month, but we totally worked it with a few that kept a few on strong!


Kaitlyn and Brian were a dream to work with this evening, I barely even had to pose them! It was almost like they were reading my mind, haha! We only had a half session tonight, but it totally rocked out like a full one with some amazing sun at Fallsburg Park. We started at the bridge and had a fun little surprise visit from her parents and the family pup (which of course we had to get em’ into a shot or two!) Then we moved down to the the other part of the park for some amazing finishing touches complete with the last tree in the park with leaves for some pop of color!

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{simply.bridal} stylized wedding fun – 10.25.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Had a fun simple shoot tonight all thanks to Simply Bridal, a few sisters, and a little elbow grease! I’ve been picking away little bit by little bit at a LEGO inspired stylized shoot for the past month or two … starting with grandiose plans that slooooowly melted into a much smaller shoot than anticipated. We’ll just call this round one inspiration for a much larger shoot later? I was provided a beautiful chiffon dress from Simply bridal and played a few details off from the flowy playful look it provided. The belt and headpiece were playing off the colors and flowers in the bouquet, and the boutonniere supplied a small dose of all the other elements from LEGO to playful ribbon, colors, and florals. AND we got the best day of October weather yet! Bonus. As for the hair we decided to play off a inside out french braid wrapping around her hair that was tucked into her hair piece. I just LOVE how everything fell together so beautifully! Now next time… I’ll be sure to show up MUCH earlier than what I did … whew … stylized shoots take lots of time and energy I didn’t know they needed!

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Dress :: Simply Bridal :: Dina Gown (be sure to check the rest of their stock too – amazing dresses at really great prices!)

Shoot Location :: Wilcox Park, Grand Rapids, MI

Photography :: Emily-Waid Photography

LEGO accesories :: Jennifer Haverkamp

Florals :: Jennifer Haverkamp

Hair and Makeup :: Louise Nunn, Jennifer Haverkamp (inspiration found here!)

Shoes :: Nine West Outlet

Model :: Liz Leo

{alex&aaron} married! – 10.18.14 – kalamazoo wedding photographer

Alright now followers of my blog! I’m going to quick blog this gorgeous wedding from today before I collapse into a heap :D. Shooting two weddings in a row is a lot – Shooting two weddings in a row with a COLD is a whole different story! It’s been a long weekend if you couldn’t tell :P (but not a bad one!)

It’s crazy to think it’s been exactly a year since I shot these two’s engagement photos all the way out in K-zoo! It seems the weather prepped us perfectly as… the skies stayed overcast. Haha. But it was beautiful anyway! The trees all exploded with color this week so we were able to use fall to it’s FULLEST potential. Alex and Aaron balance each other out with their energy levels so well, it’s crazy fun to work with them and their posing style. Pretty much I had to scrap whatever I thought was going to look good because they always just did something that looked WAY better than I could have imagined. So, before I fall asleep here at my computer (to which I have done before… awkward :P) I’m going to load these puppies up for you to see for yourself!

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{emily&matt} married! – 10.17.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Oh boy, I will definitely let these images speak for themselves tonight! One of two weddings for this weekend and I’m already pumped up for tomorrow because today was so amazing!


You may remember Matt and Emily’s engagement session from labor day.  That day it was supposed to downpour but didn’t…. ah, how I wish we could have traded the weather from then to today! But we trucked through some super fun portraits anyway… so take that late October clouds! I could tell from their session too that their wedding day was going to be crazy awesome by how fun and creative they both were… And I kept saying today (okay, and then and ever since then) how darn I was excited to be shooting a wedding at the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids! What a beautiful place to promise your love to each other. Emily and Matt – thank you! Definitely one I’ll remember forever :D

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{} portrait time! – 10.16.14 – grand rapids children photographer

I’ve been watching this family grow for three years now! All the way back when little Elise’s parents got married underneath a golden maple tree in 2011, now they are celebrating little Elise’s next portrait installments in this chilly weather all over again :D What troopers… Did a little running around to keep ourselves warm too of course! Oh and of course there was fist bumps and high fives galore. So cute!

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{megan&james} engaged! – 10.12.14 – west michigan engagement photographer

Hello again! Funny seeing you all again so soon :P Well, I suppose it IS October and the leaves are beginning to change… which means it’s photo time for everyone! (why, I have two sessions and two weddings this coming week alone!) Anyway!


Those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning will probably remember my cousin James’ senior session. To spare us all the embarrassment, I wont be linking back to that one – BUT I’ll give you a recap, it was super fun. Tonight was not different when we added his beautiful fiancee Megan into the picture (hah, no pun intended :P). We ended up shooting at Hoffmaster State Park (first by the visitor center, then by Lake Michigan of course) and got a superb set of images. Time went by so quickly that I hardly realized that the sun was almost gone by the time we finished! Let’s just say, 2015 weddings are already looking preeeeetttty amazing so far!

