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{katie&kirk} married! – 5.9.15 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Well, hello again! I can’t wait to bring you the images from this weekend – like. seriously. Paul and I had another Grand Rapids wedding this weekend! I always LOVE traveling back to the great lakes state, especially for such fabulous friends!


We shot Katie and Kirk’s engagement session all the way back in September… it’s so hard to believe that it’s already been 8 months since I’ve seen them last. And as much that has changed – their love for each other definitely hasn’t. We began our day with a few rain showers, but thankfully it cleared up just in time for portraits! Their ceremony was held at the always beautiful Calvin Seminary Chapel, and their reception was at The Bluff. Also Katie had chosen peonies and ranunculus for her bouquet and I was practically dying how beautiful and fragrant it was. It was so much fun celebrating their wedding and their love as both their photographer and as old college friends and I wish them all the best for many many years to come! Also… best wedding moment ever? Dancing to the cantina song from Star Wars. Because yeah – that actually happened. Annnd it was amazing.

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