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{heather&justin} engaged! – 9.18.11

Argh! Sorry, I would have posted this yesterday, but an unexpected cold just took me out! Also, more news – Almost done with September! Haha, which leaves me with what, 15 sessions I did in October? Slowly but surely they’re getting done! I promise each and every one of you will get your post up!


Anyway! We met Heather and Justin downtown G.R. on such a beautiful day. It had been threatening rain, and fortunately the rain came the MOMENT we got back into the car after we finished – What luck! I knew from our initial meeting how well our styles clicked and how much fun these two would be for shooting! So – getting to the photos! we all started in one of my favorite spots downtown, Rosa Parks Circle! It was fantastic because the leaves had begun to change, and the overcast sky gave such a fun fall mood to their set of photos.

So of COURSE we visited the art museum after a little bit of the park (which we DEF returned too in a little bit!) for some sweet reflection creativity! (which, I now realize after putting these photos together – we found a lot of awesome reflective surfaces) love, love, love!

See, I told you we got more in the park! Some of my faves of the day!

So after some more in the park, we headed our way down towards the Civic Auditorium – another FAVORITE of mine – and of course we had to have them do some more dip kissing – this place just begs for it!

After we were done with around the Devos Place it was a mere hop skip and a jump to the ever famous blue wall! I always am impressed how well this wall photographs considering how small it is :D, then just around the bend – super sweet post office windows!

Can you tell that I love those windows? … Just one more… I swear!

Also, remember what I said about sweet reflections? Yep – I love finding them! I just can’t help myself… So awesome!

Coolest photo ever – cyclist perfectly framed in the background! And their expressions make it so perfect and priceless!

You two were so sweet! Paul and I cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding this coming summer! Thank you so much for being so willing to try new and fun poses!


As always! Feel free to comment, and to click on any image to see some more detail!

{} 1.29.12

Just having some more fun with .gif images… First – one from yesterday!  The little one year old enjoying his first cake!



Then, I made this one a while back… sometimes you just have to appreciate beauty in the smaller movements in life -Plus I really had needed a little photo therapy. Isn’t this so relaxing?


Enjoy your crazy day full of snow!

{happy.birthday!} 1.28.12

Happy first birthday to one of my most favorite babies!

{shannon&derek} engaged! – 9.11.11

Blogging all these summery posts are making me long for the longer days and warmer weather. Of course, today really was super pretty with all that sun and warm weather! Okay… 40’s isn’t really all THAT warm… but still! For January? Insane!


However, it’s now time to talk about Shannon and Derek! Even though I had already shot a wedding that weekend, I was totally ready to go into engagement session mode the next day. I was so excited because the sun was out, the weather was mild (not too hot, but warm enough!) and just plain a WONDERFUL day to shoot. Shannon and Derek were both super lively and ready to go – which is always such a good sign for a shoot because I know that we’re going to get good stuff when people are ready right off the bat. So after a coffee or two at biggby, we set straight away!

Yay, I’m always a sucker for lovely romantic black and whites! These two were on fire with romance!

There was a little bit of art prize out and about by that time… but not too much. At least we caught one piece! :D

After some of the park and fun underpass – we made our way to one of my favorite photographer hotspots in G.R. – the blue wall! So very pretty, and so very fun!

(p.s. Paul got that photo of the butterfly… I automatically got really jealous after I saw it later when sorting through pictures!)

I was so very very VERY excited to see this reflection in that toll booth… I think I made them try everything in the book because I loved the colors SO much!

And what’s a downtown shoot without visiting the tire swing!

We all had so much fun, we ended spending almost nearly another hour with them after the shoot ended! It was such an enjoyable experience Shannon and Derek – We can’t WAIT to shoot your wedding this year!



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{lana&doug} married! – 9.10.11

Back for another post! I’ve done all sorts of things today… backing up files, working on albums, and I decided to throw a little bloggin’ into the mix! Oh and before I get into this post – MI, really? Rain and mid forties in the middle of January? Sigh at this state. Anyway, enough on that!


So this story is a little different for my bl0g, as this is the second family wedding I’ve done and posted on here. Doug is actually Paul’s father, therefore making him my Father in law. When he first started dating Lana a while back, I could tell that she was going to stick around for a while… and why it was no surprise when they had us over for lunch last May to tell us the good news that they were getting married! It was fun talking about details of their wedding the few times we saw them over the summer, and I was super excited to see everything come together that morning!

So they opted for a first look, haha, but I was having a hard time keeping him from looking around! It all turned out super adorable in the end … so all was well!

Actually after the ceremony we went to the place downtown where they had their first date – a little stoop of stairs right across the street from the former UICA. I wish I could post them all, because it was HARD choosing the cutest ones for the blog!

