{lily} quinceañera – 5.4.19 – holland, mi event photographer

Hey there everyone! I’m back again – I know! SO quick this time!

Remember my shoot from two weeks ago? Well, it was time for Lily’s amazing quinceañera! Thankfully, this time around, the weather was cooperating and it was even downright warm enough to walk around without a coat. Hooray! We choose to take a few portraits around Holland before this girl’s stellar party. It was the beginning of tulip time, but, we rocked it O. U. T.

This party has got to be one of the most fun I’ve ever attended. It had everything from choreographed dances, to one of the most delicious cakes I’ve ever eaten. Phew! There was so much going on, but my partner and I were able to capture every little detail – down to that first pair of sparkly gold heels <3

Lily’s is an amazing down to earth beautiful young woman, and it was an honor to photograph her birthday! Happy 15th, and ‘may the 4th be with you!’

Pitcha time!


{lily} portraits – 4.17.19 – holland, mi portrait photographer

Hello all! Spring is in the air today and I’m so excited to show you my latest shoot! Lily here is having her quinceanera in a few weeks, and we wanted to go and shoot a small mini portrait session beforehand! We met up at Centennial Park in Holland, MI, for a small quick shoot on probably the coldest day in the week (oops!) So we were all a bit cold, but Lily was a trooper!

We moved to a small church down the road to catch some quick shots in front of these gorgeous red doors. Oh, I’m so overjoyed to get back into the swing of shooting and this year should be absolutely amazing! Check in a few weeks to catch this superstar’s amazing quinceanera photos ;D


{yani&nate} 7.9.18 – grand rapids, mi engagement photographer

Hello all again!

Oh boy it’s been quite the summer so far! So many weddings, shoots, consultations – I need to thank everyone ever who’s ever given my photography a good word. I love you all!

I shot a family session for Nate and his family oh so many years ago. I remember it so well! I had such a great time with them and I’m so glad they had such a great time with me – so good they called me again for his upcoming wedding this September! Nate and Yani are an amazing couple, we laughed, we made faces, we goofed around on their amazing property full of tomato plants, and trees, and even train tracks in the back! I’ve been training a new second shooter who’s blowing some of my own shots even out of the water, betcha can’t even tell some of these are his <3

I can’t wait for the wedding day you two – but for now, please enjoy this quick preview of our amazing sunny July session from a few days ago!


{Eddie&Lauren} plus one! – 12.6.17 – new york maternity photographer

Spending the afternoon with Eddie and Lauren was an absolute delight (like always!) and to have the honor of shooting their maternity photos made everything even better. We played around the Flatiron district for a while, warmed up with some delicious Eataly, and finished our session at the holiday markets at Bryant Park. These two are troopers for anything and everything – I only wish it was snowing! I think I would have died (okay not really, but seriously it would have been so perfect!) We got some pretty stellar shots anyway though – check them out!

{rodriguez.family} 6.12.16 – holland family photographer

Last one of the week! Ready for some more cute? Because I sure am!


So! We ended our trip home with another crazy excellent family session. I have a few regular amazing families now for portraits, so you may recognize them from last years session about to add a new little one to their trio. Well here she is! Lylah is so gorgeous and cute and it’s so easy to tell her bigger brother just adores her. He also loves playing with sticks, rocks, acorns, spotting ducks and snails (squirrels actually) and is still as cute as a button. It was fun letting him take a photo or two (I kept the camera in my hands, no heart attacks necessary!) and just letting him run around exploring the world around him. I can’t wait til Lylah grows up and I get to see her explore with her big brother too! Thank you Michigan too, for giving us the most perfect shooting weather Sunday, because it was simply amazing.

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{louie} 2 year – 6.9.16 – grand rapids children photographer

Another amazing few days in Michigan this past weekend, a fantastic trip with another set of incredible families and images!


So first little babe Louie gets the spotlight! Remember this little guy from a year ago? Well, I mean he’s barely little anymore…. who told him he was allowed to grow up!!? Louie just turned two a few weeks ago and he definitely still has all those same great expressive faces (as you’ll see later on down the images, I dare you not to giggle at least three of them!) and that sweet nature to him. We strolled on down to the park and had some grand old times on the swings… and some not ole’ grand times getting off them. But then ice cream! What a beautiful family and fantastic day.

