{amy&mark} married! – 11.30.13 – grand rapids wedding photography

What a lovely day. Shot a wedding this afternoon that was so very beautiful and intimate, and although we didn’t have much time for shooting we sure made the most of it! The ceremony and the reception were both held in the library of Mangiamo’s, and again, the smaller time frame didn’t take away from any of the love that was experienced today. Mark was definitely a character who never had any problem kissing his new wife when I asked him too (and I got a lot of ‘awww, do I have to stop?’ haha), and Amy had such a happy aura that she was glowing the entire time. I wish you two all the best on your new journey together with the merging of your two amazing families! (And we even saw a sweet couple we had shot a couple of years ago as well! Definitely count this as a fabulous day)

Now, photos!

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