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{laura&bernie} married! – 6.22.21

Back again, and so soon! This amazing Californian couple flew in for the week before their wedding and that’s why their engagement session happened so quickly before their wedding (not that I’d mind shooting a session in California!) And I’m so honored to now show a preview of their Saginaw, MI wedding!

We started the day worried that some thunderstorms could potentially spoil the whole day – but as luck would have it, they ended up with one of the most beautiful days of the month. They had a full gorgeous catholic service full of love, joy, and celebration of their union.

Then, the celebration moved to their reception which included some fantastic hand made peacocks, stunning table decor, and a photobooth to boot! And check out that introduction to their reception space – FIREWORKS!?! Yeah – that party was bumping! Check out these images y’all. Stun.ning. Good luck you two and enjoy your time in Cali!!

{lana&doug} married! – 9.10.11

Back for another post! I’ve done all sorts of things today… backing up files, working on albums, and I decided to throw a little bloggin’ into the mix! Oh and before I get into this post – MI, really? Rain and mid forties in the middle of January? Sigh at this state. Anyway, enough on that!


So this story is a little different for my bl0g, as this is the second family wedding I’ve done and posted on here. Doug is actually Paul’s father, therefore making him my Father in law. When he first started dating Lana a while back, I could tell that she was going to stick around for a while… and why it was no surprise when they had us over for lunch last May to tell us the good news that they were getting married! It was fun talking about details of their wedding the few times we saw them over the summer, and I was super excited to see everything come together that morning!

So they opted for a first look, haha, but I was having a hard time keeping him from looking around! It all turned out super adorable in the end … so all was well!

Actually after the ceremony we went to the place downtown where they had their first date – a little stoop of stairs right across the street from the former UICA. I wish I could post them all, because it was HARD choosing the cutest ones for the blog!

So they got married at Grace Church in downtown Grand Rapids. It is such a fun and different looking church and super fun to shoot in. And what is nice is they had their reception right outside the sanctuary, which is always a win in my book! (but I’ll talk about the reception later!)

(see what I mean? :D Fun and different!)

So yea, it was super cool that everyone just had to move to the next room over, no need to travel! And since we had gotten all of our formals done ahead of time – it was time to celebrate!

This post was a touch shorter, since we only shot for about 4 hours! Another reason I love morning weddings… We still get the rest of the day to enjoy too, coming from such a perfect morning! Thanks for inviting me to shoot your wedding!


As always, feel free to comment and click on any image for a little bit more detail! Enjoy your evenings (or mornings… as I just realized the time! haha)