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{annika&kyle} married! – 6.4.11

I’m soooo excited to blog Annika and Kyle’s wedding! I remember meeting with Annika all that time ago way back in December, and I actually remember how excited I was even then to shoot her wedding. We actually ended up shooting their engagement session really really quickly because of time constraints with her and Kyle with college goings ons and traveling. From the feeling of sweet romance in their engagement photos, like I said, I KNEW that their wedding was going to exactly the same. Everyone was relaxed, happy, and just having a good time. Love was in the air!


I loved the beautiful style that they incorporated into every single detail. Simplicity and vintage with a twist of modern throughout. Ahhh, I love it.

Also, men rolling up their sleeves? So awesome!

So, Annika and Kyle actually opted for the ‘first look’ which is always my most favorite part. Even I can feel the anticipation of the tap on the shoulder just watching the groom waiting. It was sooo hot outside, but it didn’t matter because it made for such great pictures!

Remember how cute their engagement photos were? Yea – their portrait session was even CUTER… I swear… it was so incredibly hard to choose favorites for this post. Funny faces, dip kisses, and laughter – Love!

Oh yea… their wedding party? Absolute fun too! Haha….

Do you wonder if I still cry at weddings? Because I do… And this one was no different! Kyle and his groomsmen actually played a beautiful song (chime in either Kyle or Annika to tell me the name of it so I can credit it!) for the bridesmaids to DANCE down the aisle to.  Yea, it was AH-mazing.

And since it wasn’t raining – why not drive the red convertible with the top down? :D I was in looove with that car!

Those little blue birds were super cute, and every table had them. They were handmade by (tell me if I’m wrong!) at least three different people and made for the perfect centerpieces along with the various flowers!

Mmmm… Ice cream!

Congrats to you two again! It was such a pleasure being there sharing these precious moments with you and your families. Enjoy your new home in Tennessee! Oh, hah, and the photos too!



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{romance.patios.boudoir} 6.26.11

The weekend is almost over… my editing workload didn’t build up too much more this weekend but I did have a fun sexy boudoir session today!

So first another sneak preview of last weeks engagement session :D

Then, as summer gets more and more awesome, we’re able to get more and more yard work done… I snuck this one from our upstairs deck of Paul working on rearranging the stones in the back. We just keep on finding old patios just covered in dirt!

And now for the beautiful boudoir preview

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

{ashley&steven} married! – 5.28.11

Good evening!


So I’ll jump right in to this blog, because quite frankly this wedding was fun! Not that all of my weddings that I shoot are not – this was the first time I had ever been in Flint, MI. :D You may actually remember Ashley and Steven from their wonderful engagement session in Mt. Pleasant.

Ashley and Steven had a elegant afternoon wedding in the beautiful West Flint Church of the Nazarene. Driving in to the parking lot I KNEW I was going to love it! This church had some of the funnest little areas, like a little ‘town’ where kids had Sunday school, a room with a fireplace (uh, awesome!) and the extra bonus? They were able to have their reception in the awesome (and very large!) two leveled multipurpose/gym room. Ashley and Steven are the kind of people you know are deeply in love with each other and they are the type of couple I love to shoot because basically every frame is cuter than the next. But less me talking, and more pictures!

P.s. I love a wedding dress with straps!

Always important to brush your teeth – haha. I got a slightly better one with a different focus – but I just love the maid of honors expression in this one!

So they actually choose to not see each other before the ceremony – But we got some great formals before, and even more fantastic ones after!

Fierce wedding party, no? :D

And if you haven’t noticed, I really really really like reflections.

A sweet and simple first kiss – eee adorable!

So when all the festivities died down a little, they had one final send off with hand made Mr. and Mrs. t-shirts!


Thanks Steven and Ashley, for letting us photograph your wedding. Paul and I had a great time – Enjoy!


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{rachel&matt} engaged! 6.12.11

Time for one more post today! Again – I certainly hope that this weather today decides what it wants to do… I see sun, then I see clouds, then I hear thunder, then it’s sunny again. Decide sky! Decide!


Anyway! Rachel and Matt actually heard of me not by the ‘usual’ means. I was actually at a meeting with other clients and they over heard what we were talking about, and I suppose obviously liked it! It’s always overwhelming to decide who you want as your vendors, so it must have been great to have me just ‘fall’ into their laps! Anyway, Rachel and Matt remind me a lot of Paul and I, and it was very apparent while we were shooting! We were all thinking on the same level for ideas for poses and locations that we thought would work, joking and laughing the whole way through. And we were actually super cold, strange for a mid June morning! Thankfully the coffee shops opened around 8 so there was a little warmth through that :D

So we started at one of my favorite places in the world, Rosa Park Circle. It was a cold Sunday morning – So thankfully I didn’t have to work around a ton of people!

