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{stylized.mentoring} 2.9.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Hello again already!


Today was a cold, snowy, sunny, and beautiful day – so perfect for a mentoring session and a small stylized shoot. Remember Kaci from Just Delightful Events? She put together both the bouquet and the flower crown (both absolutely beautiful) and I showed her a little around her camera, which is always good fun. Enough small talk, enjoy some photos!

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{!} 2.8.14 – grand rapids children photographer

Hello all again!

I’ve had a lovely break from wedding season so far, but I simply cannot wait for more. These 2014 weddings I can tell already are going to be fabulous! However, in the mean time get ready to see some babies! (oh and a peppering of maternity shoots and engagement shoots too!)

Today’s shoot incorporated all my favorite things in a shoot, food, lifestyle portraiture, some regular portraits, and more food (delicious brownies!) It’s been a long and snowy winter for these three (well, for everyone I suppose!) in their beautiful new home in Grand Rapids. You may recognize these beautiful people from previous shoots! It’s been wonderful watching them grow and share together in a family. Enough small talk for now I suppose – time for some adorable little Elise!

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