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{sara&j.j.} engaged – 11.23.10

Hello again! Sara contacted me a few weeks ago about shooting her engagement session with her fiancee J.J. I think I’m in love with engagement sessions – especially after this one! It was freezing outside and we even got a slight hint of snow in the middle of our session, but Sara and J.J. were so great with it that it didn’t even SHOW on their faces! Another great thing about these two was the fact that they were tooootally willing to do whatever I asked. I even got in a few shots with my new heart bokeh maker (except I forgot to turn it sometimes – eep!) We first met at the Van Andel Arena and made our way outside to the DeVos Place. (sorry, it’s kinda long! I just couldn’t decide :) )


I also tried some new techniques with more textures and color editing – I really like how they all turned out… I wish I could post them all!

And they got so good at dip kissing!

Ahhhhh love… oops – the hearts are sideways!

Sara – your eyes are beautiful!

And your ring is incredible!

A little outfit change in the DeVos Place. Also there were a few art exhibits around – We found some sweet older chairs, and couldn’t resist. And the crazy thing is, I later found out that they were done by Debbie Weststrate, a friend of mine!

1940’s kind of awesomeness

Then 1960’s sweetness!

(I LOVE those little details!)

Then we ended in Rosa Parks Circle in front of the art museum. Those cafe windows are basically my most favorite thing downtown.

I hope you two all the best! Enjoy!

{wedding.sneak} 11.27.10

Helen and Mirko got married today and a beautiful wedding! It was great to see all of my family and friends celebrating this morning.


{engagement.sneak} 11.23.10

Had a chilly but fun engagement session this afternoon… there was snow!

{bokeh.playtime} 11.22.10

It has been a while since I have gotten to take pictures for anything really (but I do have a wonderful engagement session tomorrow!) And tonight I had to break the spell. I always wondered how this effect was done (without photoshop! -the heart effect that is, I did have fun color editing-) and I took some initiative, free time, and a little creativity and I like my first trial results. I’m going to try and make a smoother cleaner result later when I have better light outside and better tools. Have fun looking at my experiments!

Oh! And for those of you that don’t know what bokeh exactly is – it’s that blurred effect that you get in the background of the focused subject.

Oh, and we’ll see if I can get inspired by any other fun shapes!

{james} senior – 11.6.10

Two posts for one day!

Hello everyone. I’m really liking this blog (if you couldn’t tell) and I think that this is how I’m going to post my photos from now on! I’ll sift through my favorites so you don’t have to go through every single frame to see the best ones. I will miss however posting everything for everyone to see and comment on, but since facebook won’t let me view all comments anymore we’ll see how this will do!


Onto the post! James is actually my cousin on my mom’s side so as you can imagine I’ve known him for a very long time. I was very honored that my aunt asked me to do his senior portraits! I was nervous when we made plans for November because of the weather but to my surprise it was a beautiful 50 degree sunny morning! Okay, it was a little cold, but totally worth it – I got some of my best work! I’ve also been experimenting lately with new techniques of editing and shooting and I think it is already beginning to pay off. James was totally willing to pose extremely well for me and understood my directions which is always a plus because sometimes I feel like I get so confusing to some people! So, feel free to enjoy and comment!

I’ve shot in front of this wall before… I practically died of excitement when the colors worked so perfectly together!

He also brought his trumpet as a prop – AHmazing. I swear these next few shots are some of the coolest I’ve ever taken.

Longest post I think I have done as of yet. I can’t wait to do my first wedding post on the blog… I bet it will be twice as long!

{the.dress} 11.13.10

There are tons of important details of a wedding that everyone would argue as being the most important. One of my most favorite of these details would be the dress. I’ve noticed recently that many women are now opting for the “splash of color” in their dress and I LOVE that! Admittedly I had some color in my own dress as well (bright green!) I know it is slightly early to do this post since I still have 2010 weddings to still shoot but I couldn’t contain myself any longer with holding off this blog. They go in order of when I shot them, the most recent being last. Feel free to comment and enjoy! >^^<


If people like these kinds of posts please tell me, I can make more combined detail shots posts if you want!


A post just because I felt like it! >^^<

{senior.sneakpeek} 11.6.10

I LOVE it when people bring props to shoots!

Also – the weather was so perfect this morning


{eleanor&ect.} portraits and other fun stuff – 10.24.10

So here I am again ready to blog another post. Life has had its super crazy turns these past few years for me – graduation, marriage, starting my photography business, ect – which has pulled me sadly away from family  more than I’d like to admit. The past two months however have been different. I have three sisters, and I’ve spent more time with them in the past few weeks than I had probably all summer. We were coming back from a family session with a former bride of mine and I got a phone call from Eleanor (my youngest sister) stating that she was hungry and we should get together. I was all for it – especially since we were going to the Winchester. Anyway, I brought my camera along (okay, I already had it) and snapped a few photos at lunch, after lunch and later that day of my new car (which is “used” new – but I love it anyway!) Feel free to comment and enjoy!

Oh, right – And Paul was with us too – How could I resist not using him in a few shots as well?

And Last but not least – my car! Like I said earlier, a little older… but he’s still got some cute left in him!

I’m really liking wordpress a lot more than blogger I think. It is so much more user friendly with photos and super fun to check up on. Oh and it feels so much more simpler! Look for a sneak peek of a senior session I’m doing tomorrow!

{anne&pete} engaged – 10.30.10

Starting a new blog! I hope photo uploading is more user friendly on wordpress than on blogger. My last session in October ended up being Anne and Pete’s engagement session – and they definitely waited out the weather perfectly! It was cloudy and crummy in the morning but the sun seemed to come out just in time for them. You know a session is going to go well when van alliance is made and you find ou…t someone else has come up with the term “snuzzling” as well within the first half an hour. lol. I’ve also tried some new editing techniques and I am also displaying for the first time my new way of displaying photos in bulk! It is still a little new looking – but I like how it doesn’t interfere with the photos like my last watermark. So in all – Anne and Pete – you were super fun, and I seriously can’t wait for July next year! Enjoy. :)

So I hope I get to this blog more than my last one, which I’ll probably use for personal art photography and use this one more for my wonderful clients! Don’t hesitate to comment or ask me any questions! Thanks!

Jenn.H. >^^<