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{laura.derek.alice&haddie} family mini session – 4.14.16 – grand rapids family photographer

What a trip! So many people in 4 days makes for a trip without even stopping to check my phone every five minutes like I usually do. It was actually quite refreshing! And of course, we had lots of shooting. Lots and LOTS of shooting. So let’s go on our journey one day at a time and start with this sweet little family! We’ve watched little Alice grow up, and now it’s Haddies turn!

The weather was perfect the Thursday night so after a few indoor shots (with a mini toddler meltdown or two, haha) we went outside for a few family shots in front of their gorgeous home. There were more attempts for some fun family shots at a local family park, but little miss Alice clearly was having much more fun on all that fun play equipment – what a little stinker! Haddie of course was all smiles and pretty much the cutest baby that could ever be ever. Gaaah so much fun!

doughty mini session-1001 doughty mini session-1002 doughty mini session-1003 doughty mini session-1004 doughty mini session-1005 doughty mini session-1006 doughty mini session-1007 doughty mini session-1008 doughty mini session-1009 doughty mini session-1010 doughty mini session-1011 doughty mini session-1012 doughty mini session-1013 doughty mini session-1014 doughty mini session-1015 doughty mini session-1016 doughty mini session-1017 doughty mini session-1018 doughty mini session-1019 doughty mini session-1020 doughty mini session-1021 doughty mini session-1022

{harriet.wren} newborn! – 10.30.15 – grand rapids newborn photographer

Wow, wait… it’s November? I’m so glad this little babe waited until I had a wonderful wedding this past weekend so I’d be in town perfectly in time to capture her first images before she left the hospital <3

So! You may recognize this family from a ton of our past work, engagement session, wedding, first little one (not so little anymore baby Alice!) and various other small shoots, like Laura’s awesome Etsy business Lilac’s and Lace. So it was  a pure honor to be able to be called up for little baby Haddie’s portraits! (annnnd I can assure you there will probably be many MANY more, yay!!) And even when she was fussy, Alice and Haddie of course, it was still hard to not just smile so big and just see how cute they both are. Oh man, here are pictures now!

HWDlogoedit-1001 HWDlogoedit-1002 HWDlogoedit-1003 HWDlogoedit-1004 HWDlogoedit-1005 HWDlogoedit-1006 HWDlogoedit-1007 HWDlogoedit-1008 HWDlogoedit-1009 HWDlogoedit-1010 HWDlogoedit-1011 HWDlogoedit-1012 HWDlogoedit-1013 HWDlogoedit-1014 HWDlogoedit-1015 HWDlogoedit-1016 HWDlogoedit-1017 HWDlogoedit-1018 HWDlogoedit-1019 HWDlogoedit-1020 HWDlogoedit-1021 HWDlogoedit-1022 HWDlogoedit-1023 HWDlogoedit-1024 HWDlogoedit-1025 HWDlogoedit-1026 HWDlogoedit-1027 HWDlogoedit-1028

{freya.1.month} – 7.16.15 – grand rapids children photographer

Good Morning everyone! Paul and I had a fabulous trip back to G.R. this weekend, and had a not so fabulous trip back from G.R. – so many traffic jams! We sat for 2 hours in our car waiting to get over a bridge… ahhh! BUT! We’re home now and I have a whole weeks worth of sneak posts again for y’all that I’m excited to get posting!


The theme of this weekend? Family! And family shoots! Sandwiched between meetings, Dr. appointments and other shoots I definitely found some time for my newest little niece, little Freya. We didn’t get the right amount of time I was out last June to fully capture all those little baby details properly, so I squeezed in a few more photos this time and I’m so glad I did! And as always her siblings are such little hams… there is one or two of Dex and Lucy in there too. Ahaha.