So they got married at Grace Church in downtown Grand Rapids. It is such a fun and different looking church and super fun to shoot in. And what is nice is they had their reception right outside the sanctuary, which is always a win in my book! (but I’ll talk about the reception later!)

(see what I mean? :D Fun and different!)

So yea, it was super cool that everyone just had to move to the next room over, no need to travel! And since we had gotten all of our formals done ahead of time – it was time to celebrate!

This post was a touch shorter, since we only shot for about 4 hours! Another reason I love morning weddings… We still get the rest of the day to enjoy too, coming from such a perfect morning! Thanks for inviting me to shoot your wedding!


As always, feel free to comment and click on any image for a little bit more detail! Enjoy your evenings (or mornings… as I just realized the time! haha)

{} 1.21.12

Had a wedding in Holland today!


So many different fun crazy elements for this wedding! I’ll have to explain later in my longer blog post… but in three words? It. Was. FUN. I can definitely get used to this winter wedding idea :P

{amanda&joe} married! – 9.2.11

Hooray another blog today!

Today I bring you Amanda and Joe. They actually were one of the first couples that surprised me, because we never had an initial meeting! They obviously knew our personalities matched up quite well just from my style though – and I’m so super happy they had booked me!

You may remember Amanda and Joe from their super sweet engagement session last February! It was surprisingly warm that day, as was their wedding day! Who would have thunk that it would be what seemed like a million degrees the second day of September? Oh and super humid too! Thankfully their location where they got ready slash had their ceremony slash where they had their reception was air conditioned! We showed up a little early, and I’m so glad we did since I was able to get some killer detail shots of the Kalamazoo Country Club.

Brushing your teeth – Important to capture! Haha, I love getting moments like those :D

To relive some photo stress later Amanda and Joe opted for my personal favorite moment of the day, the first look. Joe of course was full of energy (and had some fun great poses for me) and so so sooo excited to see his beautiful bride Amanda. Ahh, so sweet – tears come to my eyes again just looking at these photos! So sweet!

So not only did Amanda and Joe have amazing personalities, their wedding party did as well – As shown in the next few photos. Oh yea, they were awesome.

Bahaha, love ittttt!

So sadly because of the heat and humidity we had to retire back inside, but that was okay since it was nearly time to get the ceremony started! I loved how they had set up how they walked down the green aisle. You could tell from everyone’s expressions that this moment was incredibly special for Amanda and Joe. I can’t tell you how many beautiful expressions I got that I wasn’t able to post here because it would have made it too long!

Married! Excited! First kiss! :D

Since Amanda and Joe had both worked at this country club they both knew exactly what details would make their reception shine. They opted for some less traditional things, and found a perfect balance of their personalities in their details.

A little dancing for your introduction? Why not! :D

So instead of cutting a cake, they presented a birthday cake to grandma (as it was her birthday of course :D) They also mentioned a few other people who also shared the same anniversary with theirs. So much fun!

(Favorite first dance picture ever! So romantic!)

And what’s a good dance party without glow sticks? I think the dancing excitement grew tenfold when they came out!

It was such a fun day, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Thank you so much Amanda and Joe – Best wishes to you in your many years of marriage to come!

Aaaaaas always feel free to click on any image for more detail, oh and feel free to comment too!

Blogging all these weddings from a few months ago just makes me feel so happy … I get to remember some of the best moments of my summer! I really can’t wait for May to come around for it all the craziness to kick start up again!

{winter.wonderland} 1.14.11

Had a very very pretty wedding today – I couldn’t choose just one! sooo you get four :D


p.s. I know, I know… there is a bus in one of the shots. But if you understood, if you only understood. That bus made a pretty great wedding story for these two!


{baby.grant} pt. 2! – 8.27.11

Change of pace this evening!


Remember baby Grant from last March? How could you forget – he was super cute! And seriously, last August was no different. Actually, I’m shooting his one year party in a few weeks too – so I’m excited to see the youngster again :D (oh, and big sister Leilani tagged along too… she of course loved the camera spotlight :D)


Anyway, if I remember correctly, the day was hot… threatening rain… and buggy! When I first met up with Stephanie, Grant hadn’t eaten yet – so of COURSE I got some of him eating. He thought this was entertaining, as indicated by the giant adorable smile!

So as Grant was finishing up – I took Leilani out for a few fun portraits… She was quite the ham! :D

Oh, and a few more… in the neighbors yard (with permission of course) :)

So after the yard (since we didn’t really find anywhere good for Grant… and the mosquitos were attacking) we headed on over to Heidi’s Farmstand & Bakery for some fantastic portraits, and fantastic sights and smells. I pretty much wanted to buy everything in there! And, when we were finished I went immediately back to buy all sorts of goods – and you can see why!

