{second.shooting} 10.8.16 – weddings! – new york city wedding photographer

Hey, everyone! Long time no see! I’ve been crazy with second shooting this year, and it’s pretty much taken over my entire life. Sometimes I get to share the images I take at my second shooting gigs, and my photographer friend Steven let me share these with you today. And I’m super excited because I love everything about these images.


It was a surprise wedding guys! I was there to capture this amazing bride getting ready and some portraits of her and her groom after their first look. It was a rainy day in queens, and her details matched the grey october weather outside. They looked so snazzy, and we had so much fun capturing some great portraits. They then proceeded to go surprise their friends and family who were expecting an engagement party, with a wedding! So excited to share them with you all!

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{mary&gary} married! – 9.17.16 – connecticut wedding photographer

Hello again everyone! Still catching my breath from my crazy two week September fun! Tonight I bring you my Uncle Gary’s wedding!

We started our day at Connecticut College at the Harkness Chapel. Good times were had by all, and it was lovely seeing my cousins and meeting Mary’s girls when they were getting ready! They decided against a first look, but we had coordinated a quick ‘peek, no peek’ around a column at the front of the church. They exchanged lovely words to each other. My Uncle Gary then had to get to the front of the church to play gorgeous processional music on his tuba. Their laid back reception was held just a few hundred feet away in the Blaustein Hall which of course held more live music, great food, and ‘awkward’ (as per their invitation!) dancing! Grats to one of my weird Uncles! :P Enjoy!

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