FFLblog-1001 FFLblog-1002 FFLblog-1003 FFLblog-1004 FFLblog-1005 FFLblog-1006 FFLblog-1007 FFLblog-1008 FFLblog-1009 FFLblog-1010 FFLblog-1011 FFLblog-1012 FFLblog-1013 FFLblog-1014 FFLblog-1015 FFLblog-1016 FFLblog-1017 FFLblog-1018

{ruby&freya} A one week and a one year old! – 6.21.15 – grand rapids children photographer

Friday friday friday! Today I get to share a more personal post, as these little kiddos are family :)


So I’ll start with Ruby! How old she’s gotten already but still so very young. Ruby turned one last March and I’ve finally gotten around to her one year pictures. Ruby is pretty amazing… she was already walking about half a year ago, mostly due to her always active two older sisters and wanting to keep up with them. She’s super sweet and no longer the youngest in the extended family! That honor now goes to little baby Freya. Born actually two weeks ago today! But at the time of these photos she was only one week and two days old. Freya was born at 4:03 in the morning and was one of the most perfect little babies I’ve ever seen. Her older brother and sister fell instantly in love with her (along with everyone else!) And I can’t wait to have a little more time shooting her next time we’re in town :D

7P9A7590 7P9A7592 7P9A7606 7P9A7616 7P9A7618 7P9A7620 7P9A7624 7P9A7636 7P9A7661 7P9A7662 7P9A7682 7P9A7709 7P9A7977 7P9A79997P9A7724 7P9A7740 7P9A7753 7P9A7757 7P9A7793 7P9A7798 7P9A7805 7P9A7812 7P9A7829 7P9A7846 7P9A7858 7P9A7860 7P9A7867 7P9A7875 7P9A7930

{sophia} senior 2016 – 6.16.15 – grand rapids senior photography

Back again! Pretty much I’ll have one post per day this week…. I’m so excited to post all of my sneaks and I would LOVE to post them all in one day, but I’m forcing a small bit of pacing to myself because I want every session to speak for itself for at least a day!


So these past two weeks were crazy about rain and cloudy weather. I think we rescheduled about 3 times within a matter of days because of those darn clouds, but I am SO glad we waited. The morning of the 16th was gorgeous and so was my senior I was shooting, Sophia! Sophia actually was in the bridal party of one of my former lovely couple’s last year and the light and time of day reminded me so much from that wedding. Sophia was fun, relaxed, and as always super inspiring! We walked around Eastown and ended our session at Wilcox park – another favorite location of mine. Picture time!

sophiabloglogo-1001 sophiabloglogo-1002 sophiabloglogo-1003 sophiabloglogo-1004 sophiabloglogo-1005 sophiabloglogo-1006 sophiabloglogo-1007 sophiabloglogo-1008 sophiabloglogo-1009 sophiabloglogo-1010 sophiabloglogo-1011 sophiabloglogo-1012 sophiabloglogo-1013 sophiabloglogo-1014 sophiabloglogo-1015 sophiabloglogo-1016 sophiabloglogo-1017 sophiabloglogo-1018 sophiabloglogo-1019 sophiabloglogo-1020 sophiabloglogo-1021 sophiabloglogo-1022 sophiabloglogo-1023 sophiabloglogo-1024 sophiabloglogo-1025 sophiabloglogo-1026 sophiabloglogo-1027 sophiabloglogo-1028 sophiabloglogo-1029 sophiabloglogo-1030 sophiabloglogo-1031 sophiabloglogo-1032 sophiabloglogo-1033 sophiabloglogo-1034 sophiabloglogo-1035 sophiabloglogo-1036

{louie} 1 year – 6.6.15 – grand rapids children photographer

I’m back! Looks like we hit the road back to NYC at the right time too… because I hear it’s storming pretty hard over there. Stay safe everyone in Michigan! For the next few day’s I’ll be bringing you my sneak blog posts that I’ve been shooting these past two weeks and finally not back of the camera shots!


So! We’ll begin with the first shoot I had, and one of the original reasons I took a fun long vacation at home. Little Louie! Remember this little cutie from last october? He’s so much bigger now! Still as adorable as can be. Thankfully we caught one of the best weekends of the year so far for a little outdoor park shooting this time (last time it was a touch drizzly, never much fun to shoot in for little babes!) And we ended with one of my most favorite pup photos ever, haha. Please, enjoy!

l1ybloglogo-1001 l1ybloglogo-1002 l1ybloglogo-1003 l1ybloglogo-1004 l1ybloglogo-1005 l1ybloglogo-1006 l1ybloglogo-1007 l1ybloglogo-1008 l1ybloglogo-1009 l1ybloglogo-1010 l1ybloglogo-1011 l1ybloglogo-1012 l1ybloglogo-1013 l1ybloglogo-1014 l1ybloglogo-1015 l1ybloglogo-1016 l1ybloglogo-1017 l1ybloglogo-1018 l1ybloglogo-1019 l1ybloglogo-1020 l1ybloglogo-1021

{the.rodriguez.family} portrait time! – 2.5.15 – holland family photographer

Hey all!


