{sophia} senior 2016 – 6.16.15 – grand rapids senior photography

Back again! Pretty much I’ll have one post per day this week…. I’m so excited to post all of my sneaks and I would LOVE to post them all in one day, but I’m forcing a small bit of pacing to myself because I want every session to speak for itself for at least a day!


So these past two weeks were crazy about rain and cloudy weather. I think we rescheduled about 3 times within a matter of days because of those darn clouds, but I am SO glad we waited. The morning of the 16th was gorgeous and so was my senior I was shooting, Sophia! Sophia actually was in the bridal party of one of my former lovely couple’s last year and the light and time of day reminded me so much from that wedding. Sophia was fun, relaxed, and as always super inspiring! We walked around Eastown and ended our session at Wilcox park – another favorite location of mine. Picture time!

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{congratulations.2014} – 1.6.15 – west michigan wedding photographer

A little late for my year end post this year and I’m sorry! I took a few weeks off after completing my end of the season editing for the holiday this year, and it was so incredibly lovely. 2014. What. A. Year. We traveled a lot again (this year to Nashville again, a trip off to Seattle, and some fun in Chicago!) and kept a little more to home. I didn’t second shoot for any fabulous photographers in the area, but I look forward to shooting more with my colleagues this year! 2014 was also full of personal growth, some really fantastic ups, and some extremely unwanted downs. I’ve made some beautiful lifelong relationships with my couples and I really hope that 2015 will be just as amazing. I have attached the sneak post for each of the 20 weddings underneath if you’d like to see more from their wedding day!

As usual I had so many shoots I have to do an abridged wedding version of this post. But here’s a shout out to all the families, engaged couples, and little babies that I got the chance to meet too! Reflecting is one of my most favorite things to do and it was wonderful to leaf through all my shoots while compiling this post! Good luck with the new year to you all!



{olive&ben} – 4.26.14


{julie&jon} – 5.17.14



{lisa&jack} – 6.14.14




{maria&brent} – 6.21.14




{courtney&andy} – 6.26.14




{dana&cory} – 6.28.14




{sheena&ryan} – 7.12.14




{lyndsey&jason} – 7.18.14




{kate&brad} – 7.26.14




{jennifer&kyle} – 8.2.14




{andrea&kyler} – 8.8.14




{hannah&travis} – 8.16.14




{lia&zain} – 8.30.14




{jamie&rob} – 9.13.14




{bride.x&bride.y} – 9.xx.14

If you’re wondering why these two images are blacked out it is because we shot a commitment ceremony the two brides have decided to remain anonymous.



{ali&mark} – 10.3.14




{jess&mike} – 10.11.14




{emily&matt} – 10.17.14




{alex&aaron} – 10.18.14





{lydia&jabez} – 11.16.14



And that was all of ’em!


Thank you all for such an eventful year. :D

(And here are some links to my previous end of the year posts! 20132012, 2011, 2010 enjoy!)

{aubrey} senior 2015 – 9.27.14 – portage senior photograph

Hello all!

Wow it’s been an interesting few weeks. Without going too much into detail, I’m back to 98% health and doing fine :) Not everyone has as crazy of a ride getting wisdom teeth pulled – that’s for sure! Anyway! Onto the REAL fun :D


Tonight I got to hang out with Aubrey and her mother Melissa taking some ever fabulous senior photos :D We hopped around portage similar to her brother’s senior shots so we already had almost everything down to a T by the time we began even shooting! So you know what was also extra fabulous about Aubrey? She’s totally a dancer and she was able to do that awesome move where you stand on your tip-toes. I’m not even going to pretend to know exactly what it was called again (someone may TOTALLY correct me) and it was one of the coolest things ever. Like. Seriously. Also what was also so incredibly awesome? Getting to witness that INSANE sunset. Wow. Just …. Wow. I haven’t seen one like that in such an incredibly long time – what a perfect ending to the perfect evening of shooting!

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{annika} senior 2015 – 9.7.14 – grand rapids senior photographer

What an incredible evening. I know I talk an awful lot about the weather whenever I blog, but holy cow it was so perfect outside! Annika is just a natural born posing rock star too by the way! Almost made my job too easy (also, super jealous of those amazing heels she wore!) :D I had a lot of fun walking around our beautiful city with Annika and her mother tonight capturing some inspiring senior photos – Picture time!!


