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{emily&matt} engaged! – 9.1.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

It was supposed to rain all weekend and all day today, and boy did we get the luckiest break EVER. Although I was kind of secretly praying for a touch of rain for tonight’s session for some good fun with umbrellas and other fun creative shots whilst the rain was pouring, I was super happy with the AMAZING clouds that filled the sky and the occasional sunflair that I was able to capture.

Emily and Matt are some really fun people to shoot with! I wouldn’t even classify tonight session as shooting, I would call it more of a process of creating really fun unique images. Not that I don’t do this at most sessions, but so much fun. You also may see a duck friend that we were hoping would like to pose for a few, but she remained unconvinced. I am so excited for these two who are so amazingly in love to get married at the Downtown Market this October!! Also, some dutch bingo was had… Ahhh to be dutch. :) Okay enough of me jabbering – photo time!

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