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{maria&brent} engaged! – 5.24.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Another post for this amazingly beautiful holiday weekend!


Maria and Brent – what an amazing couple. Calm, cool, relaxed, and posing rock stars. Brent was actually the best man in a wedding party from a wedding I shot over a year ago and Maria is as sweet as can be. We started downtown Grand Rapids at my favorite location to shoot (the GRAM of course!) and moved out to a park near GVSU to finish up in that amazing day ending golden light. Look forward to seeing their wedding this June too!

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{lovely.evening} 5.23.14

What a beautiful evening we had, no? Had a shoot at the Beal Botanical Gardens at MSU tonight, here are a few highlights of the flora and fauna. There were beautiful flowers, angry squirrels, and even a very disinterested duck! (I had forgotten how used to humans campus animals were, freaky at one point!) Enjoy :D sdbloglogo-1001 sdbloglogo-1002 sdbloglogo-1005 sdbloglogo-1008 sdbloglogo-1014 sdbloglogo-1017 sdbloglogo-1019 sdbloglogo-1020 sdbloglogo-1021 sdbloglogo-1025 sdbloglogo-1029 sdbloglogo-1030