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{courtney&steve} married! muskegon wedding photographer – 4.3.22

Hello again!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged some images and I’m so excited that it’s getting warmer again which means more sessions, meeting new fun people, and of course – WEDDINGS!

I was so overjoyed when my cousin asked me to shoot her low-key pop-up wedding in Muskegon. She wanted a low-stress fun day at her favorite and relaxing, park near her home. She met Steven in elementary school through a pen pal program – how sweet right?! It was a really fun cool joyous occasion celebrating the love of two really amazing people. Right as they kissed and the ceremony completed the sky opened up and the sun poured down on them. We expected it to be cold, rainy, and snowing but thankfully the weather pulled through and made the day absolutely unforgettable.

After the ceremony, we took some really creative and wonderful portraits by the lakeshore and ended our day at Pints and Quarts for a beer and some delicious pizza, pretzels, onion rings, and cheesecake!

So, sit back and enjoy!

{erica&todd} engaged! – 10.9.11

Hello again on this bright and warm evening! I think this weather has been a surprise and a blessing for us all in these past few days :D Although… I DO enjoy more colder spring weather too… It’s nice to get a little taste of summer first! I just can’t wait to see green leaves on those trees again.


And speaking of leaves, I have another fall session to share with you today. The leaves were bright and beautiful for a long time this fall (thankfully they lasted all the way up to my last engagement session in November, but that’s a blog post for later!) and I’m so glad that I was able to capture the spirit of fall for these two!


Erica actually was a bridesmaid in a wedding I had shot, oh my goodness… two Octobers ago! She was in a wedding party that was fantastic to work with, so I was super excited to shoot Erica and Todd’s engagement session because she knew my style and how crazy I shot already! We decided to meet up at the dam in Downtown Rockford because it had some great features to work with :D. It was warm, it was beautiful… and although I may have had a small camera accident – it ended up being super fun!

Thankfully they were willing to try out a lot of fun different looks :D

So we crossed the bridge over the river to get where we saw some people fishing, and I was also able to capture some BEAUTIFUL light! (can you tell by now how much I love a low, setting sun? Lens flair!)

Oh, and of course more leaf fun!

We hopped back then across the street to get some of that beautiful dam in the background, and of course some photos on the path surrounding it! I also, apparently couldn’t help myself on tons of detail shots :D I mean… it was such a beautiful day… have I mentioned that yet? :P

So as they were changing into their last outfits, I found this crazy beautiful plant (does anyone know what it is?) And I will definitely admit these are my most favorite of the day. Hands down. I just wish it had been in a more open setting so I could have used it more! It’s super hard to believe that if I just had moved slightly you would have seen people, or buildings. It’s great to find a spot like this in an urban setting!

So as we waited for the sun to set down a little further, we all decided it was a really good time for ice cream… I mean, when is it NOT a good time for ice cream?

Oh, and that it was a fun time for some stone skipping!


It was so much fun you two! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this summer – which by the looks of it, is going to be a warm one!


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