{lily} portraits – 4.17.19 – holland, mi portrait photographer

Hello all! Spring is in the air today and I’m so excited to show you my latest shoot! Lily here is having her quinceanera in a few weeks, and we wanted to go and shoot a small mini portrait session beforehand! We met up at Centennial Park in Holland, MI, for a small quick shoot on probably the coldest day in the week (oops!) So we were all a bit cold, but Lily was a trooper!

We moved to a small church down the road to catch some quick shots in front of these gorgeous red doors. Oh, I’m so overjoyed to get back into the swing of shooting and this year should be absolutely amazing! Check in a few weeks to catch this superstar’s amazing quinceanera photos ;D


{yani&nate} 9.1.18 – grand rapids, mi wedding photographer

Hey all! How ya doin’? I gots another amazing wedding to show you all!!

You may remember Yani and Nate from their gorgeous engagement session a few months ago. We had so much fun then, and wow, it was even more fun at their wedding! The day started off with the threat of thunderstorms and cloudy weather the entire day – but low and behold – they went away right after the ceremony and the skies were amazing for the whole rest of their day! These two amazing best friends got married in a beautiful church in Comstock Park and had their reception at Boulder Creek Golf Club. We had a crazy time carting the whole wedding party around the grounds! Their night ended with some fun up-tempo music and a fantastic party at their reception!

Anyway, enough talk – it’s so time for pictures!


{tricia&jason} married! – 7.21.18 – kalamazoo wedding photographer

Hey there!

Whew! It’s been a busy one this year! You may remember Tricia and Jason from their amazing engagement session last November. They were so much fun then, and their wedding was no different!

We spent the whole day at the Lawton Community Center in Lawton, MI. The day’s rain held back just until after all of their amazing photos on the gorgeous grounds. We even were able to catch one tiny train passing by during their portraits too! Their rustic inspired ceremony was adorned with beautiful blue’s and oranges and everyone was smiling so big for this so very sweet and amazing couple. I wish you both the most amazing life together! Please, enjoy their photos!


{rodriguez.family} 6.29.18 – holland, mi family photographer

Howdy again y’all! Guess what I have for you today? One of my most favorite families ever, of course!

You probably remember this family from almost exactly a year ago. I said this last post and I still mean it in this one – I adore watching young families grow up and getting the chance to document is one of the most favorite parts of my job!

I met them up in Holland this time to shoot a fun homage to our last session in front of another beautiful painted floral wall (to those of you who didn’t peek at their last session, haha!) Little Jose Jr was his regular personality running around with his little sister as a ball of unreleased energy. And as usual, there was so much laughter, fun, and crazy faces to be had. And guess what! This family has worked so hard, they’re now debt free! Many congratulations all around!

But enough text – time for those pretty pictures!


{haley+mike} married! – 6/1/18 – michigan wedding photographer

Hey all!

Wedding season is in full swing, and do I have an absolutely perfect one for you! You may remember Haley and Mike from their gorgeous engagement session a few months ago… well, now get ready for their incredible wedding images!

They were married at the stately Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center in Plymouth, MI. The weather forecast was looming rain most of the day, but these lucky ducks, it held off until minutes after the ceremony. Thankfully all the guests were inside before the real downpour happened! Haley and Mike had made every detail so incredibly perfect for their day, I don’t think I ever stopped saying how much I loved every detail that was so meticulously placed. <3

So, please enjoy this beautiful wedding!hmblog-1001hmblog-1002hmblog-1003hmblog-1004hmblog-1005hmblog-1006hmblog-1007hmblog-1008hmblog-1009hmblog-1010hmblog-1011hmblog-1012hmblog-1013hmblog-1014hmblog-1015hmblog-1016hmblog-1017hmblog-1018hmblog-1019hmblog-1020hmblog-1021hmblog-1022hmblog-1023hmblog-1024hmblog-1025hmblog-1026hmblog-1027hmblog-1028hmblog-1029hmblog-1030hmblog-1031hmblog-1032hmblog-1033hmblog-1034hmblog-1035hmblog-1036hmblog-1037hmblog-1038hmblog-1039hmblog-1040hmblog-1041hmblog-1042hmblog-1043hmblog-1044hmblog-1045hmblog-1046hmblog-1047hmblog-1048hmblog-1049hmblog-1050hmblog-1051hmblog-1052hmblog-1053hmblog-1054hmblog-1055hmblog-1056hmblog-1057hmblog-1058hmblog-1059hmblog-1060hmblog-1061

{brandy&alan} engaged! – 5.11.18 – portage engagement photographer

Howdy y’all! How goes your day? Cold? Rainy? Yeah! Oh springtime in Michigan, being so unpredictable!

Brandy and I have been trying to plan and schedule their engagement session for MONTHS now. Schedules not lining up, weather not cooperating, and yes, even a house falling apart (well, a leaky roof isn’t exactly a house falling apart… but still!)

Anyway – when rain was forecasted for yesterday, we had to figure out how to make this session happen. Because seriously, another reschedule was NOT going to happen, haha! So Brandy found this amazing greenhouse right around the corner from their house – and guys this greenhouse is AMAZING. A perfect place to shoot even if it wasn’t cold and raining outside! We started indoors while the rain still puttered relentlessly outside, and were able to finish outside right as the drops started to clear up. So! Please enjoy this amazing session!


{amy&rob} married! – 5.5.18 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Hello again everyone!

Remember my last post with Amy and Rob? No? You should check out their amazing engagement session here before you go any further!

Done? Love it? Because get ready for their wedding images, because WOW!

