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{love.nook} 10.29.11

Holy cow, how did it get to be the end of October already!? Its been super busy (as it was last year) and super beautiful for all of my scheduled shoots! Yay! Let’s keep the good luck rolling!

Also, a rare diptych sneak for you all… :D

{fall.winding.down} 10.23.11

In the last few sessions for this fall/year and it’s still been super pretty every day I’ve had a shoot scheduled… Now lets hope my last 3-4 shoots do that too!


p.s. This is one of the last frames we got tonight, and I just can’t get over how beautiful it is! Enjoy!


{warm.afternoon} 10.22.11

Senior shoot today! I’m kind of sad, I only had two senior shoots this year… oh well – there is always the chance for more next year! Anyway, enjoy the sneak for now! Oh, and did I mention how amazingly warm it was this evening? Yay!


{} 10.17.11

Whats a Monday in October without a rockin’ engagement session. And all I can say is train tracks. Under Burton (while the cement is being poured, hence the water!). Ah.May.Zing.



Had another engagement session today – and I have another one tomorrow too… So many sessions, so little time!


{} 10.15.11

Haha, looks like I lied – someone snuck one more wedding in my year! What a good day to get married t00 – it’s ‘sweetest’ day!


{jenna&jon} married! – 7.30.11

A full blog post! Hooray! And it’s going to be a long one – so I hope you sit back and enjoy!

I met Jon and Jenna some time ago at biggby, and I knew I was going to have a fun time at their wedding. Since they live across the country in San Diego they actually opted for me to shoot their rehearsal/rehearsal dinner instead of having an engagement session which would have been craziness to schedule! They decided to get married at the Church of the Dunes in Grand Haven and it was an extremely beautiful location! We of course met up at the church first for some rehearsing!

So after rehearsal, we all met up at grandma Dot’s cottage on Lake Michigan. There was good eatin’, beautiful views of the lake, and happy times!

The next morning we met up in Central Park in Grand Haven for their first look. I love first looks because they seem so much more intimate and it gives couples a chance to breath and just take eachother in for one private moment in their day. Plus, they make for such adorable photographs!

So before the wedding party arrived for some fun shots – We actually got some time in with just the two of them! Can I just say, I love the trend of gray suits that I’m seeing more and more of. Classy!

P.s. Fabulous bridal party – both Paul and I got some fantastic creative shots – LOOOOVE

So after some formals it was time to get the ceremony on!

As to much of the congregation’s surprise (mine included!) Jenna passed by Jon as soon as she got to the end of the aisle, and sang a beautiful solo to her soon to be husband with the choir. Not a dry eye in the house. :D

So after a bubble send off, we all got on to the party bus for the short trip down the shoreline to Camp Blodgett, and of course when we got there we got some more fun wedding party photos by the shoreline!

Favorite. wedding party. portrait. ever.

P.s. it was so cute – whenever they dip kissed for me the did a few dance steps first.

Hahaha… cake pictures are sometimes the best pictures.

And dancing as the sun sets over the lake, AW.SOME.

Jenna and Jon – it was a pleasure to photograph your day!

Feel free to comment and click on any image to make it slightly bigger (for more detail!)

{milkweed&michigan} 10.12.11

I always love hanging out with my friend Kate, because I always learn something new and awesome about nature. Plus I get extremely awesome pictures of her!


Just one for now!


{holland.parks} 10.10.11

Haha, think I’m busy? Another engagement session tonight and it was so wonderful! Two words. Posing. Rockstars.


{pretty.pretty.october} 10.9.11

So many sneaks this week! And so many more to come!



Also – I can’t stress this enough – I LOVE it when a couple is super good at posing!

{last.of.the.season} 10.8.11

Shot my last wedding (well, as of right now… I’ve had people sneak in last minute bookings before!) of 2011 – Enjoy the sneak!




{} 10.2.11

Shoot downtown and at an apple orchard today – I LOVE it when a couple is super good at posing!

{} 10.1.11

Lots of shoots still going on, even though it’s fall – Had a wonderful wedding in Lowell today!