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{congratulations.2010} 12.31.10

Last day of the year!

I feel that the last day of the year warrants a post of congratulations to every newlyweds that I shot this year! It was my first year of business… and I’ve come a long way since my first wedding on May 8! I have nearly 10 weddings now booked for next year (at this time last year, I only had one booked!) And I shot 12 in 2010 (for those of you who ask at our meetings!) And I find it also appropriate to post a photo from each one! I also did a ton of engagement sessions and seniors this year who all get honorable mentions – but to post a picture from each shoot would take me forever! So here you have it – Names and dates are below each picture. Congrats to all! (Even the couples I didn’t shoot for 2010) Happy new year!

5.8.10  {Jeannie&Shawn}



5.22.10 {Holly&Matt}



5.29.10 {Liz&Jenney}



7.10.10 {Kelly&Griffey}



7.16.10 {Becky&Daniel}



7.17.10 {Karen&Ryan}



8.21.10 {Chelsey&Mike}


10.1.10 {Laura&Derek}


11.27.10 {Helen&Mirko}


12.11.10 {Lauren&Dave}


12.18.10 {Stephanie&Kevin}


And finally!

12.28.10 {Sarah&Kris}


Thank-you everyone for making my dream of becoming a professional photographer come true this year – It means so much to me that you booked me (especially those in the beginning when I barely had samples to show you!) And thank-you to all of those that have booked me in 2011 – I can not WAIT to shoot all of your engagement sessions and weddings! I also look forward to all of those family, senior and portrait shoots that I’ve been mid-process in and those that I don’t even know about yet! I was scared when I left my full time photo lab job … but now I know I have nothing to fear because I have such amazing and awesome clients!


Happy new year! (again : D)



I forgot! I also second shot for my friend Natalie – which brings my count up to 13!

12.21.10 {jodi&kyle}



Ok…haha, I promise not to forget another one!

{annika&kyle} engaged – 12.20.10

I promised an engagement session soon, and here it is!


Annika and Kyle booked me for a wedding only about three or four weeks ago – and because of time concerns we needed to get their engagement session done pronto! She’s going away from interim at calvin, and he was going back to Tennessee after Christmas vacation. It is always risky picking a nice day in December because the sky is always so sketchy. It can be sunny and bright one day, and snowing and gloomy the next – that’s why I was soooooo happy that she picked a morning that it was not too bright and not too cold and gray outside.

Anyway! Paul and I both had so much fun shooting this session. Paul is a recent second shooter of mine, and although he’s somewhat new to the job he’s getting really good very quickly! He even thought of some really good poses for Annika and Kyle to try out that I probably wouldn’t have thought of.  Anyway, back to the happy couple!

We met at Lemonjello’s and started right outside of the shop after initial introductions.

It was fun getting them acclimated to the camera… I always say the first 15 minutes are super awkward!

(haha, I DID warn him that I was taking pictures…)

And who can resist a classic foot picture? Because I certainly can’t! I have at least three different versions of these – EXTREMELY hard to choose the best one!

Annnnnd bring on the dip kisses! LOOOOVE them!

I have to say that walking around downtown Holland was super fun and it was exciting to shoot somewhere different. : D

(A toasty warm fireplace is such a good place to rest!)

About halfway through our session we hit the road and drove to their church for the lovely woods. We even found some train tracks – which were super awesome! It’s always nice to have two different feels in one engagement session.

We also saw some children sledding. One child triiiied to get into pictures… but I was craftier than him! (he’s behind them in this next one below)

And there you have it! It is always super hard to choose the best out of every session… and this post is missing some I realllly wanted to put in – But then you’d be reading my blog forever. And remember, if you want to see something larger you can always click on the image. Enjoy!