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{brandy&alan} just for fun! – 10.3.20 – grand rapids photographer

Weeeeeee! Here we area again! A LOT has happened in the last few years and as much as I hate to say it, I’ve had to hang my camera up for a bit. I’ve done a session here and there (some birth photography too!) but haven’t gotten back into it really since 2017/2018. 2020 Threw some weird curveballs and… well… here we are in the middle of the pandemic and I wanna shoot more again!

Well! Enough is enough. I’m going to try and populate my blog with my first love again – and get myself back out there. I dusted my cameras off and asked some of my favorite people if they wouldn’t mind getting in front of my camera again. And, what timing! Two years after their amazing NOLA wedding (Oh, to travel again, I miss it so!)

So we put our social distancing pants and masks on, and set forth onto an amazing trail in the Allegan Forest, full of spicy plants, fall colors, and sticks and logs. Missed you guys and I’m so excited to feature you here, once again!