{second.shooting} 10.8.16 – weddings! – new york city wedding photographer

Hey, everyone! Long time no see! I’ve been crazy with second shooting this year, and it’s pretty much taken over my entire life. Sometimes I get to share the images I take at my second shooting gigs, and my photographer friend Steven let me share these with you today. And I’m super excited because I love everything about these images.


It was a surprise wedding guys! I was there to capture this amazing bride getting ready and some portraits of her and her groom after their first look. It was a rainy day in queens, and her details matched the grey october weather outside. They looked so snazzy, and we had so much fun capturing some great portraits. They then proceeded to go surprise their friends and family who were expecting an engagement party, with a wedding! So excited to share them with you all!

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{ivy.noelle} newborn! – 9.11.16 – grand rapids newborn photographer

Ooooh my everyone – has it been a CRAZY few weeks for me. I was in GR. Then, I drove back to NY with my sister, then had a family wedding (sneak coming soon!), and have been showing my father and stepmom around NY for the past week. My pedometer for the past few days has reached over 25,000 steps. Let’s just say, I got back and hit the ground running (almost quite literally!) And only NOW have had the chance to sit down at my computer for a moment to post these beautiful images!

SO! You all may remember Hope and Chad from their September wedding a few years ago (congrats you two!) and I just recently had the privilege to meet the newest addition to their family, little baby Ivy! It was so much fun catching up with these two and you can look forward to a few more shoots of this little one in the near future! We had the most gorgeous morning in GR to shoot, and even though we had a studio booked we totally took advantage of that amazing morning sunlight outside. Check out this amazing family – I only wish they lived closer so we could see them more often!

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