And then we visited the growing pumpkin patch! The pumpkins were a little small at that time… but still cute and orange!

We stopped by Heidi’s beautiful flower farm as well… such pretty flowers in the hot sun! OH, and these awesome cows. Tee hee!

Laughing for sister! AHHH heart melts! So cute and such a handsome little man!

Haha, I think … she was done :P


Oh, and of course – A KITTY.

It was such a nice change of pace to do something other than a wedding blog! I mean, I love them – but I also like variety! I suppose that’s the way I’m going to feel in a month or so when I’m blogging all of my October engagement sessions :P… Oh man, I certainly did a lot of shooting this year!


Feel free to comment and click on any image to make them a wee bit larger… Have a fantastic evening!

{second.shooting} wedding! – 1.7.12

Hello all!


Today I second shot for my friend Lisa, of Lisa Kathryn Photography. We pretty much rocked the whole day with creative shots (if I may say so myself :D) Anyway, since I don’t do full blog posts really when I second shoot – I already choose a few of my favorites for a ‘mini’ post just so you all can see what I’m up to!

(p.s. reflections (above). I LOVE THEM. I may have stolen them for a moment for this shot… :P)


Getting back to emails and such tomorrow!

{ashley&josh} married! – 8.20.11

Almost done with blogging my August weddings! Oh, and it’s a late post – so you all get to probably wake up to it! Yay!


Anyway, as you can tell already… my August was busy! With a trip to Washington state, and about 5 weddings in the matter of 2 weeks I was almost overwhelmed! Every wedding however was so incredibly fun, and I’m so happy that I got to attend and photograph every single one, and Ashley and Josh’s wedding was no different! You may remember these two from their (very cold!) engagement session last February. It was so so very cold, and I specifically remember talking about how excited we were that their wedding was in the warm weathered summer!

So we started off in Salon 309 in Ionia, MI. This salon was so so soooo incredibly pretty! I pretty much loved catching every detail because I just couldn’t stop. Annnnd you can definitely see why.

(another gif, of course :D) Anyway, it was hot. REALLY hot. And the church was old, so there were fans going eeeeverywhere. Also – the humidity was relentless. I’m so happy I was able to catch some awesome fan movement in that dress! I also was happy to catch some great natural light in the church, as it was raining outside! Just a drizzle at these few moments of the day. The big rain came later :P

I wish I could show you all of their formals with their party. Seriously! So much fun. It was super crazy trying to work around all the sporadic rain. I think that we got some really awesome shots though. So I’m super happy!

A blue wall next to your church when your colors are blue and green? Perfection!

After the ceremony we all hopped on the limo bus and got some fun portraits at the family farm! If my memory serves me correct – her grandfather built that barn in the background. And who doesn’t love a matching tractor to boot!

So right before the ceremony, it was POURING and there was a huge thunderstorm outside! It was insane how fast the storm rolled in, and how quickly it passed. It was actually kind of a cool experience being at a wedding in the middle of a thunderstorm. I just wish I had more of a chance to shoot outside! Sigh at the rain :P at least I got this awesome picture of the church. Sometimes a picture just WORKS in black and white. Love it!

Instead of a unity candle or sand, they both put some soil in a ‘unity’ type of tree. I thought the idea was so beautiful!

And who doesn’t love traveling to their reception location in a limo bus? So much fun!

Reception time! Paul caught some incredible details. I think my favorite photo, and my favorite detail haha, were the cupcakes. Yum! Also, fun idea, there were facts about Ashley and Josh at every table. This girl thought of everything!

Ahhhh I LOVE these ring pictures I got… It wasn’t fun fighting the wind trying to muss up the shot – but I got at least one!

First dance with bubbles? Sign me up! Adorbs!

Also, about halfway through the night they rolled out a hotdog cart. Yep. Best. Thing. Ever. Just before that too they also hired me for a small photo booth outside on the patio of their reception location. I choose a few favorites of mine to show you – but there were so many good ones! They found some really good props, and totally had a sweet blue background that was hand made. Wish I had thought of this for my own wedding. :D

Ahhh that was a long one again! So many fantastic details! If you are wondering how they put some of their details together – You can check out Ashley’s blog! She documented it all, and I’m seriously impressed. I really (haha, again) wish I had done that! You two were so much fun, and it was definitely great to see you pull it all together so beautifully!


Don’t forget to comment if you want! Also, feel free to click on any image to see some more deets. :D Time for bed now!