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{maria&brent} engaged! – 5.24.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Another post for this amazingly beautiful holiday weekend!


Maria and Brent – what an amazing couple. Calm, cool, relaxed, and posing rock stars. Brent was actually the best man in a wedding party from a wedding I shot over a year ago and Maria is as sweet as can be. We started downtown Grand Rapids at my favorite location to shoot (the GRAM of course!) and moved out to a park near GVSU to finish up in that amazing day ending golden light. Look forward to seeing their wedding this June too!

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{lovely.evening} 5.23.14

What a beautiful evening we had, no? Had a shoot at the Beal Botanical Gardens at MSU tonight, here are a few highlights of the flora and fauna. There were beautiful flowers, angry squirrels, and even a very disinterested duck! (I had forgotten how used to humans campus animals were, freaky at one point!) Enjoy :D sdbloglogo-1001 sdbloglogo-1002 sdbloglogo-1005 sdbloglogo-1008 sdbloglogo-1014 sdbloglogo-1017 sdbloglogo-1019 sdbloglogo-1020 sdbloglogo-1021 sdbloglogo-1025 sdbloglogo-1029 sdbloglogo-1030

{julie&jon} married! – 5.17.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Hey! I shot a wedding today! And it didn’t rain, like it was predicting all week – this made both me and Julie extremely happy!


Julie and Jon are the perfect down to earth crazy fun to be with couple. They had their ceremony at Life Stream Church in Allendale and their reception was at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville. And I would have to say this as a first – a cop car! Being that Jon and some of his groomsmen are policemen it was definitely fitting. Sit back and enjoy the loveliness that consumed the day :)

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{ali&mark} engaged! – 5.11.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

First – happy mother’s day to everyone! I hope everyone had a good one :)


Second! We had a really fun engagement session today with Ali and Mark! We first met them downtown Grand Rapids for a little coffee, talking, and shooting. Ali was actually in a wedding we had shot this previous year in September, but it was our first time meeting her fun fiance Mark. Thankfully the projected thunderstorms held off (and still are! but now they are welcome to come!) and we got some GREAT light. We then moved on down to Prairie Wolf Park (a very big favorite shooting place of mine) to finish off for a more naturey and private ending. Also, you know you’re going to have a good time with a couple when they mention awkward engagement photos and want to stage a few… although I forgot how hard it was to shoot bad, and I tried my hand at a little awful editing as well (also very hard!) Sooo don’t judge too hard when you see some weird shots in there ;P Ali and Mark, it was a pleasure! I cannot wait for the wedding in October :D NOW photos!

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{!} – 5.10.14 – grand rapids children photographer

What a beautiful year it has been for this little princess! You may have seen little baby Elise on my blog from time to time, but my how she has grown :) Yesterday we took some of her portraits and a practice avocado smash (instead of cake – love it!) and today I got to shoot a little around her first birthday party. Jennica had all the best things set up for Elise – delicious kombucha and cake for her guests, a small beautiful crown and cute polka-dot skirt for her. Enjoy!

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