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{} 6.4.17 – grand rapids family photographer

I promised two posts from the weekend, and simply cannot wait to share this families images! If you are a follower at all, you have probably seen this adorable family pop up on my blog for the past… oh what is it now… 5 or 6 years? If you need a refresher – you can check out their session from last year! We’ve shot them in all sorts of weather, and locations – and this time Marcy was willing to let me choose some beautiful locations in GR for this year’s session!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is watching a family grow from a cute couple desperately in love with each other, all the way to the little one’s being grumpy because they just woke up and the last thing their toddlers want is to be taking photos. Capturing these moments are so important in life, and I’m so honored that a few families have stuck with me through our move to NY and worked so diligently with our returning schedule to allow me to continue capturing that spirit. Okay, now enjoy the laughter, the grumpiness, the love, and that signature GORGEOUS Grand Rapids evening light!

{eleanor&eric} married! – 6.3.17 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Lemme dust off the blog here – Man it’s been a while! I have a couple of posts from our trip back to GR this weekend that I’m mad excited to share!



My littlest sister got hitched! She had a gorgeous backyard wedding at our childhood home. The rain sputtered once or twice, however, the weather held out and presented one of the finest days for a wedding. They had a quick ceremony out front, and a huge party complete with a cherry wood roasted pig in the back. She and Eric [and so many others!] worked extremely hard getting the yard in tip top shape, and had so many DIY’s that made everything fall together very nicely for their day. Here’s a small sampling of this amazingness I’m talking about!