{andrea&kyler} engaged! – 11.29.13 – grand rapids engagement photography

Good evening everyone!

It’s been like… forever since I’ve posted! I’ve been tearing away at editing all this month and haven’t gotten the chance to pick up my camera until tonight’s engagement photos with lovely Andrea and Kyle. It’s been a while (too long I’d say!) since we’ve seen them! It’s always such a great joy for me to photograph old friends (even older for Paul!) We met up with these two at the Richard App Gallery on Cherry St. (which by the way hosts weddings and other events!) for some fantastic unique gallery photos, then walked around East Town to Wilcox Park for some fun in the snow! (yesssss snow is heeere! so exciting!!) and finished with a small touch downtown Grand Rapids for a fabulous finish. As you can tell in these photos,  these two  are so much in love! Cannot wait to spend some more time with them and other great old friends in August :D

Oh, and my favorite thing ever happened… we got a small visit from Mr. Sun! The clouds parted was just to let in a little bit of that lovely romantic dreamy light that I ALWAYS adore. Squeeeee! Love.

Now, picture time!

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