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{annika&kyle} married! – 6.4.11

I’m soooo excited to blog Annika and Kyle’s wedding! I remember meeting with Annika all that time ago way back in December, and I actually remember how excited I was even then to shoot her wedding. We actually ended up shooting their engagement session really really quickly because of time constraints with her and Kyle with college goings ons and traveling. From the feeling of sweet romance in their engagement photos, like I said, I KNEW that their wedding was going to exactly the same. Everyone was relaxed, happy, and just having a good time. Love was in the air!


I loved the beautiful style that they incorporated into every single detail. Simplicity and vintage with a twist of modern throughout. Ahhh, I love it.

Also, men rolling up their sleeves? So awesome!

So, Annika and Kyle actually opted for the ‘first look’ which is always my most favorite part. Even I can feel the anticipation of the tap on the shoulder just watching the groom waiting. It was sooo hot outside, but it didn’t matter because it made for such great pictures!

Remember how cute their engagement photos were? Yea – their portrait session was even CUTER… I swear… it was so incredibly hard to choose favorites for this post. Funny faces, dip kisses, and laughter – Love!

Oh yea… their wedding party? Absolute fun too! Haha….

Do you wonder if I still cry at weddings? Because I do… And this one was no different! Kyle and his groomsmen actually played a beautiful song (chime in either Kyle or Annika to tell me the name of it so I can credit it!) for the bridesmaids to DANCE down the aisle to.  Yea, it was AH-mazing.

And since it wasn’t raining – why not drive the red convertible with the top down? :D I was in looove with that car!

Those little blue birds were super cute, and every table had them. They were handmade by (tell me if I’m wrong!) at least three different people and made for the perfect centerpieces along with the various flowers!

Mmmm… Ice cream!

Congrats to you two again! It was such a pleasure being there sharing these precious moments with you and your families. Enjoy your new home in Tennessee! Oh, hah, and the photos too!



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{romance.patios.boudoir} 6.26.11

The weekend is almost over… my editing workload didn’t build up too much more this weekend but I did have a fun sexy boudoir session today!

So first another sneak preview of last weeks engagement session :D

Then, as summer gets more and more awesome, we’re able to get more and more yard work done… I snuck this one from our upstairs deck of Paul working on rearranging the stones in the back. We just keep on finding old patios just covered in dirt!

And now for the beautiful boudoir preview

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!