So I’m trying to squeeze everything in before we take off for the big city, and I was so ecstatic that Marcy contacted me for one last portrait session before we left! Not the last one of them ever of course, just one of the last ones before we are gone for a while :D It has been about a year since I’ve seen them last and boy has their little tyke grown so much. Little Jose just fell in love with my camera and the noises it made (i.e. see one of the shots towards the end, one that he insisted on taking – little photographer in training!) and the photos that popped up on the little screen. It was not hard to get him to smile, because all it took was a little *gasp!* from me and he just exploded in laughter. It was cold – but oh my is it my favorite season to shoot in. Take a look at this gorgeous little family <3

rfbloglogo-1001 rfbloglogo-1002 rfbloglogo-1003 rfbloglogo-1004 rfbloglogo-1005 rfbloglogo-1006 rfbloglogo-1007 rfbloglogo-1008 rfbloglogo-1009 rfbloglogo-1010 rfbloglogo-1011 rfbloglogo-1012 rfbloglogo-1013 rfbloglogo-1014 rfbloglogo-1015 rfbloglogo-1016 rfbloglogo-1017 rfbloglogo-1018 rfbloglogo-1019 rfbloglogo-1020 rfbloglogo-1021 rfbloglogo-1022 rfbloglogo-1023 rfbloglogo-1024

Baby art!

rfbloglogo-1025 rfbloglogo-1026 rfbloglogo-1027

{congratulations.2014} – 1.6.15 – west michigan wedding photographer

A little late for my year end post this year and I’m sorry! I took a few weeks off after completing my end of the season editing for the holiday this year, and it was so incredibly lovely. 2014. What. A. Year. We traveled a lot again (this year to Nashville again, a trip off to Seattle, and some fun in Chicago!) and kept a little more to home. I didn’t second shoot for any fabulous photographers in the area, but I look forward to shooting more with my colleagues this year! 2014 was also full of personal growth, some really fantastic ups, and some extremely unwanted downs. I’ve made some beautiful lifelong relationships with my couples and I really hope that 2015 will be just as amazing. I have attached the sneak post for each of the 20 weddings underneath if you’d like to see more from their wedding day!

As usual I had so many shoots I have to do an abridged wedding version of this post. But here’s a shout out to all the families, engaged couples, and little babies that I got the chance to meet too! Reflecting is one of my most favorite things to do and it was wonderful to leaf through all my shoots while compiling this post! Good luck with the new year to you all!



{olive&ben} – 4.26.14


{julie&jon} – 5.17.14



{lisa&jack} – 6.14.14




{maria&brent} – 6.21.14




{courtney&andy} – 6.26.14




{dana&cory} – 6.28.14




{sheena&ryan} – 7.12.14




{lyndsey&jason} – 7.18.14




{kate&brad} – 7.26.14




{jennifer&kyle} – 8.2.14




{andrea&kyler} – 8.8.14




{hannah&travis} – 8.16.14




{lia&zain} – 8.30.14




{jamie&rob} – 9.13.14




{bride.x&bride.y} – 9.xx.14

If you’re wondering why these two images are blacked out it is because we shot a commitment ceremony the two brides have decided to remain anonymous.



{ali&mark} – 10.3.14




{jess&mike} – 10.11.14




{emily&matt} – 10.17.14




{alex&aaron} – 10.18.14





{lydia&jabez} – 11.16.14



And that was all of ’em!


Thank you all for such an eventful year. :D

(And here are some links to my previous end of the year posts! 20132012, 2011, 2010 enjoy!)

{the.keen.family} 12.22.14 – grand rapids family photographer

Hello all! It certainly has been a while! I suppose not TOO long though… but it’s seemed like forever since my last shoot already! Today we had a fun shoot with good old friends of ours, the Keen family! We kept pretty much to the CFAC at Calvin’s campus and tried to shoot at least a little bit ouside in the cold although it was a wintry mix of both snow and rain AND it was freezing cold. I was HOPING the sun would have stayed out from this morning but I never get my sun wishes it seems like. The hour was full of fabulous photos, good times, and lots of laughter – including some while I was doing this sneak preview editing. You know it’s going to be good if I’m still laughing after the fact. Enjoy!


