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{natasha&farai} married! – 6.29.13

Had a super fun wedding all the way up in Mt. Pleasant, MI today! Natasha and Farai are the sweetest couple ever and we had so much fun spending the day shooting their wedding. I love the chance to get to meet such lovely and diverse families who all come together for such a beautiful and joyous occasion. Check out just a few sneaks of their awesome day!

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{alyssa&nathaniel} married! – 6.22.13

Had a fabulous morning wedding today at the ever lovely Post Family Farms! Such a beautiful couple who are just posing rockstars :D This wedding had everything awesome – the weather was great, the details were amazing, the family as sweet as ever, and of course barn animals! The rain threatened for most of the morning and thankfully it only drizzled for 10 minutes only after everyone sat down for some lovely brunch food. Please enjoy their sneak preview! (I pretty much excitedly ‘awwed’ at every one of these when choosing them!)


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