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{} 7.27.14

And to round off the trip, just a few fun one’s Paul and I shot for personal/artistic/fun reasons :D (this one should be short and sweet!)

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{kate&brad} married! – 7.26.14 – washington wedding photographer

Two of three! This one’s a long one, so sit back and enjoy…


Thankfully the weather cleared up for the weekend with bright sunny skies and perfect temperatures. The rehearsal proved to show that this wedding was going to be amazing and the rehearsal dinner was delicious. We then started their day off (and well, we only stayed in the one place!) at the family dairy farm. As you all know I’m pretty obsessed with farm weddings and I go pretty nuts with garden/livestock/barn cat pictures… so uh… I apologize in advance for lots of those (they’re pretty… so there!) Kate wore a beautiful simple lace dress that fit her theme of lavender and farm to a t. And hand painted signs and rustic picnic tables worked great for their open air reception behind the house with the most incredible farm to table dinner. Enough of me jabbering on though… Enjoy! (It’s not every wedding I get to photograph a bride next to cows!)

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{kate&brad} engaged! – 7.23.14 – seattle engagement photographer

I love out of state weddings (I mean, Michigan weddings ARE magical… but I do those all the time!) The last time I was out in Washington state I was shooting another wedding, and I was overjoyed when I got the message from Kate that her wedding was going to happen this year and I would get another chance to get out to the PNW.


So, to start things off… I pretty much love every apartment Kate ever sets up. So you’ll be seeing lots of lush green beautiful plants (and a few kitties!) just for funzies at the beginning of this post, I seriously couldn’t help myself. She even offered us a few snap peas (If I remember right they were snap peas?) before we set off to the conservatory greenhouse for their engagement session. Mmmm… They were delicious. So, like a good Seattle day, it of course was overcast and raining. Constantly. So we decided after breakfast we would shoot in a covered area, then move to Gas Works Park to capture some of that sweet Seattle skyline. The second half of their session we shot the next day up in Lynden, WA and it was thankfully much more sunnier with clear skies for those classic sun setting shots :D And even a few risque bug’s made a small cameo, haha. Enjoy the first park of their wedding week sneak!

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{lyndsey&jason} married! – 7.18.14 – hudsonville wedding photographer

What an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding. Partially cloudy at all the right times! (although… I maaaay have gotten sunburned a little :() But that’s alright! Because we got some beautiful shots of Lindsey and Jason’s amazing wedding. You may remember this sweet couple from their very VERY cold engagement session last December. Thankfully the weather was the perfect temperature and not cold at all this time round! We started off with some fun pre-ceremony wedding party shots at Railside Country Club in Byron Center and witnessed their beautiful ceremony at Grace Community Church out in Hudsonville. Then ended with the perfect evening back again at Railside! And wow… lots of sparkler exits lately – love it!

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{sheena&ryan} married! – 7.12.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Rain rain go away come again another day! Seems like we’ve been fighting rain the past few weddings and it’s putting all our shooting fun out to dry (well… making everything wet more like it!) Thankfully the drops stopped just enough for us to get some fantabulous shots of Sheena and Ryan before their ceremony, and thankfully we could still even have their wedding outdoors instead of the carriage house at Aquinas. Paul rocked out some great shots on the trolley today too (major jealousy over here… He’s so amazing!) while I hunkered down some important reception details! Sheena and Ryan, your day was amazing and I can’t wait to finish editing your beautiful photos! ((p.s. you can look at their sweet engagement photos from last October at this blog post here!))


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