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{congratulations.2013} – 12.31.13 – west michigan wedding photographer

Here it is! Another full year of weddings, engagements, families, seniors, and babies!

Paul and I have traveled to Ohio, Tennessee, Northern Michigan, Detroit and so many other places to experience and shoot some of the loveliest people and families I’ve ever met. Together we shot about 27 weddings in 2013, and I’ve even shot for a friend here and there in two other weddings :) There has been snow, icy rain, gorgeous sunsets, cloudy days, clear skies, colorful autumn leaves, and the new green spring growth. I usually post a few shots from each wedding I’ve shot in the previous year and this post is definitely no different! As I look forward to my next 15 or so bookings for 2014 (and any new bookings I will possibly get) I can’t WAIT to see what new shots I’ll get and what couples will inspire me next. Thank you all for so much awesomeness!



1.26.13 – Taylor & John


3.2.13 – Heather & Chad


3.16.13 – Lisa & Alex


3.30.13 – Erin & Louie


4.6.13 – Theresa & Jeff


5.4.13 – Emily & Bill


5.25.13 – Jon & Ashley


6.7.13 – Hannah & Kris


6.8.13 – Emily & Andrew


6.15.13 – Mary & Robert


6.22.13 – Alyssa & Nathaniel


6.29.13 – Natasha & Farai


7.6.13 – Sadie & Dustin


7.12.13 – Megan & Joe


7.20.13 – Emily & Caleb


8.3.13 – Beka & Andrew


8.9.13 – Emily & William


8.23.13 – Brandy & Josh


8.24.13 – Jess & Bennett


8.30.13 – Abby & Trevor


9.14.13 – Dana & Nick


9.20.13 – Hope & Chad


10.12.13 – Maia & Aaron


11.1.13 – Kalysta & Michael


11.30.13 – Amy & Mark


12.20.13 – Erin & Matt


12.27.13 – Caiti & Michael


And for the two couple’s I second shot for – here’s an image shout out! (you can see Heather’s blog posts for them here and here)

7s 15s

Thanks again!

(And here are some links to my previous end of the year posts! 2012, 2011, 2010 My how we’ve grown :D)

{madison} Senior 2014 – 9.21.13

Welcome to the last day of official summer! It’s been such a fun and crazy weekend full of such wonderful people. Madison (and her sister, and her soon to be brother in law, and her mother) was so much fun. We started off both sessions downtown G.R… Well… actually a little bit away from downtown because Art Prize is a crazy thing FULL of people :) and moved our way out to one of my most favorite shooting places. Madison was a super great sport (especially downtown, which isn’t her biggest love :D) and I got some really fun and beautiful portraits of her. Please feel free to enjoy!


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{featured!} 2.26.13

Hey, this is cool! Andrea and Kyle’s post from their December wedding got a feature on Learn Love’s blog!


{congratulations.2012} 12.31.12

It’s that time of year again! Reflecting on the past year, I counted how many shoots I accomplished… the final count amazed me! 58 shoots (wedding, portrait, senior, ect!) averaging about one session or wedding PER week in 2012. I can not thank all of my supporters and clients enough for such a fun and creative year! And as I look ahead to 2013 I can count a handful of portrait sessions already booked, as well as 17 weddings already down in my calendar. I am incredibly blessed and humbled by all of your kind words and bookings and really look forward to another awesome year! Can. Not. Wait!

So, as per usual I am going to be posting my wedding couples of 2012 as I have done in years past! I would love to compile every shoot, but 58 is a LOT to work with… So every engagement session, senior, and portraits – you get high honorable mentions! NOW! Time for some pitchas!

NYEblog2012-1001 NYEblog2012-1002 NYEblog2012-1003 NYEblog2012-1004 NYEblog2012-1005 NYEblog2012-1006 NYEblog2012-1007 NYEblog2012-1008 NYEblog2012-1009 NYEblog2012-1010 NYEblog2012-1011 NYEblog2012-1012 NYEblog2012-1013 NYEblog2012-1014 NYEblog2012-1015 NYEblog2012-1016 NYEblog2012-1017 NYEblog2012-1018 NYEblog2012-1019 NYEblog2012-1020 NYEblog2012-1021 NYEblog2012-1022 NYEblog2012-1023 NYEblog2012-1024 NYEblog2012-1025

Also! I second shot for three weddings, and they totally deserve a shout out too! So to Lisa, Luke, and Brad – here’s to another collaborative year!

