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{} portrait time! – 2.5.15 – holland family photographer

Hey all!


So I’m trying to squeeze everything in before we take off for the big city, and I was so ecstatic that Marcy contacted me for one last portrait session before we left! Not the last one of them ever of course, just one of the last ones before we are gone for a while :D It has been about a year since I’ve seen them last and boy has their little tyke grown so much. Little Jose just fell in love with my camera and the noises it made (i.e. see one of the shots towards the end, one that he insisted on taking – little photographer in training!) and the photos that popped up on the little screen. It was not hard to get him to smile, because all it took was a little *gasp!* from me and he just exploded in laughter. It was cold – but oh my is it my favorite season to shoot in. Take a look at this gorgeous little family <3

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Baby art!

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