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{kaitlyn&brian} engaged! – 10.26.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

What a perfect weekend for shooting! Those darn leaves all left the trees to early this month, but we totally worked it with a few that kept a few on strong!


Kaitlyn and Brian were a dream to work with this evening, I barely even had to pose them! It was almost like they were reading my mind, haha! We only had a half session tonight, but it totally rocked out like a full one with some amazing sun at Fallsburg Park. We started at the bridge and had a fun little surprise visit from her parents and the family pup (which of course we had to get em’ into a shot or two!) Then we moved down to the the other part of the park for some amazing finishing touches complete with the last tree in the park with leaves for some pop of color!

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{simply.bridal} stylized wedding fun – 10.25.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Had a fun simple shoot tonight all thanks to Simply Bridal, a few sisters, and a little elbow grease! I’ve been picking away little bit by little bit at a LEGO inspired stylized shoot for the past month or two … starting with grandiose plans that slooooowly melted into a much smaller shoot than anticipated. We’ll just call this round one inspiration for a much larger shoot later? I was provided a beautiful chiffon dress from Simply bridal and played a few details off from the flowy playful look it provided. The belt and headpiece were playing off the colors and flowers in the bouquet, and the boutonniere supplied a small dose of all the other elements from LEGO to playful ribbon, colors, and florals. AND we got the best day of October weather yet! Bonus. As for the hair we decided to play off a inside out french braid wrapping around her hair that was tucked into her hair piece. I just LOVE how everything fell together so beautifully! Now next time… I’ll be sure to show up MUCH earlier than what I did … whew … stylized shoots take lots of time and energy I didn’t know they needed!

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Dress :: Simply Bridal :: Dina Gown (be sure to check the rest of their stock too – amazing dresses at really great prices!)

Shoot Location :: Wilcox Park, Grand Rapids, MI

Photography :: Emily-Waid Photography

LEGO accesories :: Jennifer Haverkamp

Florals :: Jennifer Haverkamp

Hair and Makeup :: Louise Nunn, Jennifer Haverkamp (inspiration found here!)

Shoes :: Nine West Outlet

Model :: Liz Leo