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{emma&scott} married! – 1.2.16 – grand rapids wedding photography

Well, hello there everyone! Happy new year!


Usually I do an end of the year post and I didn’t get the chance this year to do it in the last week of December before we left for Grand Rapids. But I do promise it is still coming! This week! I cannot wait. However, we shot a family wedding over our vacation to the mitten that I’m SO excited to share with you now!


Emma and Scott had a beautiful wedding and reception at Lee St. CRC in Wyoming, MI. Emma’s dress was fabulous (composed of beautiful lace and veil to boot) and Scott’s smiles were never ending. We began the day early with their teary eyed adorable first look, and we kept things on track for portraits (which is a rare occurrence! Getting to use actual rest time FTW!) and got those two married at their early afternoon ceremony. They had a lovely group of talented musicians (including lots of family members!) and the sun even poked out too. The lighting was magical as the ceremony ended as they walked down the aisle. After the receiving line we all enjoyed root beer floats, cake, and other delicious treats at their reception downstairs. Followed by a hilarious shoe game! And I can’t wait to enjoy the favors – home made jam! Yum!! It’s always fun to photograph family <3 Wishing you two the best!

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