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{beautiful.september} 9.29.12

Lots of weddings this year! I still even have six more to go, which is awesome and insane! I shot a wedding today in Grand Rapids and let’s just say they chose the most beautiful perfect day ever! It was clear and sunny, mid seventies and like I said, absolutely gorgeous (just like them!). It was super fun working with them and their wedding party and although we hit a few snags in the park it all worked out great in the end. Of course the end meaning an absolutely breathtaking sun setting portrait time ;) But anyway – on to the photos!



p.s. I’m loving this new camera :) May just have to save for one for Paul!

{} 9.22.12

It was looming rain all day, forecast  for all week. It was even hailing as we were driving up to the house! Thankfully it subsided and we caught some beautiful photos of these two in some incredible evening light. I love it when everything goes so well :D

Can’t wait to show you more! I will definitely have time for some blogging this winter and I just can’t wait… Although be prepared for a whole ton of posts! Probably one each day for a while :) Gives me something to do during those chilly months. Like I said – Can’t wait!