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{congratulations.2012} 12.31.12

It’s that time of year again! Reflecting on the past year, I counted how many shoots I accomplished… the final count amazed me! 58 shoots (wedding, portrait, senior, ect!) averaging about one session or wedding PER week in 2012. I can not thank all of my supporters and clients enough for such a fun and creative year! And as I look ahead to 2013 I can count a handful of portrait sessions already booked, as well as 17 weddings already down in my calendar. I am incredibly blessed and humbled by all of your kind words and bookings and really look forward to another awesome year! Can. Not. Wait!

So, as per usual I am going to be posting my wedding couples of 2012 as I have done in years past! I would love to compile every shoot, but 58 is a LOT to work with… So every engagement session, senior, and portraits – you get high honorable mentions! NOW! Time for some pitchas!

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Also! I second shot for three weddings, and they totally deserve a shout out too! So to Lisa, Luke, and Brad – here’s to another collaborative year!

NYEblog2012-1026 NYEblog2012-1027 NYEblog2012-1028

So go enjoy the last few hours of 2012! I know I sure am – resting from the long weekend of shooting is going to do wonders :) Also a HUGE shout out to Paul! My loving amazing wonderful husband for second shooting all of these for me. Although I “fake fire” you for being better than me at times, your creativity is so incredibly good. And from the both of us – thank you all again!

{} 12.30.12

Last gorgeous bride and groom of the weekend! The weekend went out just as good as how it began. Amazing photos, fabulous people, and perfectly planned weddings. Today started at an adorable chapel in Coopersville and the party ending at the top of the BOB. (hey! Just like Friday!) So as I now finally get my rest – I get the privilege to post these photos for you! Hope you enjoy :)


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Oh! And it is the last day of the year tomorrow! I keep on forgetting that… Look forward to my new years post!