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{tiffany&paul} engaged! – 7.25.11

Hello all again!


I’ve been working non stop with editing – but I decided to take a small break to keep things interesting! Actually I really wanted to get this engagement session blog up before Paul and Tiff’s wedding tomorrow! (So you’ll be seeing them again in the sneak I post!)


Brr – It’s cold today! It’s kind of fun blogging sessions from the middle of summer, yet it makes me long for the weather :P. I met up with Paul and Tiffany at Paul’s parents house to take pictures with what I’ve been told is a pretty infamous bear for their street in Lowell, MI. They like to dress him up for special occasions (graduation, valentines day, weddings, ect.) so of course we had to get some. P.s. this first composite makes me laugh. Hys.ter.i.cally

So after our first few fun shots there, we drove down to some train tracks downtown Lowell. Tracks are always fun to shoot on – I always get such cute shots!

P.s. LOVED loved LOVED the mini field on the way back to the car. Of course I used it!

So after the tracks (and cute mini field!) we went more downtown to get some ice cream. Mmmm it sure looked tasty! This little ice cream place actually had a beautiful garden for their customers to enjoy their delicious treats in. And the sun was perfect. Yep, I was excited. :D

So after the ice cream we ventured out to the river before we hit our last destination. Now, If I remember right (and anyone can correct me if I’m wrong) this is the playground (or very close to it!) where they shared their first kiss – in grade school. :P They didn’t start dating until years later, but ah-dor-able.

So our last destination was Fallasburg Park. I’ve shot here a couple times now for various weddings, families, engagement sessions, ect., and I really do love it – ESPECIALLY when the sun is cooperating. And oh how pretty it was being. I always love dreamy romantic love and light filled shots!

And what’s a shoot at Fallasburg without the covered bride? Seriously? :D (Oh, and dip kissing, of course)

And with that – The light and the card space were gone! Tiffany and Paul, it was a pleasure! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and photograph your special day! Haha, and I’m already anticipating the crazy confusion with Paul and Paul. I can already tell it’s going to be a good day!


Thanks and Enjoy!


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{} 9.24.11

Hello everyone!


I had a great family session (first of the fall season!) on Saturday!