NYEblog2012-1026 NYEblog2012-1027 NYEblog2012-1028

So go enjoy the last few hours of 2012! I know I sure am – resting from the long weekend of shooting is going to do wonders :) Also a HUGE shout out to Paul! My loving amazing wonderful husband for second shooting all of these for me. Although I “fake fire” you for being better than me at times, your creativity is so incredibly good. And from the both of us – thank you all again!

{hooray.seniors!} 10.10.12

Third senior shoot this year! Interesting fact – I’ve had a shoot on October 10 for the past three years, two of which have been seniors. Weird! Must be the best time to get your pictures taken :P


Today was no different! The sky looked grey but my senior was a’smilin!  In fact, it was hard to get him to do the more serious pose, lol, which was a welcome change of pace. It’s always better when someone laughs too much :)



Seems like the fall colors are happening too quickly this year… I wish it was like last year where they stuck around all the way through November! Oh well… That’s just crazy MI for you :)

{senior.senior} 9.20.12

Shot a senior session tonight! I was glad that it was a little overcast – but did the sun have to make the sunset look so pretty tonight!? Anyway, it was fun trying to get him to smile different ways (sometimes with senior guys it takes a little convincing :P) Anyway, I think it went pretty well! I’m so happy we found a beautiful spiral staircase to shoot with right at the end of the session… I MAY have to use it more next time I’m shooting in Holland!


Anyway – picture time!!



Now to enjoy some dinner, with a side of more editing! :D

{products.i.love} 8.17.12

Well, I think it’s time for a post that isn’t really of clientele this time, but instead for doing a little show and tell! It isn’t very long and it’s not a full list of my products (I’m thinking a full product shoot and post will be in order for November, as a few of my things have now changed since last year!) But I was all giddy and excited yesterday about a few things I just updated that I did a little shooting in the beautiful sunset that happened right after the clouds cleared out from the rain. So I grabbed a quick few things and shot my little heart out!

So, I have shown these before – but this is one of my most favorite things to design. This DVD holder I generally use for any portrait packages I send out (engagement sessions, senior packages, family portraits, and ect!) I order these in a pearle linen paper and they are always custom designed to your shoot. :) As I grabbed a few things really quickly, I forgot to grab and envelope and DVD to photograph in the example, but this at least shows the design!

So moving on to your wedding DVD set!

My packaging used to be very simple for these, which wasn’t terrible – I just thought it needed a little more oomph! I now send wedding DVD’s out in a beautiful natural brown box with bow! Your lightscribed wedding  DVD’s still rest within a custom designed 4 page album with actual photo prints coated in a UV dura coating. The first thing you see when you open your box is your permission to print cards and other assorted cards and any other finishing documents you need (receipts, contracts, ect!) And I make sure your album doesn’t move too much within your packaging with a recycled material (either newspaper or brown craft paper. Craft paper shown in example) I want two things to happen. One, I want you to have a small memorable experience opening your photos. And two, I want to make sure you have something physical for you to cherish with your digital package. All DVD’s, including portrait sessions, are guarenteed one free replacement as well in case of accidental breaking (only your disc will be replaced, for full price list on another set please email me!)

So yes! Look forward to seeing more products in November! Have a fabulous afternoon :)

{senior!} 8.15.12

It certainly has been a while since I’ve posted here, hasn’t it? Sneaking in a few more sessions before I take a little personal time for the rest of August! (What… a wedding photographer with PERSONAL time in AUGUST!? It is possible!)


Anyway, my first senior of the year! It’s always great to get out and do other types of sessions besides weddings and engagement sessions because I think it really helps me see things differently – although it is weird not posing two people! :) Anyway… Photos!

Also, my first time shooting on a track/field – I kind of loved it!

{brandon} senior! – 10.22.11

Hello all on this bright and springy Saturday! It always feels good to get a blog done earlier in the day and it also feels good to blog something different than what I have been doing for the past 8 or so posts. I have a fun senior session to bring to you all today!


I met up with Brandon and his step-mother downtown G.R. one fine evening in October. Although Brandon was super tentative about getting his photo taken we eased in to it to make him comfortable and he delivered some fun and amazing pictures! It’s always fun to try working with just one person because it brings a whole new perspective to my work, as I usually work with two or more people (all my lovely engaged couples of course!). I also love bringing seniors to the Art Museum first because it’s got such a great background to work with!

