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{caiti&michael} engaged! – 7.27.13

Hello all!


Slower weekend for me this week! I definitely got to enjoy taking these two’s engagement portraits together. The clouds were ominous and it was kind of drizzling when we began, but thankfully at the end they cleared up and we had so much fun getting to know these two and their lovable personalities. Plus I ALWAYS love it when people let me do a crazy artistic experimental shot. Sometimes it’s just fun to play!


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{emily&caleb} married! – 7.20.13

Ahhhhhh…. (a sweet sigh, not a scary ahh!) Today Paul and I shot such a fun and so so sweet couple. Emily and Caleb took their wedding day troubles in stride and made the most of their most fabulous day! Also, I keep on telling Paul how HAPPY I was to ask them if they wanted to go out during the reception for some sun setting photos (I still squeak with joy every time I look at them!). SO please enjoy their sneak preview – I seriously can’t wait to edit this wedding!!

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