{lilacs+lace} products shoot! – 10.14.15 – grand rapids photographer

Hey everyone! Mid week break for something different than wedding or portrait photography! I like to wet my toes in other photo adventures from time to time.


So, I finally get to introduce you all to Laura’s wonderful Etsy business page, Lilacs+Lace! I got to set up and photograph some of the cutest baby items! These creations have such a cute whimsical look and feel to them, while adding a little bit of style to your child’s every day life. Everything from bibs, to hair bow ties, and pacifier clips. Not only great for every day life, but very cute for photo sessions as well! I went through and picked a few favorites of mine to show you all, but feel free to browse her Etsy page too for more. All items were soft to the touch and the fabric patterns are just really the cutest. There are also a few awesome headbands for adults that I was seriously drooling over too as well, I was so sad to give them all back when I was done shooting (I LOVE headbands, if you couldn’t tell) And you can get 20% off from now until November 8 if you use the code EMILYWAID at checkout. She’s creating new things all the time, so feel free to see updates at her Lilacs+Lace facebook page too!

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