TKbloglogo-1 TKbloglogo-2 TKbloglogo-3 TKbloglogo-4 TKbloglogo-5 TKbloglogo-6 TKbloglogo-7 TKbloglogo-8 TKbloglogo-9 TKbloglogo-10 TKbloglogo-11 TKbloglogo-12 TKbloglogo-13 TKbloglogo-14 TKbloglogo-15 TKbloglogo-16 TKbloglogo-17 TKbloglogo-18 TKbloglogo-19


{jude.1.year} 12.12.14 – grand rapids children and family photographer

Hello all! It’s been a month since I’ve posted here, and it may be another while till I post here again… but I’m excited to bring you little baby Jude today!


Matt and Rebecca have been good friends of mine for many many years (Bec all the way back to those awkward teen years in High-school!) I finally had the honor to photograph their sweet little babe yesterday, and little Jude was the greatest. We shot in a small park around the corner of their house first, to capture that amazing light I’ve been dying to shoot in the past few days which is so rare for December. Then we quickly walked back from the cold to shoot in their beautiful home and ended with a few Christmassy shots in front of the tree just for fun. Jude’s sweet smile is infectious and I can’t wait for you all to see their sneak preview!

j1ybloglogo-1001 j1ybloglogo-1002 j1ybloglogo-1003 j1ybloglogo-1004 j1ybloglogo-1005 j1ybloglogo-1006 j1ybloglogo-1007 j1ybloglogo-1008 j1ybloglogo-1009 j1ybloglogo-1010 j1ybloglogo-1011

P.s. Above is actually one of my most favorite photos I’ve ever gotten of a parent with their baby. Just so adorable!

j1ybloglogo-1012 j1ybloglogo-1013 j1ybloglogo-1014 j1ybloglogo-1015 j1ybloglogo-1016

{alice.ann.pt4} 7 mos – 11.1.14 – grand rapids children photographer

Happy November everyone! With the snow yesterday I had no idea how today would end up… surprisingly beautiful! Just like this little girl and her family (and their new house – holy cow!)


Here’s part four of the Alice Ann installments! What a happy little baby girl… big smile for me when I walked right in the door – Just what I love to see walking into a little baby shoot! She’s only been around 7 months now, but it seems like she’s been around for forever now. You may recognize some of the usual things we like to shoot in front of (to show growth of course!) but in a new location. I am so green with envy at Derek and Laura’s new home and cannot WAIT to shoot there more. Especially in that widow’s walk (copula) . Enough of that though, time for some quick photos :D

AA7mosbloglogo-5001 AA7mosbloglogo-5002 AA7mosbloglogo-5003 AA7mosbloglogo-5004 AA7mosbloglogo-5005 AA7mosbloglogo-5006 AA7mosbloglogo-5007 AA7mosbloglogo-5008 AA7mosbloglogo-5009 AA7mosbloglogo-5010 AA7mosbloglogo-5011 AA7mosbloglogo-5012 AA7mosbloglogo-5013 AA7mosbloglogo-5014 AA7mosbloglogo-5015 AA7mosbloglogo-5016 AA7mosbloglogo-5017 AA7mosbloglogo-5018 AA7mosbloglogo-5019 AA7mosbloglogo-5020 AA7mosbloglogo-5021 AA7mosbloglogo-5022 AA7mosbloglogo-5023

{louie} 4 mos – 10.6.14 – grand rapids children photographer

Brrrr! Still so cold out there! Can’t wait for that one random warm October week that we always get :D Until then though – the shoots must go on!


