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{NYC} 8.30.12

“This is a Manhattan bound F train. Next stop is, Rockefeller Center.”


Those are the words I’ve been hearing a lot of in the past ten days. NYC is one of the most amazing places in the world to me, and I was so happy to grace it’s presence for the past week and a half. Of course, I brought my camera too – So here are some of my travelling adventures :)

It’s been fun, but I’m definitely ready to get back in to real life again too! Now I get to play with my new 8-15mm at weddings :)

{} 8.19.12

Today I had an AMAZING wedding. It had so many details, surprises, and the biggest love between two people ever. I think I may have cried at least three times today, and no, not from my very sore feet. Also, Paul has transformed in to the most awesome second shooter I could have ever wished and hoped for. So here is my day – and it was a long one! Also, so is this post. My sneaks maybe have gotten carried away by now. lol.

More pictures you say? Ask and it shall be delivered!


So there you have it! This year has been amazing to me in my growth of shooting and editing, and this is totally proved by just today’s post (although I think every wedding this year has definitely shown it!) I’m always amazed by how much I love doing this still :) Ah! Today’s images are amazing, and I can’t wait to edit the very MANY we captured! Congrats you two!