So after a coffee run, we walked on over to the blue bridge for some more romantic portraits. And that ivy wall, oooh I LOVE that ivy wall!

Oh and p.s. I totally forgot to mention her adorable circle coat… soooo cute!

And there is always time for the Amway!

And what good are Grand Rapids pictures without the Calder as a prop? Loooooove it!

So then we decided the tire swing also had to be used… I mean, we were already there right? :P.  And p.s., don’t ask me how we fit all of this in to one walk! I just realized that all of these things aren’t that far away from each other, but holy cow we got a lot!

And another lovely idea from Matt below – He certainly had a lot of them! (which I always enjoy!)

P.s. every shot they had such a different cute face on… lol, it made for some hilarious editing! :D

So there you have it! Rachel and Matt, it was a pleasure… I can’t wait till next April! Enjoy!



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{’} 6.21.11

Hey all!


I’ve been diligently editing my previous weddings and engagement sessions, please be patient with me! Today I got this fantastic opportunity to watch my friend train on her horse this morning. Note the awesome gray sky looming and threatening rain. Enjoy!


{busy.weekend!} 6.19.11

Get back from WI just to throw myself in to another great photo engagement session – Enjoy the peek!


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{lake.geneva} 6.18.11

Destination weddings are super fun. So is the drive home – It’s weird to think I was in Wisconsin this morning! Here’s to some nautical themed love :D


{destination.WI} outta here! 6.16.11

Leaving tomorrow morning for my first destination wedding in Wisconsin… REALLY excited to travel and shoot a wedding not in Michigan! One of two traveling weddings for me this year – can’t wait for Washington too! I’ll be back and ready to answer emails and questions on Sunday, Thanks!


{baby.maddie} 6.5.11

Ahhhh get ready for a world of cute!


So it’s been quite a while since I’ve actually shot a baby session – remember adorable baby Grant? – so I was super hyped to shoot my old bosses daughter, Maddie! We had planned on doing the shoot sometime mid May… but due to all the rain practically every weekend we had to post pone it to June instead which I was SOOO happy we did because the weather was absolutely magnifico! It was also great to see Jess again and catch up, as it’s been over two years! But seriously now, on to the cuteness :D

Sheeeee wasn’t so sure about getting photographed for the first few minutes, haha…. Good thing Daddy came by to cheer her up!

Hahaha, I love the progression of expressions here!

And this is why I always encourage props… how cute is that little rocking chair? I’m going to have to be on the lookout for one of my very own now – I don’t think I’ll ever want to do another baby shoot without one!

And ohmigosh… those blue eyes…. Ahhhh I wish my eyes were that pretty!

Oh and look, a puppy! How could I resist one portrait of the puppy?

More cheering up from daddy, oh and look, leaves!

Oh, and a few family portraits too – apparently the grass was much more interesting… haha

There you have it… I have really begun to start liking baby sessions, they are just so darn adorable and fun. Please feel free to comment or click on any image to see a little more detail!

{working.working.working!} 6.13.11

Hey! Just thought you all might like a preview of what I’ve currently been working on… Enjoy your week!

{good.morning!} 6.12.11

A chilly morning June engagement session!


{terri&jason} married! – 5.14.11

Time for another wedding post!


I met Terri last August, and I could tell she was a girl who knew exactly what she wanted. Bouncing ideas off from each other, we were able to find the perfect shots for their engagement session downtown Kalamazoo and for their wedding at Gull Lake. (wow, the engagement session was such a long time ago – before I was even blogging!) From that I could tell that she loved a more romantic feel in her photographs and she and Jason posed with great ease :D


Anyway! The girls got their hair done in Kalamazoo, and all of their unique styles were very beautiful. I actually loved how Terri choose to put a decorative comb underneath her veil  so when she too the veil off for the reception, her hair still had charm.

Oh, and p.s. I LOVE the lacy detail around the veil – so cute!

So to save some time, and to get some adorable photos of them – they opted for the first look before the wedding (which I always love – it makes for such fun/cute/romantic photos!) She gave me the task of finding the right location that wasnt too far away, but was far enough to make it private for them… I found the perfect hill where even I could hide a little bit. And thankfully the weather behaved itself for these!

We then moved on to a wonderful private time where we were inspired by the golf course for some beautiful shots. I really wish I could post all of their portraits because pretty much I loved each and every one of them more than the next!

So a little out of order – but during the reception we were able to sneak away from some really awesome romantic stormy pictures. At this time it was planned for sunset photos – but I love the mood that the weather was giving us. It was great to just relax and shoot some more when it was not as crucial to keep hair in place and makeup from smearing. I’d have to say – these are some of my favorites from the entire day.

