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{heather&justin} engaged! – 9.18.11

Argh! Sorry, I would have posted this yesterday, but an unexpected cold just took me out! Also, more news – Almost done with September! Haha, which leaves me with what, 15 sessions I did in October? Slowly but surely they’re getting done! I promise each and every one of you will get your post up!


Anyway! We met Heather and Justin downtown G.R. on such a beautiful day. It had been threatening rain, and fortunately the rain came the MOMENT we got back into the car after we finished – What luck! I knew from our initial meeting how well our styles clicked and how much fun these two would be for shooting! So – getting to the photos! we all started in one of my favorite spots downtown, Rosa Parks Circle! It was fantastic because the leaves had begun to change, and the overcast sky gave such a fun fall mood to their set of photos.

So of COURSE we visited the art museum after a little bit of the park (which we DEF returned too in a little bit!) for some sweet reflection creativity! (which, I now realize after putting these photos together – we found a lot of awesome reflective surfaces) love, love, love!

See, I told you we got more in the park! Some of my faves of the day!

So after some more in the park, we headed our way down towards the Civic Auditorium – another FAVORITE of mine – and of course we had to have them do some more dip kissing – this place just begs for it!

After we were done with around the Devos Place it was a mere hop skip and a jump to the ever famous blue wall! I always am impressed how well this wall photographs considering how small it is :D, then just around the bend – super sweet post office windows!

Can you tell that I love those windows? … Just one more… I swear!

Also, remember what I said about sweet reflections? Yep – I love finding them! I just can’t help myself… So awesome!

Coolest photo ever – cyclist perfectly framed in the background! And their expressions make it so perfect and priceless!

You two were so sweet! Paul and I cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding this coming summer! Thank you so much for being so willing to try new and fun poses!


As always! Feel free to comment, and to click on any image to see some more detail!

{} 1.29.12

Just having some more fun with .gif images… First – one from yesterday!  The little one year old enjoying his first cake!



Then, I made this one a while back… sometimes you just have to appreciate beauty in the smaller movements in life -Plus I really had needed a little photo therapy. Isn’t this so relaxing?


Enjoy your crazy day full of snow!