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{} 12.22.14 – grand rapids family photographer

Hello all! It certainly has been a while! I suppose not TOO long though… but it’s seemed like forever since my last shoot already! Today we had a fun shoot with good old friends of ours, the Keen family! We kept pretty much to the CFAC at Calvin’s campus and tried to shoot at least a little bit ouside in the cold although it was a wintry mix of both snow and rain AND it was freezing cold. I was HOPING the sun would have stayed out from this morning but I never get my sun wishes it seems like. The hour was full of fabulous photos, good times, and lots of laughter – including some while I was doing this sneak preview editing. You know it’s going to be good if I’m still laughing after the fact. Enjoy!


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{jude.1.year} 12.12.14 – grand rapids children and family photographer

Hello all! It’s been a month since I’ve posted here, and it may be another while till I post here again… but I’m excited to bring you little baby Jude today!


Matt and Rebecca have been good friends of mine for many many years (Bec all the way back to those awkward teen years in High-school!) I finally had the honor to photograph their sweet little babe yesterday, and little Jude was the greatest. We shot in a small park around the corner of their house first, to capture that amazing light I’ve been dying to shoot in the past few days which is so rare for December. Then we quickly walked back from the cold to shoot in their beautiful home and ended with a few Christmassy shots in front of the tree just for fun. Jude’s sweet smile is infectious and I can’t wait for you all to see their sneak preview!

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P.s. Above is actually one of my most favorite photos I’ve ever gotten of a parent with their baby. Just so adorable!

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