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{} 6 months! – 5.28.13

Shot this little mister’s 6 month portraits tonight! So many babies this year, I can barely keep up with all this cute! (look forward to another little babe this Sunday as well :D) As a photographer it’s totally a treat to see these little babes grow up… I can barely wait until his 1 year portraits already! You may also remember this little sweetheart from his very first photo session ever – seen here!j6mbloglogo-1001 j6mbloglogo-1002 j6mbloglogo-1003 j6mbloglogo-1004 j6mbloglogo-1005 j6mbloglogo-1006 j6mbloglogo-1007 j6mbloglogo-1008 j6mbloglogo-1009 j6mbloglogo-1010 j6mbloglogo-1011 j6mbloglogo-1012 j6mbloglogo-1013 j6mbloglogo-1014

{ashley&jon} married! – 5.25.13

I had the lovely privilege to shoot an old college friend of mine’s wedding this weekend! Paul and I packed up and drove down to Cleveland, OH and met some of the most amazing people ever. Jon and Ashley, your families are so loving and kind! We felt like we were a part of them for years :D I couldn’t wait to get back today and post this sneak for you.

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