Brandon – It was super fun! Thanks for bearing through my crazy talkativeness :P Good luck with graduation!





{matthew} senior! – 9.22.11

What a good day for a short blog!


Well, here’s something almost completely different than what I’ve been posting! A senior! Matthew actually is my cousin on my husband’s side.  When my aunt asked if I could shoot his senior photos, I was overjoyed because I’ve been wanting to shoot a few more senior sessions (don’t get me wrong – I love shooting couples!) but it was a fun change of pace. I forgot how challenging it can be at times to pose only one person! I also was extremely excited to shoot at their home because they had such a pretty wooded area behind their house that fit Matthews personality perfectly. This post is a little shorter because my aunt said that I didn’t have to bother with making a post, but I really can’t help myself – so here are a few (okay… a lot) of my favorites from that day!

And thank you leaf that almost fell on my head for making my cousin give me a great natural smile! :D

And whats a shoot without a few detail shots? Unheard of! I love catching me some details :D


Woo! It was so much fun shooting a senior session… I hope I get more next year! (I only had two this last fall!)


Feel free to comment or click on any photo to see better detail!


Oh! And one session shy of getting to October! Woo! So all my October couples that are beyond excited to see their posts… slowly but surely they are coming :D

{reflections} 12.29.11

So it’s been getting super close to the end of the year, and I’ve been trying to decide to do this post or not. Finally I decided I’d take the time to do a quick version!

I also decided since I did it this way last year as well – I was only going to post wedding highlights. If I posted every session I did, this post would be too long! (well, is there really such a thing?)

So anyway, enjoy!



So there you have it! So many wonderful couples this year, thank you all for being so fun and creative! Have a happy new year :D

{warm.afternoon} 10.22.11

Senior shoot today! I’m kind of sad, I only had two senior shoots this year… oh well – there is always the chance for more next year! Anyway, enjoy the sneak for now! Oh, and did I mention how amazingly warm it was this evening? Yay!


{fall.frenzy} 9.22.11

Had a senior session today! Sad about the clouded over sky – but it didn’t matter since the light was still amazing anyway! Can you believe this was in their back yard? Yea. Looooove it!


And… I can’t contain my excitement… Fall. Is. Here. (All I had was a Nikon in my car – haha…  the leaves were to pretty… it was okay to compromise!)


{product.shoot} 3.8.11

Well, I’ve finally found the time to post this one! People have always wondered what a few of my different products looked like, and I know that I used to have some product shots before, but I thought that since I’ve changes and tweaked a few things around since then that I would do a product re-shoot!

So actually the first thing I’m going to show you is what I’ll be sending engagement DVDs and other session proofs/final DVDs in too. I was super excited (and those of you who have met with me know this is very true about me and new products!) to finally order my first one and I LOVED my first result. There is a little bit of tweaking left on my design – but it is fully customized to YOUR session with YOUR pictures! Nothing cookie cutter, yay! :D

I can still give you my old style of disc presentation if you prefer, but it nearly isn’t as fun or desirable as this!

So next are my MINI albums! I love putting these together! When I was printing in the dark room during college I almost nearly printed smaller than 3 1/2 x5 (so in other words, tiny prints!) and this love of smaller photos definitely carried over to my professional life.  So you can imagine my super excitement when I discovered these little gems. I actually made one of these myself for my OWN wedding album! They come in their own little box, which makes it even easier to bring these around to show your friends and family without the ‘white glove’ feel of the bigger more bulky album. These are also super perfect for show off parent albums! Again, all custom designed to your photos. All albums take 3-4 months after you’ve decided what photos you want!

I offer these in both the chocolate color and the black! And as always, they are 50% off after your first one purchased. So order as many as you like without breaking the bank!

So next, many of you have definitely seen at meetings. So below are my awesome super dooper DVD albums for weddings. Again, aaaasssss always custom designed! This is actually what you get your purchased wedding DVD set in. Again, I was SO excited when I found these a year ago. What is so great is that you will have some actual prints and a small album (only 2 pages ((or four sides)), but still! Something!) to physically show someone as soon as you get your DVDs. The photos rarely do this justice, seriously!

Oh, haha, I thought I might have had more than just one to show you… but on to my last section!

