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{sara&j.j.} engaged – 11.23.10

Hello again! Sara contacted me a few weeks ago about shooting her engagement session with her fiancee J.J. I think I’m in love with engagement sessions – especially after this one! It was freezing outside and we even got a slight hint of snow in the middle of our session, but Sara and J.J. were so great with it that it didn’t even SHOW on their faces! Another great thing about these two was the fact that they were tooootally willing to do whatever I asked. I even got in a few shots with my new heart bokeh maker (except I forgot to turn it sometimes – eep!) We first met at the Van Andel Arena and made our way outside to the DeVos Place. (sorry, it’s kinda long! I just couldn’t decide :) )


I also tried some new techniques with more textures and color editing – I really like how they all turned out… I wish I could post them all!

And they got so good at dip kissing!

Ahhhhh love… oops – the hearts are sideways!

Sara – your eyes are beautiful!

And your ring is incredible!

A little outfit change in the DeVos Place. Also there were a few art exhibits around – We found some sweet older chairs, and couldn’t resist. And the crazy thing is, I later found out that they were done by Debbie Weststrate, a friend of mine!

1940’s kind of awesomeness

Then 1960’s sweetness!

(I LOVE those little details!)

Then we ended in Rosa Parks Circle in front of the art museum. Those cafe windows are basically my most favorite thing downtown.

I hope you two all the best! Enjoy!

{wedding.sneak} 11.27.10

Helen and Mirko got married today and a beautiful wedding! It was great to see all of my family and friends celebrating this morning.