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{} 5.28.11

Wedding out in Flint today – Lots of fun with finally no rain!



It’s been a little slower for the past few days with blog posts – so I figured I’d update on what I’ve been working on! These two beautiful bride’s weddings….

{harmony&eli} engaged! – 5.8.11

Hey there! As promised – another blog post for today!

So as booked as I am for this season, I remarkably still have a few dates left open but Harmony and Eli actually were able to get in a Thursday wedding this year! I knew from our meeting at starbucks that their shoots (engagement, and hopefully wedding!) were going to be fun, laid back and creative. Harmony quickly set up a great day earlier this month for a cute romantic engagement session in fun Grand Haven. I had forgotten how slow Grand Haven was in the off season! Which was great, because we were able to navigate the streets with little background people. Anyway – enough words, let’s get to the pretty pictures!

Ohlala! And look at the amazing smiles I was getting!

It was just seriously the most perfect day – so many beautiful lush greens! Wonderful blue skies… and just oh, the colors :D

P.s. I LOVE the eyebrow raise Eli… we’ll have to utilize this on your wedding day!

Did I mention it was the most perfect day outside – And that ice cream sounded and looked dee-lish! (I think it was black cherry? MMM!) They actually visit this ice cream stand on their dates through Grand Haven… Harmony also mentioned a few other hot spots they visit that sound pretty fantastic as well… I need to get out there more often!

Heading on down the boardwalk to the pier… It’s been too long for me! I forgot how beautiful it all was… and did I mention? I need more shoots on the beach!

Cutest dip kiss… ever! Haha, and they nearly fell down after. These shoots are always good times!

And trust me – that water is still very much COLD! (my feet even took a little dip, haha)

I seriously can’t wait for the wedding you two – It’s going to be super adorable and fun, I can tell already!

Feel free to comment, or click on any image to make it slightly larger!

and p.s. – How AH-MAZING is it outside today!? Oh I so wish I was shooting a session right now with this sun. Ah! I just love the springtime!

{yet.another.sneak!} 5.14.11

No sun today – but such an awesome stormy lake. Can’t wait to start editing these!

{first.maternity} 5.13.11

My first maternity session ever, and I had the honor of doing it for my sister – Enjoy the sneak!

{laura&matt} engaged! – 5.2.11

Well – hello there again!

May has been, in short, a BUSSSSSY month for me! If you couldn’t tell by my 3 posts on mothers day alone. :D What’s insane is the fact that we’re only 10 days in, and I’m almost wanting it over! Haha… but really – I do prefer to be busier than have nothing to do!

Anywho! On to the post! I actually knew Laura all the way back in highschool from … oh what was it… symphonic band? Or was it regular band? I can’t remember anymore! Anyway! The little oboe feuds we had fortunately didn’t last :D. So fast forward a few years, and you can tell that she picked her soul mate. Matt. How do I describe Matt? I could say the regular, he’s sweet, he’s kind, and just an all around nice guy – but what I would ALSO say is that he’s one of the goofiest groom to be I’ve ever shot. Let’s just say that the rare shot WITHOUT a smile was hard to get. We took an amazing walk through Aman Park. I can see why they choose that location to shoot in – It was incredible!

Oh, and they were amazing dip kissers :D

Did I mention that there were funny faces? Haha, because yea… there were LOTS :P

Oh yea – how can anyone keep a straight face while shooting this? Hahaha. Goofy couples are the best!

So about this point in the walk, we found beds and beds of trillium and some great little ponds. I love playing with reflections :D

And how cute is this – they played some Pooh sticks! A game that is very important you choose the right stick, because it does make a difference!

Oh, and Matt won, btw :D

Laura and Matt – Paul and I can’t wait to join you and your families in your celebration next year. I can tell, it’s going to be one rocking wedding!

Feel free to comment or click on any image to make it larger! Have a fantastic day!

{sneaky.sneak} 5.8.11

Last one for the day! I promised it was worth it to sit in pokey dune grass… don’t you think so? >^^<

{amanda&joseph} married! – 4.16.11

Whew! I’ve been posting a lot lately – and I have another sneak for later tonight to share too… It’s been a busy year! Speaking of the year – I’ve been shooting weddings for exactly one year today! (congrats to Shawn and Jeannie, my first wedding ever!)

Anyway – onto the first Amanda and Joe wedding of the year. It was a cold and dreary mid-April morning, but it didn’t get anyone’s spirits down! It actually, in the evening, even turned to snow. (crazy right!? Oh Michigan. :P) When I first met with Amanda and Joseph, I knew there wedding was going to be lots of fun!

Haha, the children were definitely hams for the camera at this wedding!

Ahh, the dip kiss – my favorite!

Beautiful blue details!

So instead of rice or bubbles, they had a fantastic balloon sendoff to the reception (in their awesome hummer limo!) Let’s just say, I was really excited to shoot some balloons!

I could have shot all day in that limo… super sweet details in every nook and cranny. :D

So when we got to the reception, I discovered that Amanda’s eye for detail was amazing. Everything from gorgeous orchid centerpieces down the the awesome photo booth and live band for dancing! Good food and a warm inviting atmosphere = an amazing reception!

Oh, and who could forget the adorable kissing fish cake? :D

Thanks for letting me photograph your amazing wedding!

Feel free to comment or click on any image to make it a little bigger… have a fantastic evening – I’ll have one more update for you soon!


What a fantastic spring day for a fantastic wedding!

{i.has.internets!} 5.5.11

Well, in honor of us finally getting our house’s internet connection (finally!) I’ll throw up another sneak preview of Tuesdays session! And Amanda and Joe’s wedding blog will be up quite soon too :D

{trillium&} 5.3.11

Hahaha, it was super hard picking a favorite from today’s session – I think this one pretty much sums it up!

{kelly&trent} engaged! – 4.23.11

Well, as I sit here enjoying my cat Banksy enjoying his newly discovered ‘bird show,’ I think I’ll complete an engagement post too!

I was so excited to shoot Kelly and Trent’s engagement session last week Saturday. The sun was out, they were full of cute wonderful ideas, and I was shooting at the Rockford Dam… which is always beautiful! You could tell that the town was full of life because there was just so many people around shooting pictures, fishing, and just taking a warm walk in the sun! Thankfully we were able to find some spots secluded from the hustle :D

Ahh, they were sooo inspiring!!!

Trent had brought his guitar for the shoot, and I thought… How adorable would it be if they went to the other bridge and he serenaded her? Gah! So cute!

Don’t forget about my favorite… dip kisses! OH, and Kelly definitely had the cutest collection of shoes. All three outfits had completely different styles. Don’t worry, you’ll see all three pairs in this post!

Then after they put the guitar away, out came the fishing rod! We moved right next to the river for some of the greatest shots I think I’ve ever taken. I wish I could post them all because seriously they were too awesome!

So after an outfit change, we headed on over to this awesome bookstore that was made partially from old train cars. Is it weird to say that I’m in love with all these new locations? I had never known any of this really existed! Any couples I’m shooting – please tell me of any location you like because I really love seeing new places to shoot!

Annnnd cue round two of amazing shoes!

So the final location we did was a little more downtown Rockford (all still within walking distance of course) with this fun little coffee shop. :D

And finally, round three close up :D

So there you have it! Kelly and Trent – I can’t wait for your morning wedding in August!

Don’t hesitate to comment – or to click an image to make it larger for a little more detail. There should be a sneak peek later today as well of another engagement session I’ll be shooting this afternoon. Have a lovely day!