{lily} quinceañera – 5.4.19 – holland, mi event photographer

Hey there everyone! I’m back again – I know! SO quick this time!

Remember my shoot from two weeks ago? Well, it was time for Lily’s amazing quinceañera! Thankfully, this time around, the weather was cooperating and it was even downright warm enough to walk around without a coat. Hooray! We choose to take a few portraits around Holland before this girl’s stellar party. It was the beginning of tulip time, but, we rocked it O. U. T.

This party has got to be one of the most fun I’ve ever attended. It had everything from choreographed dances, to one of the most delicious cakes I’ve ever eaten. Phew! There was so much going on, but my partner and I were able to capture every little detail – down to that first pair of sparkly gold heels <3

Lily’s is an amazing down to earth beautiful young woman, and it was an honor to photograph her birthday! Happy 15th, and ‘may the 4th be with you!’

Pitcha time!


{brandy&alan} married! – 10.19.18 – New Orleans wedding photographer

SOOOOOOOO you all better get excited for this one. OH MY LANTA IT’S GOOD.


When Brandy came to me about shooting her wedding I was just so overjoyed. She’s cool, amazingly detail oriented, and a nerd just like me. When she told me the location, I think I may have jumped out of my seat… NEW ORLEANS? REALLY? CAN IT BE TRUE? I probably said the most excited yes in my lifetime – I love NOLA and was ready to buy a ticket yesterday.


You may remember this lovely couple from their engagement session last May – gorgeous ya? Amazing ya? Now check out their crazy incredible wedding in NOLA! Be inspired by the minute details that Brandy and Alan put into their wedding. <3



{amy&rob} married! – 5.5.18 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Hello again everyone!

Remember my last post with Amy and Rob? No? You should check out their amazing engagement session here before you go any further!

Done? Love it? Because get ready for their wedding images, because WOW!

We started the day at Amy’s parent’s house. Amy was calm, cool, relaxed, and definitely ready for anything the day wanted to throw at her! She had a beautiful tearful first look with her father on the gorgeous lake their house was located on.

After all that fun getting ready stuff, and a quick prayer with the ladies, everyone made their way in the amazing afternoon to the downtown market, where Amy and Rob had their ceremony among the luscious greenhouse plants. The day ended with some fantastic dance moves, a sunset that really couldn’t be beat, and a beautiful couple joining together. Now, please enjoy their photos!


{minoo&john} married, second shooting – 5.21.16 – brooklyn wedding photographer

A shorter wedding post for you all today! A month or so ago I got to shoot with the lovely Sara at Ava Weddings downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I had so much hanging out with the guys in the morning and joining the rest of the crew just before their first look. The botanical gardens are so incredible! Unfortunately we had to move it all indoors due to some unfortunate weather, but it didn’t keep any spirits down. I love second shooting so much, because I get the chance to see how other photographers work and occasionally I get to learn a new tip and trick here and there too. Here’s a small portion of the day I captured, enjoy!

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{congratulations.2014} – 1.6.15 – west michigan wedding photographer

A little late for my year end post this year and I’m sorry! I took a few weeks off after completing my end of the season editing for the holiday this year, and it was so incredibly lovely. 2014. What. A. Year. We traveled a lot again (this year to Nashville again, a trip off to Seattle, and some fun in Chicago!) and kept a little more to home. I didn’t second shoot for any fabulous photographers in the area, but I look forward to shooting more with my colleagues this year! 2014 was also full of personal growth, some really fantastic ups, and some extremely unwanted downs. I’ve made some beautiful lifelong relationships with my couples and I really hope that 2015 will be just as amazing. I have attached the sneak post for each of the 20 weddings underneath if you’d like to see more from their wedding day!

As usual I had so many shoots I have to do an abridged wedding version of this post. But here’s a shout out to all the families, engaged couples, and little babies that I got the chance to meet too! Reflecting is one of my most favorite things to do and it was wonderful to leaf through all my shoots while compiling this post! Good luck with the new year to you all!



{olive&ben} – 4.26.14


{julie&jon} – 5.17.14



{lisa&jack} – 6.14.14




{maria&brent} – 6.21.14




{courtney&andy} – 6.26.14




{dana&cory} – 6.28.14




{sheena&ryan} – 7.12.14




{lyndsey&jason} – 7.18.14




{kate&brad} – 7.26.14




{jennifer&kyle} – 8.2.14




{andrea&kyler} – 8.8.14




{hannah&travis} – 8.16.14




{lia&zain} – 8.30.14




{jamie&rob} – 9.13.14




{bride.x&bride.y} – 9.xx.14

If you’re wondering why these two images are blacked out it is because we shot a commitment ceremony the two brides have decided to remain anonymous.



{ali&mark} – 10.3.14




{jess&mike} – 10.11.14




{emily&matt} – 10.17.14




{alex&aaron} – 10.18.14





{lydia&jabez} – 11.16.14



And that was all of ’em!


Thank you all for such an eventful year. :D

(And here are some links to my previous end of the year posts! 20132012, 2011, 2010 enjoy!)

