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{ruby&freya} A one week and a one year old! – 6.21.15 – grand rapids children photographer

Friday friday friday! Today I get to share a more personal post, as these little kiddos are family :)


So I’ll start with Ruby! How old she’s gotten already but still so very young. Ruby turned one last March and I’ve finally gotten around to her one year pictures. Ruby is pretty amazing… she was already walking about half a year ago, mostly due to her always active two older sisters and wanting to keep up with them. She’s super sweet and no longer the youngest in the extended family! That honor now goes to little baby Freya. Born actually two weeks ago today! But at the time of these photos she was only one week and two days old. Freya was born at 4:03 in the morning and was one of the most perfect little babies I’ve ever seen. Her older brother and sister fell instantly in love with her (along with everyone else!) And I can’t wait to have a little more time shooting her next time we’re in town :D

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{kaitlyn&brian} married! – 6.20.15 – grand rapids wedding photographer

It’s Thursday! You know what that means? I get to show you the preview of Kaitlyn and Brian’s wedding! And I’m WAY excited for this fact.

So among all the other fun shoots I had these past few weeks back in G.R., we of course were back for a wedding as well! Do you remember Kaitlyn and Brian from their engagement shoot last October? I remember trying to catch the fall leaves only to find out that all of them had practically dropped by the time our shoot had happened. This time I was hoping that the projected rain all week would blow away and not happen – and thankfully it did! We had a few overcast moments – and it was hot and kinda humid – BUT! When the time for portraits had arrived the sky broke open and presented that gorgeous Michigan summer sun. We began their day at their home church in Grand Rapids, and followed the party to their reception in Fallasburg Park in Lowell. Surprisingly we hit no other wedding parties are the historic covered bridge for portraits – which made me an extremely happy photographer! These photos do little justice to how much fun this day was and how sweet and fantastic this couple and their families are.

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{alicia&harrison} engaged! – 6.19.15 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Is it really Wednesday already? This must mean I’m already to Alicia and Harrison’s engagement blog post! Tomorrow you get to see a gorgeous wedding, and Friday my adorable nephew and nieces. <3


So! I’m so terrible at telling stories, and anything I write about these two right now definitely wont do them any justice. Alicia and Harrison are people after Paul and I’s own hearts… nerdy, easy going, and photographers! Well, Harrison is more a web designer (and designed a beautiful website for their wedding btw) and Alicia is the creative photographer behind Alicia Heximer Photography. We started their session at the always amazing Founders Brewery for a beer and a sandwich, well, and photos of course. Later in the afternoon we re-grouped for a few romantic portraits by the river at riverside park. Even though we were supposed to shoot last April, I’m so glad they waited for this gorgeous evening with the amazing sunset and gorgeous green park to highlight their love. Enough from me though – photos!

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{sophia} senior 2016 – 6.16.15 – grand rapids senior photography

Back again! Pretty much I’ll have one post per day this week…. I’m so excited to post all of my sneaks and I would LOVE to post them all in one day, but I’m forcing a small bit of pacing to myself because I want every session to speak for itself for at least a day!


So these past two weeks were crazy about rain and cloudy weather. I think we rescheduled about 3 times within a matter of days because of those darn clouds, but I am SO glad we waited. The morning of the 16th was gorgeous and so was my senior I was shooting, Sophia! Sophia actually was in the bridal party of one of my former lovely couple’s last year and the light and time of day reminded me so much from that wedding. Sophia was fun, relaxed, and as always super inspiring! We walked around Eastown and ended our session at Wilcox park – another favorite location of mine. Picture time!

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{louie} 1 year – 6.6.15 – grand rapids children photographer

I’m back! Looks like we hit the road back to NYC at the right time too… because I hear it’s storming pretty hard over there. Stay safe everyone in Michigan! For the next few day’s I’ll be bringing you my sneak blog posts that I’ve been shooting these past two weeks and finally not back of the camera shots!


So! We’ll begin with the first shoot I had, and one of the original reasons I took a fun long vacation at home. Little Louie! Remember this little cutie from last october? He’s so much bigger now! Still as adorable as can be. Thankfully we caught one of the best weekends of the year so far for a little outdoor park shooting this time (last time it was a touch drizzly, never much fun to shoot in for little babes!) And we ended with one of my most favorite pup photos ever, haha. Please, enjoy!

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