So last but not least – prints! Prints are pretty simple :D. I print everything at my most favorite professional lab right here in Grand Rapids! You don’t have to worry about me sending anything off to a far away state to get something that is even more beautiful and professional than a huge lab that handles way too many photographers at once. These prints will last way longer than something you can print off at home or even something you will print off at Meijer or Walmart. Many of my packages actually offer prints. I actually recommend ordering both prints AND the DVD set for a few different reasons. Yes, you will get your DVDs with all of your files, BUT 90% of the time you plan on printing anything it actually never happens. I made sure I received my discs from my photographer, but it took me a year and a half to even get one photo printed. And, yes, it was actually only 1 print. Not too soon after I did make my album, but it took me a super long time. Also, what is nice about prints is, just in case (in extreme cases only) your house is broken in to, or something like that it is most likely they won’t go for actual printed photos/albums. Whew, that was wordy… let’s look at some pretty pictures now!

So, I know that was a little wordy… but I hoped you liked it!

I’ve also had interest expressed in maybe some kind of workshop for shooting and/or post processing. Send me an email/write a comment if you’re interested. Right now I’m really just going to get the feel of interest and if it’s a popular idea I might do something in April!

{congratulations.2010} 12.31.10

Last day of the year!

I feel that the last day of the year warrants a post of congratulations to every newlyweds that I shot this year! It was my first year of business… and I’ve come a long way since my first wedding on May 8! I have nearly 10 weddings now booked for next year (at this time last year, I only had one booked!) And I shot 12 in 2010 (for those of you who ask at our meetings!) And I find it also appropriate to post a photo from each one! I also did a ton of engagement sessions and seniors this year who all get honorable mentions – but to post a picture from each shoot would take me forever! So here you have it – Names and dates are below each picture. Congrats to all! (Even the couples I didn’t shoot for 2010) Happy new year!

5.8.10  {Jeannie&Shawn}



5.22.10 {Holly&Matt}



5.29.10 {Liz&Jenney}



7.10.10 {Kelly&Griffey}



7.16.10 {Becky&Daniel}



7.17.10 {Karen&Ryan}



8.21.10 {Chelsey&Mike}


10.1.10 {Laura&Derek}


11.27.10 {Helen&Mirko}


12.11.10 {Lauren&Dave}


12.18.10 {Stephanie&Kevin}


And finally!

12.28.10 {Sarah&Kris}


Thank-you everyone for making my dream of becoming a professional photographer come true this year – It means so much to me that you booked me (especially those in the beginning when I barely had samples to show you!) And thank-you to all of those that have booked me in 2011 – I can not WAIT to shoot all of your engagement sessions and weddings! I also look forward to all of those family, senior and portrait shoots that I’ve been mid-process in and those that I don’t even know about yet! I was scared when I left my full time photo lab job … but now I know I have nothing to fear because I have such amazing and awesome clients!


Happy new year! (again : D)



I forgot! I also second shot for my friend Natalie – which brings my count up to 13!

12.21.10 {jodi&kyle}



Ok…haha, I promise not to forget another one!

{james} senior – 11.6.10

Two posts for one day!

Hello everyone. I’m really liking this blog (if you couldn’t tell) and I think that this is how I’m going to post my photos from now on! I’ll sift through my favorites so you don’t have to go through every single frame to see the best ones. I will miss however posting everything for everyone to see and comment on, but since facebook won’t let me view all comments anymore we’ll see how this will do!


Onto the post! James is actually my cousin on my mom’s side so as you can imagine I’ve known him for a very long time. I was very honored that my aunt asked me to do his senior portraits! I was nervous when we made plans for November because of the weather but to my surprise it was a beautiful 50 degree sunny morning! Okay, it was a little cold, but totally worth it – I got some of my best work! I’ve also been experimenting lately with new techniques of editing and shooting and I think it is already beginning to pay off. James was totally willing to pose extremely well for me and understood my directions which is always a plus because sometimes I feel like I get so confusing to some people! So, feel free to enjoy and comment!

I’ve shot in front of this wall before… I practically died of excitement when the colors worked so perfectly together!

He also brought his trumpet as a prop – AHmazing. I swear these next few shots are some of the coolest I’ve ever taken.

Longest post I think I have done as of yet. I can’t wait to do my first wedding post on the blog… I bet it will be twice as long!

{senior.sneakpeek} 11.6.10

I LOVE it when people bring props to shoots!

Also – the weather was so perfect this morning