{haley+mike} married! – 6/1/18 – michigan wedding photographer

Hey all!

Wedding season is in full swing, and do I have an absolutely perfect one for you! You may remember Haley and Mike from their gorgeous engagement session a few months ago… well, now get ready for their incredible wedding images!

They were married at the stately Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center in Plymouth, MI. The weather forecast was looming rain most of the day, but these lucky ducks, it held off until minutes after the ceremony. Thankfully all the guests were inside before the real downpour happened! Haley and Mike had made every detail so incredibly perfect for their day, I don’t think I ever stopped saying how much I loved every detail that was so meticulously placed. <3

So, please enjoy this beautiful wedding!hmblog-1001hmblog-1002hmblog-1003hmblog-1004hmblog-1005hmblog-1006hmblog-1007hmblog-1008hmblog-1009hmblog-1010hmblog-1011hmblog-1012hmblog-1013hmblog-1014hmblog-1015hmblog-1016hmblog-1017hmblog-1018hmblog-1019hmblog-1020hmblog-1021hmblog-1022hmblog-1023hmblog-1024hmblog-1025hmblog-1026hmblog-1027hmblog-1028hmblog-1029hmblog-1030hmblog-1031hmblog-1032hmblog-1033hmblog-1034hmblog-1035hmblog-1036hmblog-1037hmblog-1038hmblog-1039hmblog-1040hmblog-1041hmblog-1042hmblog-1043hmblog-1044hmblog-1045hmblog-1046hmblog-1047hmblog-1048hmblog-1049hmblog-1050hmblog-1051hmblog-1052hmblog-1053hmblog-1054hmblog-1055hmblog-1056hmblog-1057hmblog-1058hmblog-1059hmblog-1060hmblog-1061


{brandy&alan} engaged! – 5.11.18 – portage engagement photographer

Howdy y’all! How goes your day? Cold? Rainy? Yeah! Oh springtime in Michigan, being so unpredictable!

Brandy and I have been trying to plan and schedule their engagement session for MONTHS now. Schedules not lining up, weather not cooperating, and yes, even a house falling apart (well, a leaky roof isn’t exactly a house falling apart… but still!)

Anyway – when rain was forecasted for yesterday, we had to figure out how to make this session happen. Because seriously, another reschedule was NOT going to happen, haha! So Brandy found this amazing greenhouse right around the corner from their house – and guys this greenhouse is AMAZING. A perfect place to shoot even if it wasn’t cold and raining outside! We started indoors while the rain still puttered relentlessly outside, and were able to finish outside right as the drops started to clear up. So! Please enjoy this amazing session!