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{snowy&sunny} 1.26.13

It was an AMAZING day for a wedding in January today! Posting this sneak a little later in the day for a morning wedding – but finally getting it up! People tell me there is no need to put some up the day of the shoot… but I actually totally enjoy editing a quick view for everyone to see (and it makes me feel a touch less bad for being able to see all of them the same day! While making everyone else wait for the editing :D) It snowed a fresh layer last night so all the trees were filled with little puffs of snow that the morning rising sun illuminated so beautifully – but nothing more beautiful than this couple! Some photos now, shall we?


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{babes&backdrops} 1.25.13

I’ve gotten the chance to meet many new little babes this year (well, last year I suppose by now… what January is already halfway over? Whaaaaaat?) It’s amazing to see all this beautiful new life brought in to this world, oh and a lesser important thing – amazing to use my new newborn backdrop! More on the backdrop later though – time to see this beautiful little girl!

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