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{lia&zain} married! – 8.30.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Hello all! And happy evening! I was begging and pleading with the sky today to hold back the projected all day thunderstorms so Lia and Zain’s outdoor wedding wasn’t washed out – and oh happy day the skies stayed clear! There was lots of wind though… lots and LOTS of wind. But it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and Lia and Zain’s beautiful ceremony went perfectly at Aquinas. We then moved out to the McKay Ballroom for their beautiful reception! lzbloglogo-1001 lzbloglogo-1002 lzbloglogo-1003 lzbloglogo-1004 lzbloglogo-1005 lzbloglogo-1006 lzbloglogo-1007 lzbloglogo-1008 lzbloglogo-1009 lzbloglogo-1010 lzbloglogo-1011 lzbloglogo-1012 lzbloglogo-1013 lzbloglogo-1014 lzbloglogo-1015 lzbloglogo-1016 lzbloglogo-1017 lzbloglogo-1018 lzbloglogo-1019 lzbloglogo-1020 lzbloglogo-1021 lzbloglogo-1022 lzbloglogo-1023 lzbloglogo-1024 lzbloglogo-1025 lzbloglogo-1026 lzbloglogo-1027 lzbloglogo-1028 lzbloglogo-1029 lzbloglogo-1030 lzbloglogo-1031 lzbloglogo-1032 lzbloglogo-1033 lzbloglogo-1034 lzbloglogo-1035 lzbloglogo-1036 lzbloglogo-1037 lzbloglogo-1039 lzbloglogo-1040 lzbloglogo-1041


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{alice.ann.pt3} 5 mos – 8.20.14 – grand rapids children photographer

Hello again all! What a perfect evening to photograph this little peanut again :D You may remember her from her previous posts as just born and her newborn official shoot. There is definitely a lot more to her now! Although I keep on remarking how tiny she still is… but so infinitely cute! I just couldn’t stop giggling today which made her giggle more…. then me some more. Such an expressive little baby! Enjoy a little more Alice in your lives :)


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