{elise.is.one!} – 5.10.14 – grand rapids children photographer

What a beautiful year it has been for this little princess! You may have seen little baby Elise on my blog from time to time, but my how she has grown :) Yesterday we took some of her portraits and a practice avocado smash (instead of cake – love it!) and today I got to shoot a little around her first birthday party. Jennica had all the best things set up for Elise – delicious kombucha and cake for her guests, a small beautiful crown and cute polka-dot skirt for her. Enjoy!

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{just.delightful.events} event planning – 1.25.14

Hey! That’s right! I have a blog! It’s been so long since I’ve written here :)


Kaci from Just Delightful Events contacted me a few weeks ago wondering if I could get a few detail shots of a dinner party she was planning. Details are one of my most favorite things to shoot so of course I was all excited perfecting the orientation of the silverware and doing all sorts of creative things with the menu! Here are just a few photos of her amazing event planning skills :)


(also, whats up with your weather today Michigan? Choose sunny or blizzard! Seriously! :D)

JDE-1001 JDE-1002 JDE-1003 JDE-1004 JDE-1005 JDE-1006 JDE-1007 JDE-1008 JDE-1009 JDE-1010 JDE-1011 JDE-1012 JDE-1013 JDE-1014 JDE-1015 JDE-1016 JDE-1017 JDE-1018

{congratulations.2013} – 12.31.13 – west michigan wedding photographer

Here it is! Another full year of weddings, engagements, families, seniors, and babies!

Paul and I have traveled to Ohio, Tennessee, Northern Michigan, Detroit and so many other places to experience and shoot some of the loveliest people and families I’ve ever met. Together we shot about 27 weddings in 2013, and I’ve even shot for a friend here and there in two other weddings :) There has been snow, icy rain, gorgeous sunsets, cloudy days, clear skies, colorful autumn leaves, and the new green spring growth. I usually post a few shots from each wedding I’ve shot in the previous year and this post is definitely no different! As I look forward to my next 15 or so bookings for 2014 (and any new bookings I will possibly get) I can’t WAIT to see what new shots I’ll get and what couples will inspire me next. Thank you all for so much awesomeness!



1.26.13 – Taylor & John


3.2.13 – Heather & Chad


3.16.13 – Lisa & Alex


3.30.13 – Erin & Louie


4.6.13 – Theresa & Jeff


5.4.13 – Emily & Bill


5.25.13 – Jon & Ashley


6.7.13 – Hannah & Kris


6.8.13 – Emily & Andrew


6.15.13 – Mary & Robert


6.22.13 – Alyssa & Nathaniel


6.29.13 – Natasha & Farai


7.6.13 – Sadie & Dustin


7.12.13 – Megan & Joe


7.20.13 – Emily & Caleb


8.3.13 – Beka & Andrew


8.9.13 – Emily & William


8.23.13 – Brandy & Josh


8.24.13 – Jess & Bennett


8.30.13 – Abby & Trevor


9.14.13 – Dana & Nick


9.20.13 – Hope & Chad


10.12.13 – Maia & Aaron


11.1.13 – Kalysta & Michael


11.30.13 – Amy & Mark


12.20.13 – Erin & Matt


12.27.13 – Caiti & Michael


And for the two couple’s I second shot for – here’s an image shout out! (you can see Heather’s blog posts for them here and here)

7s 15s

Thanks again!

(And here are some links to my previous end of the year posts! 2012, 2011, 2010 My how we’ve grown :D)

{jose’s.first.birthday!} – 12.1.13 – grand rapids event photography

Last shoot of the weekend! I got to meet this little blessing last year when he was born and still in the hospital and he melted my heart away. And now it’s so amazing how much he’s grown in the past year! This little guy had quite the awesome first birthday party including and Emily-Waid Photography photo-booth, balloon animal artisans, and a face painter! (oh, and did I mention the blow up slide/bouncy castle and piñata??! sweeeeet) Please enjoy little baby Jose’s first birthday!

j1stbloglogo-1001 j1stbloglogo-1002 j1stbloglogo-1003 j1stbloglogo-1004 j1stbloglogo-1005 j1stbloglogo-1006 j1stbloglogo-1007 j1stbloglogo-1008 j1stbloglogo-1009 j1stbloglogo-1010 j1stbloglogo-1011 j1stbloglogo-1012 j1stbloglogo-1013 j1stbloglogo-1014 j1stbloglogo-1015 j1stbloglogo-1016 j1stbloglogo-1017 j1stbloglogo-1018 j1stbloglogo-1019 j1stbloglogo-1020 j1stbloglogo-1021 j1stbloglogo-1022 j1stbloglogo-1023 j1stbloglogo-1024 j1stbloglogo-1025 j1stbloglogo-1026 j1stbloglogo-1027 j1stbloglogo-1028 j1stbloglogo-1029 j1stbloglogo-1030 j1stbloglogo-1031

{featured!} 2.26.13

Hey, this is cool! Andrea and Kyle’s post from their December wedding got a feature on Learn Love’s blog!