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{dana&cory} engaged! – 3.30.14 – grand rapids engagement photography

What a beautiful day! The sun was out, the temp (at least in the sun) was bearable and I had a beautiful couple downtown G.R. for a super fun engagement shoot. I was just in LOVE with Dana’s darling lace dress, and Cory was a fun guy to talk too. We discovered old and new favorite locations downtown (how have I never been to the top of a parking garage before? Like, uh… seriously the best thing ever.) And did I mention there was sun? AND bearable temperatures? Ahhh I can’t wait for their wedding all the other weddings this year!

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{alice.ann.pt2} newborn! – 3.24.14 – grand rapids newborn photographer

Good afternoon everyone!


I’ve seemingly been around Alice, the tiny little newborn a lot now lately! She’s still so itty bitty, but it’s crazy to see how much she’s even grown already in one week. :) It was good hanging out with Laura and Dereks pets again too! Haha… poor Burt, always wanting to be the center of attention.

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