Today was a fun one! Little Louie! What a sweetheart :D We started in their beautifully restored historic home of course – to keep warm and to use some fun natural light through the windows. This was Louie’s first photos ever so he wasn’t too sure of my camera, but I got some smiles out of him. Actually his father’s techniques (mainly an amazing goofy voice, haha) to get him to smile worked much better than anything I attempted :D We also snuck in a few photos of Chance, the families adorable pup. Now time for some photos!

l4mbloglogo-1001 l4mbloglogo-1002 l4mbloglogo-1003 l4mbloglogo-1004 l4mbloglogo-1005 l4mbloglogo-1006 l4mbloglogo-1007 l4mbloglogo-1008 l4mbloglogo-1009 l4mbloglogo-1010 l4mbloglogo-1011 l4mbloglogo-1012 l4mbloglogo-1013 l4mbloglogo-1014 l4mbloglogo-1015 l4mbloglogo-1016 l4mbloglogo-1017 l4mbloglogo-1018 l4mbloglogo-1019 l4mbloglogo-1020 l4mbloglogo-1021 l4mbloglogo-1022 l4mbloglogo-1023 l4mbloglogo-1024

{waid} family portraits – 9.28.14 – grand rapids portrait photographer

What another beautiful day for portraits this weekend! This one was a little different for me as it was my family (and me… eep!) in the spot light this time. My good photo friends Ben and Amanda  of The Dew Drop Co. take most of the credit for these as obviously Paul and I are both in some of them – please check out their fabulous work over at their facebook page (and give them a like too!) I even shot a few of them just for a quick thanks for dealing with my semi-crazy family :) (you can see their beautiful faces at the end of this blog post!)


wfbloglogo-1001 wfbloglogo-1002 wfbloglogo-1003 wfbloglogo-1004 wfbloglogo-1005 wfbloglogo-1006 wfbloglogo-1007 wfbloglogo-1008 wfbloglogo-1009 wfbloglogo-1010 wfbloglogo-1011 wfbloglogo-1014 wfbloglogo-1015

wfbloglogo-1012 wfbloglogo-1013

{aubrey} senior 2015 – 9.27.14 – portage senior photograph

Hello all!

Wow it’s been an interesting few weeks. Without going too much into detail, I’m back to 98% health and doing fine :) Not everyone has as crazy of a ride getting wisdom teeth pulled – that’s for sure! Anyway! Onto the REAL fun :D


Tonight I got to hang out with Aubrey and her mother Melissa taking some ever fabulous senior photos :D We hopped around portage similar to her brother’s senior shots so we already had almost everything down to a T by the time we began even shooting! So you know what was also extra fabulous about Aubrey? She’s totally a dancer and she was able to do that awesome move where you stand on your tip-toes. I’m not even going to pretend to know exactly what it was called again (someone may TOTALLY correct me) and it was one of the coolest things ever. Like. Seriously. Also what was also so incredibly awesome? Getting to witness that INSANE sunset. Wow. Just …. Wow. I haven’t seen one like that in such an incredibly long time – what a perfect ending to the perfect evening of shooting!

ahsbloglogo-1001 ahsbloglogo-1002 ahsbloglogo-1003 ahsbloglogo-1004 ahsbloglogo-1005 ahsbloglogo-1006 ahsbloglogo-1007 ahsbloglogo-1008 ahsbloglogo-1009 ahsbloglogo-1010 ahsbloglogo-1011 ahsbloglogo-1012 ahsbloglogo-1013 ahsbloglogo-1014 ahsbloglogo-1015 ahsbloglogo-1016 ahsbloglogo-1017 ahsbloglogo-1018 ahsbloglogo-1019 ahsbloglogo-1020 ahsbloglogo-1021 ahsbloglogo-1022 ahsbloglogo-1023 ahsbloglogo-1024 ahsbloglogo-1025 ahsbloglogo-1026

{annika} senior 2015 – 9.7.14 – grand rapids senior photographer

What an incredible evening. I know I talk an awful lot about the weather whenever I blog, but holy cow it was so perfect outside! Annika is just a natural born posing rock star too by the way! Almost made my job too easy (also, super jealous of those amazing heels she wore!) :D I had a lot of fun walking around our beautiful city with Annika and her mother tonight capturing some inspiring senior photos – Picture time!!


abloglogo-1001 abloglogo-1002 abloglogo-1003 abloglogo-1004 abloglogo-1005 abloglogo-1006 abloglogo-1007 abloglogo-1008 abloglogo-1009 abloglogo-1010 abloglogo-1011 abloglogo-1012 abloglogo-1013 abloglogo-1014 abloglogo-1015 abloglogo-1016 abloglogo-1017 abloglogo-1018