We started the day at Amy’s parent’s house. Amy was calm, cool, relaxed, and definitely ready for anything the day wanted to throw at her! She had a beautiful tearful first look with her father on the gorgeous lake their house was located on.

After all that fun getting ready stuff, and a quick prayer with the ladies, everyone made their way in the amazing afternoon to the downtown market, where Amy and Rob had their ceremony among the luscious greenhouse plants. The day ended with some fantastic dance moves, a sunset that really couldn’t be beat, and a beautiful couple joining together. Now, please enjoy their photos!


{amy&rob} engaged! – 4.6.18 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Hey all! Looks like wedding season is starting to gear itself up again, and what happens before the wedding? A lovely engagement session of course!

Amy and I go way back to the days of childhood as our families were friends at Blythefeild CRC in Rockford, MI. It’s always amazing to see people you know from that long ago grow in love and invite me to partake in a very important role in their wedding – the job of documenting their love, their story, their best day ever. Amy herself is also a photographer (she’s gone on a few shoots with me!) And it’s always fun shooting other photographers because they understand your vision and always want to do cool fun things!

We started our shoot in an amazing local nursery/greenhouse in East Grand Rapids. Talking tech, the weather (okay it was mad crazy weather yesterday in Michigan y’all), wedding details, and what we’ve all been up to these past few years. We then went out to Rob’s family property and shot a few with an amazing green antique Chevy truck. Until the snow came, and it came down hard. We were all troopers about the cold until that wind struck – but ohmigoodness did we get some amazing shots! Check em’ out below <3



{haley+mike} engaged! – 3/4/18 – ann arbor engagement photographer

Wow – what a week this has been! I’ve been off traveling the states like there’s no tomorrow, and what a way to continue my traveling by shooting on a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning in Ann Arbor! I have known Haley since college and was OVERJOYED that she requested that I shoot her upcoming wedding last summer! Haley and Mike chose one of the most beautiful places for their engagement photos – The gardens and greenhouse at U of M in Ann Arbor. We had fun parading around the orchids and cacti! Every new little twist and turn was so exciting and so incredibly inspiring. I really can’t wait for the wedding you guys! Please enjoy!



{Eddie&Lauren} plus one! – 12.6.17 – new york maternity photographer

Spending the afternoon with Eddie and Lauren was an absolute delight (like always!) and to have the honor of shooting their maternity photos made everything even better. We played around the Flatiron district for a while, warmed up with some delicious Eataly, and finished our session at the holiday markets at Bryant Park. These two are troopers for anything and everything – I only wish it was snowing! I think I would have died (okay not really, but seriously it would have been so perfect!) We got some pretty stellar shots anyway though – check them out!

{tricia&jason} engaged! – 11.3.17 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Time to brush some dust off my blog and present the hottest couple of 2017! It was a gorgeous sunny November afternoon today, the quintessential fall day. It was so fun getting to know Jason and Tricia while we dodged some books and cold crisp weather to get some beautiful shots for their engagement session. We started at the EGR Library – where Jason works! – and thoroughly made our way through all the way to some fun EGR wealthy street area. We then moved to my favorite park, Prairie Wolf Park, for some sweet session endings. I can’t wait for the wedding you two – thanks for such a fun night! Enough talk – picture time!

{rodriguez.family} 6.4.17 – grand rapids family photographer

I promised two posts from the weekend, and simply cannot wait to share this families images! If you are a follower at all, you have probably seen this adorable family pop up on my blog for the past… oh what is it now… 5 or 6 years? If you need a refresher – you can check out their session from last year! We’ve shot them in all sorts of weather, and locations – and this time Marcy was willing to let me choose some beautiful locations in GR for this year’s session!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is watching a family grow from a cute couple desperately in love with each other, all the way to the little one’s being grumpy because they just woke up and the last thing their toddlers want is to be taking photos. Capturing these moments are so important in life, and I’m so honored that a few families have stuck with me through our move to NY and worked so diligently with our returning schedule to allow me to continue capturing that spirit. Okay, now enjoy the laughter, the grumpiness, the love, and that signature GORGEOUS Grand Rapids evening light!

{eleanor&eric} married! – 6.3.17 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Lemme dust off the blog here – Man it’s been a while! I have a couple of posts from our trip back to GR this weekend that I’m mad excited to share!



My littlest sister got hitched! She had a gorgeous backyard wedding at our childhood home. The rain sputtered once or twice, however, the weather held out and presented one of the finest days for a wedding. They had a quick ceremony out front, and a huge party complete with a cherry wood roasted pig in the back. She and Eric [and so many others!] worked extremely hard getting the yard in tip top shape, and had so many DIY’s that made everything fall together very nicely for their day. Here’s a small sampling of this amazingness I’m talking about!


{chelsea&benjamin} married! – 7.24.16 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Finally the sneak images are here at last! Since we’ve gotten back to NYC from GR, I hit the ground running with all sorts of crazy things – I FINALLY got to sit down and take my time with these, and oh was it worth it!


You may remember these two from their engagement session a few months ago. Rudy, however, was not here to steal the show this time! We started out with some getting ready shots at the City Flats Hotel in GR, and had the first look and some rocking portraits at the Grand Rapids Public Museum! (while stealing a little time away on the trolley to get some cool brick alleyway shots too!) Then they were married on the always gorgeous blue pedestrian bridge. There were some ominous clouds, but thankfully the rain held at bay the entire afternoon and evening. Their reception was filled with gorgeous light and under one of my favorite features of the GRPM, the whale skeleton hanging gracefully from the ceiling. The day went so quick – I am so in love with all of the images from every part of the day, it was WAY too hard to choose what to feature tonight!

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