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{jess&mike} married! – 10.11.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Oh boy oh boy, what a day! It was so beautiful outside, yet we had so much fun stuff inside we never even really needed the chance to use anything outdoors! You may remember Jess and Mike from their G.R. engagement session. This super adorable couple did not disappoint at all with how amazing their wedding was. I loved every detail from the bright red sparkly shoes, all the way to the batman pin that adorned Mike. I’ve never shot a wedding in the Grand Rapids Public Museum before, and was so pleasantly surprised at how much we were able to shoot in one space. We started the day off a touch late, but everything worked out so beautifully in the end :D congrats again you two – I can’t wait to get to editing your photos!!

JMphotobooth-5001 JMphotobooth-5002 JMphotobooth-5003 JMphotobooth-5004 JMphotobooth-5005 JMphotobooth-5006 JMphotobooth-5007 JMphotobooth-5008 JMphotobooth-5009 JMphotobooth-5010 JMphotobooth-5011 JMphotobooth-5012 JMphotobooth-5013 JMphotobooth-5014 JMphotobooth-5015 JMphotobooth-5016 JMphotobooth-5017 JMphotobooth-5018 JMphotobooth-5019 JMphotobooth-5020 JMphotobooth-5021 JMphotobooth-5022


JMphotobooth-5023 JMphotobooth-5024 JMphotobooth-5025 JMphotobooth-5026 JMphotobooth-5027 JMphotobooth-5028 JMphotobooth-5029 JMphotobooth-5030 JMphotobooth-5031 JMphotobooth-5032 JMphotobooth-5033 JMphotobooth-5034 JMphotobooth-5035 JMphotobooth-5036 JMphotobooth-5037 JMphotobooth-5038 JMphotobooth-5039 JMphotobooth-5040 JMphotobooth-5041 JMphotobooth-5042 JMphotobooth-5043 JMphotobooth-5044 JMphotobooth-5045 JMphotobooth-5046 JMphotobooth-5047 JMphotobooth-5048 JMphotobooth-5049 JMphotobooth-5050 JMphotobooth-5051 JMphotobooth-5052 JMphotobooth-5053 JMphotobooth-5054 JMphotobooth-5055 JMphotobooth-5056 JMphotobooth-5057 JMphotobooth-5058 JMphotobooth-5059 JMphotobooth-5060 JMphotobooth-5061


Looking for your photo booth photos? Why, click here of course! They’ll be available on 10.12.2014 :D

{louie} 4 mos – 10.6.14 – grand rapids children photographer

Brrrr! Still so cold out there! Can’t wait for that one random warm October week that we always get :D Until then though – the shoots must go on!


Today was a fun one! Little Louie! What a sweetheart :D We started in their beautifully restored historic home of course – to keep warm and to use some fun natural light through the windows. This was Louie’s first photos ever so he wasn’t too sure of my camera, but I got some smiles out of him. Actually his father’s techniques (mainly an amazing goofy voice, haha) to get him to smile worked much better than anything I attempted :D We also snuck in a few photos of Chance, the families adorable pup. Now time for some photos!

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{ali&mark} married! – 10.3.14 – chicago wedding photographer

Why hello again everyone! And what a cold weekend to be out shooting weddings :)


Yesterday Paul and I shot one of the most amazing weddings. Do you all remember Ali and Mark? We had so much fun at their engagement session that I KNEW we were going to have even more of a good time shooting their wedding day. We shot their engagement session in Grand Rapids, but their wedding all the way over in Chicago. The Pleasant Home is one of the most awesomest places ever – but I mean I have such a huge love for all things in old houses. Ali’s wedding colors and styles all matched perfectly to the home with vintage tones in her dress all the way through her grandmothers jewelry. They kept it simple for their ceremony – so many of their reception guests get to see some sweet images from their ceremony for the first time! Their reception was a stones throw away from Pleasant House at the Carlton Hotel (which, Paul and I will definitely be staying in this area again next time we need to stay a night in Chicago – the area was so nice!) and of course there was a little photobooth action and late night hot dogs to fill those appetites from that killer dance floor. I always have such good time shooting weddings – but it’s always great to make some great lifetime friends (who bonus, love cats!)! Now – picture time!ambloglogo-1001 ambloglogo-1002 ambloglogo-1003 ambloglogo-1004 ambloglogo-1005 ambloglogo-1006 ambloglogo-1007 ambloglogo-1008 ambloglogo-1009 ambloglogo-1010 ambloglogo-1011 ambloglogo-1012 ambloglogo-1013 ambloglogo-1014 ambloglogo-1015 ambloglogo-1016 ambloglogo-1017 ambloglogo-1018 ambloglogo-1019 ambloglogo-1020 ambloglogo-1021 ambloglogo-1022 ambloglogo-1023 ambloglogo-1024 ambloglogo-1025 ambloglogo-1026 ambloglogo-1027 ambloglogo-1028 ambloglogo-1029 ambloglogo-1030 ambloglogo-1031 ambloglogo-1032 ambloglogo-1033 ambloglogo-1034 ambloglogo-1035 ambloglogo-1036 ambloglogo-1037 ambloglogo-1038 ambloglogo-1039 ambloglogo-1040 ambloglogo-1041 ambloglogo-1042 ambloglogo-1043


Got your photo taken at the booth? Visit here for a free download of your images!