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{amy&mark} married! – 11.30.13 – grand rapids wedding photography

What a lovely day. Shot a wedding this afternoon that was so very beautiful and intimate, and although we didn’t have much time for shooting we sure made the most of it! The ceremony and the reception were both held in the library of Mangiamo’s, and again, the smaller time frame didn’t take away from any of the love that was experienced today. Mark was definitely a character who never had any problem kissing his new wife when I asked him too (and I got a lot of ‘awww, do I have to stop?’ haha), and Amy had such a happy aura that she was glowing the entire time. I wish you two all the best on your new journey together with the merging of your two amazing families! (And we even saw a sweet couple we had shot a couple of years ago as well! Definitely count this as a fabulous day)

Now, photos!

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{andrea&kyler} engaged! – 11.29.13 – grand rapids engagement photography

Good evening everyone!

It’s been like… forever since I’ve posted! I’ve been tearing away at editing all this month and haven’t gotten the chance to pick up my camera until tonight’s engagement photos with lovely Andrea and Kyle. It’s been a while (too long I’d say!) since we’ve seen them! It’s always such a great joy for me to photograph old friends (even older for Paul!) We met up with these two at the Richard App Gallery on Cherry St. (which by the way hosts weddings and other events!) for some fantastic unique gallery photos, then walked around East Town to Wilcox Park for some fun in the snow! (yesssss snow is heeere! so exciting!!) and finished with a small touch downtown Grand Rapids for a fabulous finish. As you can tell in these photos,  these two  are so much in love! Cannot wait to spend some more time with them and other great old friends in August :D

Oh, and my favorite thing ever happened… we got a small visit from Mr. Sun! The clouds parted was just to let in a little bit of that lovely romantic dreamy light that I ALWAYS adore. Squeeeee! Love.

Now, picture time!

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{NOLA} 11.19.13

Hey everyone! I promised a New Orleans blog (and in case you’re wondering NOLA = New Orleans, Louisiana) and here it is! I won’t describe much of our trip, as I’m sure the actual details are kinda boring and not as fun as my photos. Let’s just say there’s a little bit of Nashville, Tennessee, a whole lotta Louisiana (including Baton Rouge,  Bourbon St., Avery Island, and the Garden District) I even dabbled a little bit with a GIF! Enjoy one of the funnest places ever :)

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{olive&ben} engaged! – 11.3.13 – a tennessee engagement

Where. Do. I. Begin.


Paul and I have been travelling it seems all over recently. Our last adventure involved this engagement session in Nashville, TN. A a side trip down to Baton Rouge, LA. A few days chilling in grand old New Orleans, LA. And finally a fabulous evening stay in Memphis, TN. Enough about the rest of the trip (a feature post will come in a few days!) and more about Olive and Ben – the most in love couple in Nashville.

(Oh, and also… as I write this it’s snowing. Weird to think how I was in a place that was averaging mid 70’s and sunny skies just DAYS ago!)

We started in Centennial Park that had of course this amazing reproduction building of the Parthenon and beautiful trees that had just begun to turn their colors. Ben and Olive were willing to try anything I wanted to throw at them, which always makes for some of the best most relaxed photos ever. After, we spent some time getting to know these two and downtown Nashville. Saw some sights. Took some pictures. And learned so very very much about the local music industry! Oh, and I apparently now have a new nickname – J cubz I believe (Ben, you’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong!) And we ended the night with some pretty fantastic food. Cannot wait for your wedding in April you two!

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{kalysta&michael} married! – 11.1.13

Good morning everyone! (well, a technical good morning… as it’s already an hour into the 2nd of November!)


Paul and I shot a super pretty wedding today. Kalysta and Michael had such great themes, colors, and details to their wedding! Plus, I’m always a big sucker for lace :D We had time crunches… we had ominous clouds bringing bits of rain… and we had a sun wanting to go down. None of this however got to this VERY in love couple. One of my favorite moments of the day was Kalysta stating, “Wait a moment… wait. Michael, we’re totally getting our wedding pictures taken right now!!” Weddings are always worth the drive to Mount Pleasant and back!kmbloglogo-1001 kmbloglogo-1002 kmbloglogo-1003 kmbloglogo-1004 kmbloglogo-1005 kmbloglogo-1006 kmbloglogo-1007 kmbloglogo-1008 kmbloglogo-1009 kmbloglogo-1010 kmbloglogo-1011 kmbloglogo-1012 kmbloglogo-1013 kmbloglogo-1014 kmbloglogo-1015 kmbloglogo-1016 kmbloglogo-1017 kmbloglogo-1018 kmbloglogo-1019 kmbloglogo-1020 kmbloglogo-1021 kmbloglogo-1022 kmbloglogo-1023 kmbloglogo-1024 kmbloglogo-1025 kmbloglogo-1026 kmbloglogo-1027 kmbloglogo-1028 kmbloglogo-1029 kmbloglogo-1030 kmbloglogo-1031 kmbloglogo-1032 kmbloglogo-1033 kmbloglogo-1034 kmbloglogo-1035 kmbloglogo-1036 kmbloglogo-1037 kmbloglogo-1038 kmbloglogo-1039 kmbloglogo-1040 kmbloglogo-1041 kmbloglogo-1042 kmbloglogo-1043 kmbloglogo-1044