So, unfortunately the weather (boy I talk about weather a lot more nowadays) started to turn for the worse before the ceremony, so they had to set up in the reception hall. This however didn’t effect how special or how wonderful the ceremony was. I loved the simplicity of the choice of music being played by a single guitar player…

So instead of a sand ceremony or a candle, they too did something different. They had a sweeter wine and a more bitter wine that they tasted.

At the reception, Terri had a garden theme and each table had either a herb or a flower name. Also, instead of clanking the glasses to get them to kiss, they had a crossword puzzle and if you got one correct then they would kiss but if you got it wrong they pulled a name from a hat and THAT couple had to kiss!

Ahhhhh rain – why did you have to come almost every weekend in may!?

So there you have it – Congrats to you Terri and Jason!

{julie&tim} married! – 5.7.11


Well, editing sure has caught up with me! May came, I’ve shot four weddings in the past month and I’m finally able to put Julie and Tim’s wedding on the blog – Look for Terri and Jason’s tomorrow!

Julie and Tim had a beautiful ceremony out on Heritage Glen Golf Course in Paw Paw, MI. You may actually remember them from their fun (and very cold!) engagement session back in February. I had been watching the weather for about a week and a half hoping and crossing my fingers that it would be admirable, to which it stayed almost perfect until about right after their outdoor ceremony (score!) Julie loved my style and had specific requests for some fun creative shots – that I was only happy to oblige. Both Julie and Tim’s families and friends made both me and Paul feel like we fit right in and they were very hospitable!

They choose to not see each other before the ceremony, which made for some crazy times because the bathrooms each was getting ready in was right across from eachother!

What I thought was also super cute was the fact that had her hangers with labels on them – what a super cute unique touch! (plus I didn’t have to go find a pretty hanger to hang her dress on for pictures!)

Haha, I really don’t know who’s idea this was as I was with the girls at this time… but I find it hilarious!

I do love my diptychs. Interesting fact – these two were probably taken about an hour apart. I love a good planned photo collage!

Okay, haha, the wedding party was fun to pose – but hard because there was a baseball game that was on… and if I remember right it was a no hitter? Correct me if I’m wrong! And we had to work around the sprinkle the clouds were giving us.

The gazebo was situated a short walk across the course. There was worry they had to quickly set everything up in the reception hall, but the sky was beautiful all the way up to the very end, after everyone got back inside to ‘safty!’

Julie actually remembered to give me a program (with a ribbon for my camera! Thanks!) even though they didn’t get the chance to use them, I still had a good time photographing it :D

So it seems I’m talking a lot during this post! But they had so many cute differences than a traditional wedding! The wine glasses, wine bottle, and chest were instead of a sand ceremony or candles. What they actually did was nailed the glasses and wine with hand written notes as to why they loved each other in to the chest. If the were going to get in to a fight that was particularly harsh they would open it up, drink a glass of wine and read their notes. (I think at this time I actually started crying – I’m such a sucker for love!) If this never happened they were going to wait for a significant anniversary and just reinforce their love for each other again.

And a dip kiss – AHHH I love it!

And to the reception! If you remember me posting their invitation photos from before – it had a beautiful theme of blacks, whites and greens. I was so happy to see that she kept this theme  through the reception – even on the photo booth photos!

And again – another one of those details that seemed to be very much Julie and Tim style… Their cake! I certainly have never seen a wedding cake like this before – and it brought a smile to everyone’s face as soon as they saw it :D I love, in particular, the bride and groom figurines on top!

It was a lot of fun editing some of the best dancing pictures both Paul and I have ever taken – Seriously! (And hilariously enough – the same DJ did Terri and Jason’s wedding a week later! Small world I guess!)

As I do more of these blogs, it’s getting harder and harder to choose what to go in them! Julie and Tim – Congrats and Enjoy!

And as always – Feel free to click on any image to view some more detail, and feel free to comment as well!

{yay.june!} 6.5.11

Whew – it’s been a great weekend for shooting! Honestly, this baby shoot went soooo well, I got this shot about five frames in! Enjoy the sneak!


Nothing like a cute baby to make your day enjoyable. :D

{sunshine&kisses} 6.4.11

A beautiful and very unique ceremony in Holland today, I really can’t wait to blog this one!


Feel free to click on the image to see a little more detail!

{} 6.3.11

Upgraded a lens today! What’s the second best part of this business, is the fact that I get to see where I’ve come from in the past. Last year at this time I was shooting with one camera body and two lenses… Now I have two camera bodies and six lenses, and I cant wait to see what I get to upgrade for next year. Anyway, I got my new 50mm in the mail today, and decided to take an editing break and a test run, Paul is always such a willing subject!


Look forward to an explosion of blog posts next week… woo! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend :D