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{kalysta&michael} married! – 11.1.13

Good morning everyone! (well, a technical good morning… as it’s already an hour into the 2nd of November!)


Paul and I shot a super pretty wedding today. Kalysta and Michael had such great themes, colors, and details to their wedding! Plus, I’m always a big sucker for lace :D We had time crunches… we had ominous clouds bringing bits of rain… and we had a sun wanting to go down. None of this however got to this VERY in love couple. One of my favorite moments of the day was Kalysta stating, “Wait a moment… wait. Michael, we’re totally getting our wedding pictures taken right now!!” Weddings are always worth the drive to Mount Pleasant and back!kmbloglogo-1001 kmbloglogo-1002 kmbloglogo-1003 kmbloglogo-1004 kmbloglogo-1005 kmbloglogo-1006 kmbloglogo-1007 kmbloglogo-1008 kmbloglogo-1009 kmbloglogo-1010 kmbloglogo-1011 kmbloglogo-1012 kmbloglogo-1013 kmbloglogo-1014 kmbloglogo-1015 kmbloglogo-1016 kmbloglogo-1017 kmbloglogo-1018 kmbloglogo-1019 kmbloglogo-1020 kmbloglogo-1021 kmbloglogo-1022 kmbloglogo-1023 kmbloglogo-1024 kmbloglogo-1025 kmbloglogo-1026 kmbloglogo-1027 kmbloglogo-1028 kmbloglogo-1029 kmbloglogo-1030 kmbloglogo-1031 kmbloglogo-1032 kmbloglogo-1033 kmbloglogo-1034 kmbloglogo-1035 kmbloglogo-1036 kmbloglogo-1037 kmbloglogo-1038 kmbloglogo-1039 kmbloglogo-1040 kmbloglogo-1041 kmbloglogo-1042 kmbloglogo-1043 kmbloglogo-1044