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{leah&jim} married! – 4.25.15 – detroit wedding photographer

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a while *blows dust of keyboard* but Paul and I have been busy moving and traveling that things are pretty darn insane up in here still. I’m going to try to get a NYC post out soon because we have a beautiful neighborhood and live in a pretty photogenic city it’d be a shame not to. Anyway! We traveled this weekend and it was super fun being in three different cities in 3ish different days. NYC to G.R. to Detroit to G.R. back to NYC. Did I mention we drove? A lot? All in a day’s work I guess! :D



So it’s rare that two shoots with a couple is so close together … you don’t have to go very far to look back on this couples engagement photos! Leah and Jim were super fun to shoot in the cold wintry weather on Belle Isle a few weeks ago. And this past weekend it was my honor in shooting their wedding in the Detroit area too. Although, I think we all determined it was a touch chillier this past Saturday than what it was at their engagement session… That sun makes all the difference! Leah and Jim had their sweet first look again at Belle Isle and after a few shots with the entire party we headed back to Royal Oak to get these two hitched. The evening soon ended with a fabulous reception full of delicious food and some delightful dancing. One detail I thought in particular that was sweet was the table names that were the names of mountains (the highest points in their respective states) that they were planning on climbing, and the corresponding map of where they had been already. Leah and Jim, you were so much fun and I wish you all the happiness in the world! Now – time for pictures!

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