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{engagement.sneak} 1.29.11

First shoot of the year and it was fun! Second shoot ever with a puppy dog which I might add was SUPER cute! Although, in the photo below he really looks like he’s up to something :P

{snow.tulips} 1.23.11

AHH! I’ve been itching to post about something recently! It’s crazy, when you’re busy and loaded up on images you want it to be over… but then when you’re finished you just want to do more! January has been a pretty low key month for me, but next week it is going to start right back up. I have an engagement session on the 29th, and then I have almost 4 engagements in Feb. Also, I’m excited to meet with three new brides next week! :D

So that’s what I’m up too. Any brides that I’ve booked (or haven’t, or past brides- I’ll still talk to you!) you can tell me where you’re in your planning, send me more details, or just to talk!

But for now – I’ll just leave you with a picture of my crazy tulip. Has anyone else had a tulip do this? I spread wide open and just stayed there! It wasn’t dying, because the petals were as strong as ever :D

Enjoy your day!

{sarah&kris} wedding – 12.28.10

The well anticipated blog is here!

The first time I met Sarah was at Holly and Matt’s wedding last May. I had shown her a few snapshots I took during the ceremony and a few formals and she was very interested in booking me! I shot their engagement session last summer and it went incredibly well, I just KNEW they were going to be tons of fun for their wedding :D So I geared myself up on a Tuesday morning with my newest second shooter (yay Paul!), and headed out!

This wedding was just full of details, I just couldn’t get enough!

It’s always so hard to choose dress/shoe pictures – but somehow I always manage… I just wish you could see them all! I just LOVE that lace that was on her dress!

And in case you’re wondering about that picture below in the upper right hand corner… they had to ‘stress’ the bottom of the shoes so she wouldn’t slip, I would have never thought of doing that!

I also thought it was super cute and unique that they decided to have a private first moment together with absolutely nobody around. They made sure that everyone stayed downstairs while they met in the sanctuary upstairs. Of course this meant no photographers too so I did what I do best, detail pictures! They then reserved the next half an hour to photos of just them so we braved some wintry December weather (worth it!!) and got some great shots in and outside.

A few strained cold faces… but again woooooorth it! Annnnd a cute groom with bridesmaid photo below, haha.

So they also did another unique thing (at least to me!) They had a special reception for their students and school friends – the room was packed! It was great to see all the faces with HUGE smiles on them. :D

Then onto the other reception! There was such beautiful detail… again, I could have photographed ever detail and had been occupied all night with that. The colors were so beautiful and lush with the high chandeliers and colored lights lighting up the ceilings. Like I said, I could go on forever about it!

And of course I never put my camera away until I get to the car. You NEVER know what you’re going to encounter when you get outside – as in a lovely decorated get away car!

So there you have it, my last wedding of 2010. I’ve thought and talked a lot about it (2010) and I still can’t believe how many life changing things happened. It was a great year (as opposed to 2009) and I’m really looking forward to my next wedding in March! (unless someone books me unexpectedly – I have had some short notice weddings :D) So, enjoy and feel free to comment!

{coming.up} 1.16.11

Well, I looked at my calendar for 2011, and wow, I’m going to be crazy busy! I’ve booked another three engagement sessions today. But anyway for now I’ll leave you with a peek of what’s coming in the next few days…

OH, and also! Look forward to a possible re-vamp of my blog to match both my website and facebook fan page themes!

{} 1.15.11

It’s the first Saturday in a very long time since I’ve not had any meetings or shoots scheduled! I’m still diligently working on my Dec. 28 wedding (blog probably next week sometime!) But there was one fun thing I really wanted to try out that I finally got the chance to!


I’m definitely going to do this again with other things and other types of experimentation – but I just couldn’t wait to get it up on my blog!


The first is my husband a.k.a. one of my second shooters. I laughed after I took his, because he sort of looks like a bond villain.


And then there is me!


These portraits remind me actually of Escher’s portrait in that ball…


So, that’s pretty much it for today. Have a happy Saturday!


(the image is linked to the site where I got it from)

{little.details} 1.8.10

Still working on my last wedding of 2010! Can’t wait till my first spring wedding – but it will be nice to have a little editing break after I’m finished with this one!

Enjoy! And always feel free to comment!

{stephanie&kevin} wedding – 12.18.10

Well! It has been little under a week, and look, I’m posting again! Oh, and it is another wedding too, boy December was busy.

I was actually in Chicago going to meet Lauren and Dave (see a few posts below!) when I got a call from Stephanie.  I knew that this wedding was going to be super fun as soon as I saw the beautiful church, and fun Christmas details at the reception! (Santa even came to town early for the kids, what fun :D) This was actually the first catholic service I’ve ever shot, and only the second I’ve ever attended. It was beautiful to observe different traditions and have the opportunity to know it a little better. By the way – SUPER hard to edit down to these favorite images of mine… as I really wanted to post almost twice as many. Never an easy job!

That has got to be one of my most favorite ring pictures! Oh and below, haha, a jumping picture in the middle of December? They were such great sports!

And I thought this was cute… A small church decoration around the cake, looked exactly like theirs!

Oh and that cake? I could have photographed it all day! It had so many tiers decorated with fun wintery Christmas decorations – SOOO cute!

Can you tell now why I had such a hard time choosing what to post? So many awesome details! Every person in the wedding party got their own stocking like this, PLUS the guys all had Santa hats!

(perfect time to test out my bokeh tool!)

It was a great night, and so much fun to edit these images right around Christmas time! Feel free to comment and enjoy! And I also hope you all had such a great holiday season :D

And remember, feel free to click on any image to make it slightly larger!