{chelsea&benjamin} married! – 7.24.16 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Finally the sneak images are here at last! Since we’ve gotten back to NYC from GR, I hit the ground running with all sorts of crazy things – I FINALLY got to sit down and take my time with these, and oh was it worth it!


You may remember these two from their engagement session a few months ago. Rudy, however, was not here to steal the show this time! We started out with some getting ready shots at the City Flats Hotel in GR, and had the first look and some rocking portraits at the Grand Rapids Public Museum! (while stealing a little time away on the trolley to get some cool brick alleyway shots too!) Then they were married on the always gorgeous blue pedestrian bridge. There were some ominous clouds, but thankfully the rain held at bay the entire afternoon and evening. Their reception was filled with gorgeous light and under one of my favorite features of the GRPM, the whale skeleton hanging gracefully from the ceiling. The day went so quick – I am so in love with all of the images from every part of the day, it was WAY too hard to choose what to feature tonight!

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{minoo&john} married, second shooting – 5.21.16 – brooklyn wedding photographer

A shorter wedding post for you all today! A month or so ago I got to shoot with the lovely Sara at Ava Weddings downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I had so much hanging out with the guys in the morning and joining the rest of the crew just before their first look. The botanical gardens are so incredible! Unfortunately we had to move it all indoors due to some unfortunate weather, but it didn’t keep any spirits down. I love second shooting so much, because I get the chance to see how other photographers work and occasionally I get to learn a new tip and trick here and there too. Here’s a small portion of the day I captured, enjoy!

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