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{trash.that.dress} 7.26.12

Had my first ever trash the dress session tonight. Everything seemed against us at first, but the clouds cleared up to an extremely beautiful evening sky. It was an interesting experience to say the least! Full of stepping in things that shouldn’t be stepped in, lots of people asking where the groom was, and other fun discussions :)

And of course I had to sneak one of her lovely friend (MOH who wasn’t done with her duties :P) who was extremely helpful!

More wedding editing now! :)

{perfect.posing} 7.22.12

My new term for couples that rock their engagement session – Posing.Rockstars. These two blew it out of the park in terms of being suuuuuper adorable and suuuuuper fun to work with! Also, I’m sure the slight lateness of this sneak is driving her a little nuts, so I’m giving her a few extras to look at :)


Yay! So much fun. It was great to spend more time in Kalamazoo today as well!