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{engagement.sneak} 1.29.11

First shoot of the year and it was fun! Second shoot ever with a puppy dog which I might add was SUPER cute! Although, in the photo below he really looks like he’s up to something :P

{snow.tulips} 1.23.11

AHH! I’ve been itching to post about something recently! It’s crazy, when you’re busy and loaded up on images you want it to be over… but then when you’re finished you just want to do more! January has been a pretty low key month for me, but next week it is going to start right back up. I have an engagement session on the 29th, and then I have almost 4 engagements in Feb. Also, I’m excited to meet with three new brides next week! :D

So that’s what I’m up too. Any brides that I’ve booked (or haven’t, or past brides- I’ll still talk to you!) you can tell me where you’re in your planning, send me more details, or just to talk!

But for now – I’ll just leave you with a picture of my crazy tulip. Has anyone else had a tulip do this? I spread wide open and just stayed there! It wasn’t dying, because the petals were as strong as ever :D

Enjoy your day!